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For some background, this is our 6th baby. My first 2 were vaginal hospital births. The first was a nightmare of a pregnancy, with all kinds of misdiagnosis, intervention, etc. He was born after PROM at 34 weeks. I labored with pit and no pain meds. My second was a mainstream pregnancy and I was induced at 38 weeks for him being "so big". He was 8 lbs 10 oz and I had an epidural on pressure to do so before it got "too bad". My 3rd was a transverse baby and the OB scheduled a c-section in my 34th week for when I hit 37 weeks, because I had mild pre-e. My 4th was a forced RCS due to a hospital VBAC ban. She was head down and the pregnancy went great..would have been a great homebirth! I had my tubes tied at that time because I couldn't face the RCS anymore. I developed PTLS and had a reversal 4 years later to restore my health. I got pregnant right away, as well! I found a hospital about an hour away, in another state to have a VBA2C with a fairly crunchy OB. He broke my water to induce at just about 41 weeks and I delivered naturally a few hours later. This pregnancy I decided very early on a homebirth.

On September 6, Labor Day, I was 41 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I would turn 42 weeks on Thursday, at which time my midwife-(we'll call her Angela to protect her innocence), would have to transfer my care to a hospital and OB.

All through my pregnancy, I told myself that if I had to transfer care to a hospital and OB, it would be only because I needed that level of care. I would be open to that, willing and thankful to have whatever intervention it was that I needed. However, I never thought I would face transfer for going overdue. I guess I just supposed I would go no more than a day or so past my "due date".

Sometimes Angela continues care beyond 42 weeks, with a good bio physical profile, no other risk factors and a very cooperative mom. However, my blood pressure always tends to rise at the end of pregnancy, I was measuring 43 weeks for a while, stopped gaining weight (can be normal, can be bad) and I am a VBA2C which means my uterus was already maxed out so to speak, and she was taking me illegally anyway..

My water broke around 10:45 in the morning. Jeff had taken all of the kids with him to Walmart to give me a few minutes while he looked for some supplies for an old camping trailer we have. Angela arrived for our scheduled visit where we were going to discuss the use of castor oil and she was going to strip my membranes. I had already tried homeopathics for a couple of days, and a 3 different day attempt with the cohosh sisters. Neither of those worked and I was dead set against using castor oil..

Jeff got home and the kids were playing in the yard. He came to see how our appointment was going, and I told him my water broke. I don't think he really believed me! Angela verified, and we went about our day. I thought I felt a mild contraction here or there (and probably did) but really didn't want to think about it, as I was afraid of getting myself all set to birth, only to have to require some "help" to go into labor. My mom arrived around noon, and I still wasn't feeling much of anything but soaks of warm water. With much reassurance I would call her immediately upon a change, Angela left to have some lunch and study at a friends house about 3 minutes away.

I ate 1/2 of a sandwich and some split pea soup-good for protein and tasted good! Jeff made my laborade, while my mom fed the kids lunch. I drank strong red raspberry leaf tea, and then alternated between the laborade and water. After lunch, probably around 1, Jeff and I went on a brisk walk around the neighborhood. It was a cool day and it felt great. On the way back home, I got my first contractions that were "real" and in a pattern. They didn't hurt at all really, but felt just like the "fake" ones I had had times before. However, I knew these were different, because my water would squeeze out and fill a pad, along with pink. I finally had bloody show! It's funny how much you look for bloody panties after wanting a pregnancy with nothing of the sort!

We came home and I sat and rested a few minutes, and they were coming about 4 minutes apart, but weren't painful. By about 3:30 , I was starting to pace. At one point, I breathed through one and said, "wow!" to reflect that they were actually real and powerful when it was over, at which time Henry-15 months, said one of his new favorite words, "wow!". We all laughed at his comic relief. Thankfully, they were getting stronger and becoming uncomfortable, yet I had such complete breaks between them. When it was getting close to 4, I decided I'd get in the tub. I was pretty sure things were going to go fast, and I wanted some calm. Jeff filled the tub, and I asked Angela to check me. I was just curious and felt I wanted to know just where I stood. She said I was a 6. I got in the tub and immediately the contractions picked up. My mom was with me in the bathroom, and I remember telling her, "wow, they are really coming now." I only had enough time to take a deep breath before the next one hit. Within just a few minutes I was scrambling to get out. I said, "I gotta get out, I hate this tub". I was surprised by that, as my bathtub is usually my most desired place to relax..not at that moment, though!

