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I just watched Quin's birth last night, and forgot so much, and I feel compelled to share.....it was a funny birth..

Feb 8 was here, I had been having labor on and off for about a week and a half.  I was SOOOOO excited!!!!!  I knew it was close.  My First was born 43 weeks 1 day by induction, and it was long and painful.  I did deal, but it was in no way magical.  My second (was suppose to be induction) at 42w3d, but when I arrived I was in labor, and no induction needed, Fabulous 5 hours from start to finish.  So here I am thinking could I possibly go into labor on my own......That night I my contractions were coming and I kept thinking, probably not, I will have to be induced in a couple of weeks, but OH how great if it was..lol.  Dp got home from work and I immediatley was out the door for a walk.  About 2 blocks down, the contractions were stopping me.  I turned around and went home.  While I was out for my walk dp had called my sister and said "Megan's in labor, and she doesn't want to admit it, what do I do?"  My sister say's nothing =)  When I got back home I called my midwife and told her what was going on, she said she had been thinking about me, and thought it would be good to go and meet her at the hospital.  So we pack up the kids and bring them to a friends.  I call my doula/best friend, and tell her to meet us at the hospital.  She said that her dh said I was 5cm....I just laughed it off.  We got to the hospital, and I WAS 5cm....go figure.  We are all just hanging out laughing, I am in total disbeleif, because I have never been soooo chill during my labors.  All of a sudden I get a wave and decide I want to shower.  That helped and as I was in the midwife filled the birth pool.  I came out totally nude (mil was there) and I thought she would leave at this point, nope she stayed, I was glad, I wanted her to see her first grandchilds birth.  I got into the tub and cried, everyone was so concerned asking what???  I just kept saying....I'm doing it..lol, That happened about 6 times during my laborlove.gif  The water was too hot and although it was helping with the pain, I couldn't relax cause sweat kept getting in my eyes. So I got out and had a wowzy when I had one foot out.  I leaned on the edge of the bed and my midwife just massaged my lower back.  I said He is coming NOW!  My body strated to bare down, It felt so good.  Side note dp was hands off because he was so freaked out, poor thing.  As my body started pushing, my mw said "yup I remember this your body is like a steam engine" She was present with all my babies.  So I say some pretty funny things while I am pushing, one point my doula and mw are chatting it up, and I said "OK, Are you done talking, cause I want to get to the business at hand"  heheheh.  I made my doula give dp the video camera or else he wouldn't have watched. (He is glad of that now) I feel his head come out and my mw say's, well he wanted to wave hi immediatley, His little right hand and arm came out with his head.  The cord was around his neck, so when his body was out everyone was laughing because my mw said " he is all harnesed up"  The cord was wrapped around his neck and body like a harness.  He was immediatly passed to me.  I looked at dp and said through tears, "you have a son....Quin is here!!!!"  I then said.....My dates must of been off..he's sooo tiny.  I hear mw in background, he is a chubster.... Well he ended up weighing 8pounds 8 oz.  He was sooo healthy.  When it came time to clamp and cut the cord, dp is holding the scissors and mw says cut right here, just dono't cut off his penis (in a joking way) dp freaked and it took him a minute to do it.....

I have to note:  Our hospitals womans floor is amazing, homey, huge rooms with tubs, loving staff, and the just let the cord stop, I guess unless someone asked to cu tcord  immediatley (lol) they don't.  They bring in beds to push together for the family, and encourage co-sleeping.  So I am very lucky in that aspect.  You labor, birth, and roomin the same room. 


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Love the birth story!!


My birthday is February 8th and my husband's is the 10th.  Lol.