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9 lbs 5 oz
21 inches
January 23 2010

I had decided on UC after having a fairly smooth homebirth with my second and seeing and hearing the stories of several women and their UC journies. I was aprehensive about my blood loss and considered hiring a midwife to come and assist if necessary. But after talking with several it just didn't make sense for me.

I had a wonderful pregnancy except for me being extra grumpy, especially towards the end. I was so thankful that I had been doing UP as well since I really think prenatals can be a waste of time. I checked my own blood pressure and listened to my body for any unwelcome signs. Nothing ever came up so I proceeded as planned.

I picked out the supplies I wanted - a kiddie pool with all the extras, some tinctures and some embroidery floss. I had everything ready for about 2 months before - I like to plan ahead clearly

I was originally due with this little one January 15/16 2010 and knew that those days would come and go without anything special (as much as I would wish otherwise).

I had my moments of thinking the baby would never come but talked to some friends about it and felt so much more at peace with everything. The one thing that probably saved my sanity was doing my own prenatal care, so I didn't have to worry about a HCP breathing down my neck.

Finally after reading so many birth stories of women due around the same time as me - and some who were due afer me (a wee bit jealous of that fact- could I once have a baby come on the magic number? apparently not) it was truly my turn. January 22 2010.

I went shopping at the dreaded walmart to get last minute stuff when my BH were getting stronger, but hey I wouldn't believe it until they hurt. I posted here when I thought I was actually in labor SO according to this thread it began about 4:30 pm

I moved through them and let DH know it was time. No flaking out this time. He missed the last birth because he thought it was going to take a long time like our first.

My contractions were really short- less than 45 seconds and spaced out but they became every two minutes a few hours later., which is very much like my dd's birth and very unlike the pitocin contractions with my ds. They were definitely drowing in intensity and that was my indicator that it really was labor and the baby was going to be here some time soon. I actually told Dh I think the baby won't be here tonight but in the morning hours instead. And checking in my labor thread I typed it to- talk about self fulfilling prophecies.

I put the kids to bed or maybe DH did I really cannot remember and DH went to sleep as well. At least he would be well rested because God knows he does not function without sleep. I woke him up from him sleeping on the couch and told him to fill up the pool around 9 ish. It was half way full and we decided to leave it that way. I got in after I labored on the toilet for a while but it was so uncomfortable and I kept getting up to do my belly dancing.

I would just lean through all my contractions wherever I could get to. Doorways, couch and hanging on to a door knob, kitchen counter. I just kept going back and forth. Dh brought down a mattress for me to sleep on and that was heaven. We have a leather couch and a papasan chair- each were awful when it came to getting any rest or dealing with a contraction. I tried hands and knees, lunges on the stairs and with a chair. But I kept going back to standing and swaying. I remembered to keep drinking and too use the loo.

When I got into the water around midnight it was heaven, the hot water felt sooo good and the soft squishy tub sides felt so relaxing. I just reclined and sighed in pleasure. Then a ctx would come and I would flip over and do a hands and knees thing and then back to leaning my head down. Some times I would lay with my head in my arms and my butt in the air, which felt really good... for a while.

I kept getting out to use the toilet and DH would re heat the water and I would hop back in every 30 minutes or whatever.

Fast forward to 3 ish am after doing this same routine. I tried checking myself and actually felt a huge difference and came out with bloody show and lots of it. I knew I was close. It was getting really painful and I just wanted to go to sleep. I was so tired and wanting the baby to get here. The last time I looked at the clock it was 3:47 which is when my body took over and my mind went into the clouds. I would lay on the mattress and gently bear down just testing the water as you would say. It felt better, but I didn't want to push too soon so I kept just breathing them away.

I got up and tried pushing standing while holding onto the counter but it didn't feel right. I got into the water after DH reheated it back up. I began to push in earnest and DH said are you pushing (why do people always ask this?) I tried pushing on hands and knees but needed more support somehow. I grabbed onto the sides and draped my body over and would hold on while I pushed. It felt so right. I could feel the baby almost crowning after pushing for a little while. When I was pushing with everything I had I would feel him crown and then slide back up

I was like WTH????? This happened a few times and each time I would feel myself stretch and then feel the baby slip back in. My contractions were really short and I would push even without one. I knew now was the time for this baby to be born. With my body still draped and my hands holding onto the side and pushed one more time and moaned and told DH to grab the baby.