I got out between contractions and my mom went to tell Angela and Jeff that my contractions were coming hard and fast. I put on my tent dress again, but within a few minutes it was off. I was pacing and then rocking and laying on the bed. I felt like a caged animal and I began to panic from the intensity. Jeff was pressing on my back, but it didn't help. It was like a train and nothing could stop it or even slow it down. I was a bit embarrassed by my moans and told Angela so. She gave me some gelsenium and it really helped the panic. I squatted with my head on the bed and rode the next few out until I began to panic again. This was all around 5:15, and I was having a lot of trouble coping. I said "I can't do this" and asked to go to the hospital at one point, where Angela replied as she looked me right in the eyes, "Well, that's a great idea..except you are going to have to get out to the car, have a couple contractions and you'll give birth in the car".

I asked her to check me because I was feeling hopeless. She said I was 10 but had some swelling on one side. She gave me arnica and asked me not to push until I felt ready all the way. I had one more contraction, and then...peace. It's not that the next ones didn't hurt, but they were SO different. I heard "Shout to the Lord" playing in the background, and it renewed me. I was able to focus and I told myself, "I am almost is coming out..feel baby coming out." I literally threw myself into a squat and my body began pushing. Angela later told me that she turned to the assistant and told her, "that is a big head", where she then said to me, "Do you want to try the birth stool? You are beginning to may like that position". Angela knew that it might mean some tearing, but was the best way to open my pelvis for the birth. I turned and sat back on the birth stool with Jeff supporting me behind. I felt his head descend. With the next one I felt I had to push along and the fire was so intense. I looked at the clock and it was 5:50. A couple of contractions later, and the head was out. Next, I had to work on the shoulder, as he was very large and was a little stuck under my pubic bone. Angela was very gentle in helping me and him work together, and she rotated him under the bone.

Then she told me to reach down and grab my baby and I yelled, "NO!". I have no idea why I said that, but she yelled "Yes!" so I did. I pulled him out and I couldn't believe how wet, warm and slippery he was. I felt all the rest of his previous life for 9+ months gush out in all the warm amniotic fluid. He was big, and a little purple. Within 10 seconds he was pink and crying! I had my baby! He later was weighed at 10 lbs 9 oz, and was 23" long! He had a 15" head, and a chest circumference of 15 1/2! No wonder those shoulders were a bit cramped on departure!

A montage of the birth

Within a very short time of everyone oohing and ahhing quietly at him, Angela said, "I just saw your separation you have any cramping?" I told her no, and she said "OK you will because your placenta detached and is ready to come out". This is when the beautiful homebirth became a little less picture perfect, but always well managed and in control.

The bleeding picked up a bit, and Angela said it was normal, however the placenta didn't come out yet, so she gave me a shot of pitocin. I began cramping. I handed off the baby to daddy so I could begin to work on this. Angela had me try different positions, she gave me homeopathics and finally a shot of methergine to encourage it to clamp harder. Nothing.worked. Two hours went by, and my placenta just wouldn't come out. She called in her midwife colleague, who suggested that I have a catheter to drain my bladder (it was full and I couldn't pee yet) so the placenta would come. She came and did the cath, and yet, nothing.

I was bleeding very minimally, which was great-but that could change at any time as we believed the uterus was trying to expel the placenta through a now closed cervix. The pain was getting very bad. Somewhere around 2.5 hrs after birth, we made the decision to go to the hospital. It was slightly frantic to get the baby in something warm and to get the assistant info about staying with the kids-who all but the oldest were in bed. I was helped to the car..and it was very awkward! I had an umbilical cord hanging out, with a metal clamp on part of it, a bowl in tow in case it came out on it's own, and lots and lots of chux pads! Obviously, a dress and no undies. The car ride was terribly painful. I was contracting about every 2 minutes, and nothing was happening. By the time we arrived, I was nearly in tears and exhausted. Never once, though, did I feel it was an emergency. My bleeding was in check, and we were headed for help.

