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My due date was April 29 but I was so sure that this baby was going to come early. In fact, very early, so that I was ready for him or her 3 weeks beforehand. As the due date became closer and closer I started to get more and more frustrated. So even though it was still early, I felt like I am well overdue. On the due date though, I kind of accepted that this baby is going to be born a little late. And I thought, why hurry? I even like the month of May better, than April, so its better that way.

In the evening of April 29 I got a crazy desire to do felted dolls. So instead of going to sleep I spent several hours doing a little felted baby duck and a baby bunny, and got to bed only at 1AM. The dolls turned out to be darn cute and I was pretty pleased with myself. By the time I was almost asleep, around 2AM, I suddenly started feeling uncomfortable. A flood of hormones that made me feel a little weird and woke me up completely. I called my mom and we chatted a bit on the phone. After I hanged up I started feeling some mild cramps. I tried to sleep, but it didn't work. I thought that probably I am getting again the warm up contractions that I was getting several times beforehand. Those that don't lead anywhere, but just make you wonder. But because I accepted the idea that my baby is going to be born late I didn't let myself to get too excited.

So I gave another try to sleeping, but with no luck. I got up and had a glass of water, then another glass. The contractions started getting a bit stronger and sort of regular. I took my iPod to measure how far apart the contractions are and they were about 5 minutes apart. I turned the light and the radio on. Somehow in the middle of the night it felt less lonely to have the radio blabbering. The cramps were getting more intense, so I put the iPod's headsets on and listened to the labor music playlist I prepared awhile back. It had a happy energizing music, so I danced to it a little. What a strange sight probably - a pregnant woman dancing at 3am by herself

At 4am I decided that probably those are not just cramps and went to wake up Daniel and asked him to start preparing the birth pool. The pool that I borrowed from my midwife was for me a source of stress from the start. It was huge! We washed it once in the garage, then Daniel brought it upstairs to the bedroom (3 levels up), but then I decided that it was not washed well enough and that the hoses are not washed well enough, so few days later he took it down again, we washed it again and brought it upstairs once more. And the hoses and the adapters were a source of stress as well. Anyway, finally there was time to start filling the tub. I was not sure if it is too early to start doing it, but we decided to go with it anyway. Daniel started pumping hot water in it. The thinking was that if we put very hot water in, then by the time I will need to use the pool the water will cool down to just exactly the right temperature.

Meanwhile, I started feeling increasingly uncomfortable and decided to take a walk outside. Fresh air and the sight of the moon made me feel good. I did circles around the house for about 20 minutes or so. Another strange sight - a pregnant woman in a pijama and a ski jacket walking outside at night, bearing down and panting every 3-5 minutes. Ski jacket was the only thing that I could put on myself and would be close enough to be almost closing on me by the end of pregnancy.

At 6am we decided to call the midwife. I started talking to her myself, but had to give the phone over to Daniel, cause a contraction caught me in the middle. After he hanged up, I started doubting that maybe we called her too early. I really didn't want her to come and then realize that I am only in early labor and then leave, like it happened with my first labor. My first labor, was 16 hours. By the time the midwife came, 6 hours after the contractions started and when I thought that I am very well ahead, cause the pain was excruciating, I was apparently only 2cm dilated. So the midwife told me to try to relax and left for few hours. I really didn't want this to happen again, so I asked Daniel to call the midwife back and tell her about my concern. But she said that based on how I sounded on the phone probably its a good idea for her to come right away. My water broke 5 minutes later during a contraction.

From that point things got really really intense. I was in a lot of pain. Used the shower, the bathroom and in general kept myself upright the whole time. I think being upright sped the things up significantly. I really didn't feel like lying down. I also didn't feel at all like listening to labor music, didn't care about candles, birth affirmations and other things I prepared for myself thinking that they would help. All that time, I kept worrying that this is only the beginning and that things are going to get much more intense, cause I kept thinking about my first labor and the disappointment I felt when I found out that I was just barely dilated.

