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Here's the story of how my sweet second baby came into the world!

I was scheduled to go in for a cervidil & pitocin induction on the evening of November 10. (I was 40 w 4 days, go ahead and judge me for the induction if it makes you feel better ;-).) I arrived at the hospital about 8:30pm on 11/10 to begin the cervidil -- the plan was to put it in and start pitocin in the morning. Anyway, when I arrived at the hospital I was dilated to a 3 (where I had been for a couple of weeks) and contracting, even though I couldn't really feel the contractions. So we decided to skip the cervidil and go straight to the pit. Got hooked up on the pit around 9pm and watched tv and rested waiting for something to happen. Slept on and off until about 1am when I was too uncomfortable to sleep. So, since I am admittedly incredibly vain, I got up and started putting makeup on & fixing my hair. (What!? I was going to have pictures taken soon with my new baby and I wanted to look cute! I'm from the South, I can't help it.) (In any case it kept me up & walking around and was a nice distraction.)

At 1:45 I had the nurse check me. She said I was dilated to 4-5 and the water bag was bulging. She said we could have the dr break my water when she came in for another delivery if I wanted, which I declined. I was really feeling some contractions at this point, but nothing I couldn't handle. So I kept walking around, moving positions, listening to music, and reading birth stories on mothering.com, of course!

About 2:30 or 3 things started to get pretty intense. I woke up my husband who was napping on the pullout couch in the L&D room. I was in a lot I pain and felt like something was happening. About 3 I had the nurse check me again and I was at a 5-6. I was so mad! I just knew I was never going to make it all the way to a 10! I had her turn the pit down because I was having trouble staying on top of the contractions (note to others -- if the pit contractions are getting to be too intense, ask them to turn it down and they should do it). Anyway, kept laboring in a variety of positions -- kneeling over the birth ball, hands & knees, and my favorite, standing and leaning over the raised hospital bed while swaying. The nurse offered to break my water and I told her I'd rather it happen naturally. So she said to page her as soon as my water broke & we'd call the doctor.

So I was leaning over the bed, and my DH was talking to me, rubbing my back, etc. I remember telling him, "What are we doing!? We have no business having another baby!" (Crazy labor talk, of course, we had planned for this birth and are financially/emotionally more than prepared!) DH just laughed and was like, "Well, nothing we can do about it now!"

At that moment my water broke. (In retrospect, I think my body really needed me to articulate the whole "I am scared and don't know what I'm doing" thing before I could let go and have the baby.) My husband looked at the clock to remember it for the baby book - it was 3:58am. He paged the nurse and I got on the bed in hands & knees position because the contractions were crazy crazy intense. The nurse called the doctor and came to check on me. I practically screamed at her "I FEEL PUSHY" and she was like, ok let's see what's going on. She pulled back my gown and said, "We are having a baby RIGHTNOW!"

I had 2 contractions on hands & knees and the contractions pushed the little guy out! I did no pushing at all -- I was actually trying not to push! So when the head started crowning, Nurse Mandy had to ask DH to get her another glove (she was only wearing 1 because we didn't think anything was happening yet) and had him yell out the door for any available nurses to come help. So my 7 lb 1 oz boy was born into the one-gloved hand of the nurse while my husband looked on. It was 4:00am.

I was still on hands & knees so DH had to tell me the sex of the babe (we didn't find out in advance). Baby was laying on the bed & they had me turn over so I could see him and I could deliver the placenta. I must have moved funny because the cord snapped about 4" from baby. The nurse (who had by now gotten into a second glove ha ha) pinched the cord and held it while another nurse clamped it. So that was a little scary but it was ok.

Three minutes later, my (wonderful!) OB came in -- 5 minutes after she had been called and 3 minutes after the babe was born. I was kinda sad she missed it because she really is a great doctor and had been so supportive of my birth wishes. She delivered the placenta and then she helped me up so the nurses could change the bed for me (obviously there was no time to put down the rubber sheet thingy). Then we got back into the bed and nursed and took pictures (thank God I had already put my makeup on!) and it was awesome!

All in all the induction lasted 7 hours and I had no tearing at all. I was released from the hospital 36 hours after delivery and didn't take so much as a Tylenol. This was my second pain-med-free pitocin induction at a hospital. So it can be done! I drank copious amounts of RRL tea starting in the 3rd trimester and did EPO orally at 36 weeks and vaginally at 38 weeks. I really credit the RRL tea for the contractions that pushed him out -- I did no work at all. I'm sure YMMV but I'm convinced!

I was thrilled with my experience and wanted to share it with other mamas facing an induction in the hospital. You *can* have a positive experience that doesn't necessarily lead to a slippery slope of interventions. I had mixed feelings about being induced a second time around but ultimately it was my decision (no pressure from my OB at all) and I am happy with it.

Thanks for letting me share!
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I think you were wise to decline the breaking of the bags... that probably kept everything from being way too painful and freaky!


What a great story! 


Thanks for sharing and enjoy your little one!

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Thank you for sharing! <3

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