When I got to the ER, they brought a wheel chair-the toughest part, along with getting onto the bed! The ER Dr was a jerk, in regards to me having a homebirth. It was as if the homebirth "caused" retained placenta. Yeah, pretty sure they never deal with that up on the maternity floor. Duh. They got me an IV, which then had to be replaced with another IV which took 3 attempts. They moved me to the maternity ward, where I met a really nice OB and anesthesiologist. We went over the options for surgery. I needed a D&C and chose a spinal so I didn't have to pump and dump. My big cnhunky baby was getting very hungry, so my midwife called in her best friend-head of La Leche League, to nurse him for me. Of course, with her really making sure it was OK with me. I had nursed him after birth, but to me this was a no brainer. He was going to need food, and the only other choice was a very willing pusher of Enfamil.

I went off to surgery and the spinal was no big deal. It was actually welcome. My pain to sit still to HAVE it, wasn't good, but immediately I finally had relief! Nearly FOUR hours of contractions AFTER birth, and it was over...

The OB immediately exclaimed, "Oh your placenta is right here behind the cervix. I can just grab it!" I said, "Praise God!" as I knew I wouldn't need a D&C!! He manually got out some clotting and checked me over. He stitched my minimal tear, cleaned me up and sent me back to a room. I reunited with Oliver, and he nursed and we recovered overnight.

We went home the next day, and I'm feeling great. My homebirth happened, my baby and I are healthy, and I'm very thankful!

Blessed Christian Wife and Homeschooling Mother to 10 children including an Air Force air traffic controller, and newborn boy/girl twins!

‘To someone whose god is science, vaccination makes sense. But to someone whose god is God, it is appalling’ - Dr. Golden.
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Congratulations and thank you for sharing. You have such a beautiful family and I love the pics of you older kids looking at your new arrival with such adoration . Peace and happiness to you in these very special first few weeks with your new baby.


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We share a DDC. Glad you got the homebirth you wanted. Sounds like it was a healing experience to welcome your new blessing in the comfort of your home. I, too, had placenta problems this time around, and I know what you mean when you say very painful! Great story. Congratulations and blessings on baby Oliver!

CD'ing, homebirthing, milk making school teacher. Supporting my family on my income and trying to get out of debt in 2013!
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Beautiful story and gorgeous children
Thank you for sharing.

Amara ~ Married to my HS sweetheart, we're having a blast with baby Z (1/29/2011)

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what an amazing story! Congrats and well done!

Mama to Luka - 22 February 2005, Tiisetso - 18 September 2010 & 3 angel bubbles
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wow, congrats!

Berkeley mom of 3 and President of Tender Cargo Baby Gear
and The Nurture Center Store and Resource Center 3399 Mt Diablo Bl Lafayette CA 888-998-BABY
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wow--and I thought my babe had a big head at 14.5"! And you beat us in length by an inch as well, lol. He is so are things going?

caution: one-handed nak

typos likely

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Thanks ladies! I certainly feel like I accomplished something great by having this boy naturally, and I'm so thankful!


Yeah, he sure is a big boy. He's so proportioned though, so he doesn't look huge..hard to explain...just sweet!

Things are going really well! He's a much more "chill" baby than my last little guy, which is very much appreciated! He sleeps decent stretches, and is a super efficient nurser. How are things with you? Email me any time! I spend a lot of time in this chair, LOL!

Blessed Christian Wife and Homeschooling Mother to 10 children including an Air Force air traffic controller, and newborn boy/girl twins!

‘To someone whose god is science, vaccination makes sense. But to someone whose god is God, it is appalling’ - Dr. Golden.
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Congratulations, what a beautiful story!

SAHM to Kaylynn 12, Alec 10, Gideon 5 and Silas my hba2c baby born 4/12/10! h20homebirth.gif  vbac.gif cd.gif bftoddler.gif

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