I felt his head come out, then the shoulders and then I felt DH pull and told him "Stop, don't pull" while I finished pushing. DH caught him just saying thank God, over and over. I flipped over and held the baby. Baby started crying right away and was covered in vernix. He tried to open his eyes but could only open them a crack. I asked DH what the time was 4:55 but adjusted it 4:53 to account for the time lapse.
DH got down to his boxers and got in the pool to hold the baby. I told him I had to push out the placenta and felt inside to find it right at my opening. I gave a little push and it floated right up to the top immediately followed by a cloud of dark red blood. DH looked at me and I told him everything would be okay. I knew it was more blood than I have seen with other so I tried to latch the baby after wrapping him in a towel. I looked at the placenta and the cord. Cord was completely white and the placenta appeared intact.
I also tried to massage my uterus. Baby wasn't really interested in nursing yet so I had DH hold the baby while I got out of the pool.
I got out of the water to grab the scissors and sterilized them before handing them to DH. He handed me the baby and I wrapped him in a dry towel so DH could get out of the water.

I look down at the blood streaming down my leg and next thing I know I wake up to DH looking frantic and I am lying on the floor with the baby next to me. I just begin saying I'm okay, I'm okay and then I can't remember if I was holding the baby when I passed out. So I'm worried that I dropped the baby . DH just keeps saying he's fine. After I keep asking he said he tried to grab me and the baby but after taking the baby from my arms he couldn't really get a grip on me so I kinda slumped to the floor. But remember I just got out of the pool so I'm naked and still wet, So I'm kinda slippery (poor DH). My head doesn't hurt or anything which is surprising since our floor has very thin carpet over cement. So I figure I didn't fall to hard. I sit up while he cuts me a piece of placenta and then gives me Shepherd's purse. He helps me get to the mattress to be more comfortable and I proceed to bleed right through the towels and onto the mattress, DH tells me "who cares". Then he tells me to lay down while he cuts more of the placenta and I try to nurse the baby and massage my uterus.

He brings me juice and nuts while I try to get my comfortable. I just lay there for a while looking at the baby and thanking God we are all okay. Afterpains sucked and I thought about taking some Motrin but ehh.
Dh is busy cleaning and cooking and trying to take care of all of us. Meanwhile my dd is sleeping on the papasan after waking up around 1 am. She woke up when I was pushing but I guess fell back asleep. She wasn't at all interested to see what the reason behind it all was. My ds woke up around 7 and we told him we had the baby. He first looks at me, then the baby, then lifts up my shirt to see my belly. It was pretty funny.

That morning was pretty hard and I barely could keep my head up, but I managed to make a couple of phone calls to my mother and my aunt, but couldn't even find the energy to elaborate.
When the baby was born he looked to be about 8 lbs, and when we weighed him he was a little over 9lbs. It wasn't until I took him to for a check up 2 days later that he weighed in at 9 lbs even. So we are guessing he was 9.5 at birth.

I relaxed the whole day and let my DH handle of everything. He was great and did an awesome job. I really had to pee but every time I tried to get up I would almost pass out again. Several hours later I finally made it to the toilet 20 feet away and was so glad I didn't pee in the bed like my DH had suggested (that is true love when you DH gives yo the go ahead to wet the bed)

I am really glad that it all worked out, and that we were prepared to handle the unpleasant aspects. I knew with my blood pressure being so low that there may be issues, so I am extremely thankful to all the women who have gone before me and found what helps and what doesn't. AKA eating the placenta!

After talking to DH a couple of days later I asked him if he saw the baby's face when he was coming out. He told me he didn't which explained to me the back pain, the difficulty pushing, and the baby's facial swelling. Turns out posterior can happen even to people who sit on birth balls there entire pregnancy. Turns out that making sure to get extra Vitamin K by way of Alfalfa supplements and teas with nettle infusions don't always prevent massive blood loss. Some things are just the way they are. Perhaps they could have been worse.

I know with my previous births I was always on the verge of passing out. My blood pressure when I had ds in the hospital was 50/30, so I should have learned from then. So the lesson I learned is to not be standing at all immediately following birth

I am so happy that I am no longer pregnant and wondering how it will all happen. Now I am the mother of three and doing fairly well at it. The grumpiness is mostly gone, but I still have my moments.

If you got to the end thanks for reading!
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Thank you for sharing and congratulations momma!

Bekah (33): Doula and CNA sharing a great life with DH for 10 yrs now, momma to DS Baron (7/10)
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