I wanted to get into the pool, but the water was way too hot. Daniel started pumping cold water in, but the overall temperature was not going down fast enough. The first assistant came at 6:40 and the midwife came at 6:45am. They tried to listen to the baby's heart rate, but couldn't cause I was getting a contraction each time and made the whole procedure impossible. Also they later said that the baby already moved at that point so low that it was not possible to hear the heartbeat anyway. At 7am the midwife measured me and told me that I was fully dilated and ready to push. Boy, was I surprised! All that time I was thinking that I am just in the beginning, but apparently it was almost over. My daughter woke up just then and came out of her room, looking stunned at what's going on. Finally the birth pool water temperature dropped to just right, I jumped into the pool and immediately got a contraction which brought the baby's head out. It was such a strong urge to push that I could barely resist it. A minute later, another contraction brought the rest of the baby's body out. It all happened so fast that I was totally shocked. My daughter saw the whole thing and I am so glad she did. After the baby was out I came out of the water into the bed. And in the next 5 minutes the placenta was born.

Even though I got to use the pool for just 5 minutes, all the hassle with it was totally worth it, cause the feeling inside the water was SO amazing. And also my baby got to be born into the water!

I completely forgot about checking the baby's gender until Daniel asked me. I was sure its a boy, but it turned out to be a girl She weighted 7lb.

So overall the labor lasted only 5 hours, with the intense part being the last hour. Baby girl still doesn't have a name. She was a little shocked by the fast delivery too I think, and was a bit fussy the first day. But the next day she calmed down and now she is very relaxed - nurses and sleeps all the time. I am doing great. No tears, not even soreness. I really am surprised about that. Last time it took me few days to be able to sit and pee without pain, but this time I could do this almost right away. Like nothing happened.

Here is a pic of my new baby girl:
And here are the cute felted dolls I made:


Sophie, divorced, full-time working, mother to DD1 (12/07) and DD2 (04/10)
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Great story, thanks for sharing. Congrats on your beautiful baby daughter!
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She is beautiful and so are your dolls! What a sweet birth story! It's almost exactly how I am imagining my own soon...inspiration. Congrats on your new little girl-have a wonderful babymoon!!!

Midwife. Mama to five. Love is still the greatest.
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Great story! Thanks you. I too am planning a home waterbirth whenever my little guy decides to arrive.

Home Birth Mama. Perfect baby boy born in the water May 10th 2010.
Baby girl coming February 2014!
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What a beautiful story! Thank you so much for sharing, and your daughter is incredibly gorgeous. Enjoy every minute of her!!!

Jessica- married to David- parenting our 3 monkeys- DS #1 (age 7) DS #2 (age 4) and a brand new DD (born 5/10/10)
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Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful birth story!! I am so happy to hear that your little one is here, and entered the world in such a beautiful way. Many blessings to you all!

Wife to my beautiful Sky and SAHM to my three beautiful kids (12/01) , (3/07), and (5/10). We : : and. Peace to all of you wonderful mamas!
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Loved your story! Thank you for sharing! She is sooo beautiful (and so are your felt dolls). Enjoy your baby moon, mama, YOU ROCK!

Free-birthing, un-schooling (Waldorf style), extended breastfeeding, cloth diapering Earth Mama to Kayleb, ( 10/07) and Anaya ( 5/10)! Joyfully married to my beloved I hug trees and plant seeds.
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Lovin' my four-pack: M, S, a different M, and sleepytime.gif me.

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loved your birth story, and the dolls!!
welcome to the world, baby girl!
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Wonderful job, she is stunningly beautiful! I love the felted animals as well!

~Katie~ married to J, mom to DD- A 13 yrs ,DS- L 7yrs , and my little nursling DD2- R 5yrs.


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congrats! shes adorable!
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I loved your birth story! Thanks for posting! Congrats!
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Thanks for sharing and congrats!

DS is 4!
DD 8/10/10!
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Congratulations on your new baby girl.
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Many congrats! What a lovely baby girl!!

And I really liked your felt dolls.

Wife, Mom, Health Services Researcher
Uno ('03) Dos ('08) and Tres (Aug '10)
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