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I was very sleep deprived while I was in labor and for a few days after delivery, so I wanted to type it up before I forgot it. ):



On Wednesday, December 28, I woke up around 6:00 am and did some cleaning. I was due on December 25, but still hadn't gone into labor. My fiance Jeremy came home from work around 4:00 pm, telling me he didn't have to go back to work until Tuesday. That worked well for us, seeing as how I had a final OB appointment the next morning and I was scheduled to be induced on Friday. We just hung out and relaxed for a while. Around 6:00 pm, he fell asleep. I figured I'd let him nap so I went upstairs to hang out with his mother Brenda and step father Larry. Brenda made me spaghetti and we sat at the kitchen table and talked. I was having painless contractions so we decided to time them, just to see if we'd be able to or to see if they were just braxton hicks. After timing them for about an hour, they were 6-7 minutes apart and lasting around 50 seconds. Brenda is a home care pediatric nurse, so she tends to be too helpful at times. She kept suggesting I wake Jeremy up and go to the hospital, but since I didn't feel any pain... I didn't believe I was really in labor. I took a quick shower and we hung out a little longer. Her and Larry decided to go to bed around 10:00 pm, so I went back downstairs.


Jeremy was still asleep, so I got on the computer and played a game called Bubble Shooter for a little while. I noticed I was still having contractions and what felt like menstrual cramps, so I started to time them again. They were 5-6 minutes apart. Still, I didn't think too much of it. I laid down to watch some tv around 11:00 pm. Soon after, the contractions started to be more uncomfortable. I was watching the TLC channel and every time I had a contraction during the commercials, it seemed like the same commercial was on each time. It was the preview for the new season of NY Ink coming on the following week. I continued to time them. Around 12:00 am, I decided to look for a paper I got from the hospital about contractions and what not. I started to think they may be real by this point. During my search through our bedroom(I misplace everything), Jeremy woke up. He was grumpy and told me to turn the light off and to not be so noisy. I ignored him and he eventually went back to sleep. Unable to find the paper, I just laid back down and relaxed some more.


At 1:00 am, my contractions were 4-5 minutes apart. I was still in denial. Jeremy rolled over and woke up enough to ask me why I was still up. I told him that I thought I was in labor and told him how far apart my contractions were. He hopped up out of bed and said we had to go to the hospital right then. I told him to calm down and that it wasn't time to go yet. I went to the bathroom and when I got back to the room, my contractions were 3-4 minutes apart. Jeremy continued to help me time them until 2:30 am, when I decided it was time to go. I called my mom and let her know I thought I was in labor. Her and I had just got into a huge fight on Christmas Eve, but thankfully we were able to let that go and she was excited. I left a note for Brenda and Larry, not wanting to wake them up in case it was a false alarm. They had to work in the morning. Jeremy put our bags and the car seat in the car and we headed off. I still wasn't in very much pain by this point. We pulled into the parking garage and walked up to the main entrance of the hospital, only to find out the doors are locked that late at night. I suggested we walk to the Maternity section and go through that entrance. We started walking down the sidewalk in that direction, when a security guard stopped us. He was a nice man who informed us you could only enter through the ER that late at night. He offered us a ride, saying he wasn't going to let a woman in labor walk that far. He dropped us off there and we went inside.


The lady at the desk took my information and got me a wheel chair. Another woman in labor came in right behind me, it was obvious she was in a lot more pain than I was. We were both wheeled up to the Maternity section. A nurse set me up to have a non-stress test and asked me questions I had already been asked a million times through out my pregnancy. She then checked me and told me I was 2cm, leaving the room right after to call my doctor. She was gone for about 20 minutes. I told Jeremy I thought we were going to be sent home. When she returned to the room, she told me they were going to admit me and put me in my room. I was so excited. By this point, it was 4:00 am. Once in the room, I called my mom and let her know I was admitted. Then, I called Jeremy's parents and let them know that I was in labor and told them everything. The nurse came in a put in my IV and had me fill out a bunch of papers, then left. Jeremy watched tv and looked at all the stuff in the room.


Around 6:00 am, the nurse came back and said that I should start to walk around. As I was about to get up, my water broke. When I looked down, I saw a lot of blood. The nurse seemed concerned, but didn't say anything. She did mention that Cassie had pooped in the womb, and that I might had some odd color discharge. Jeremy helped me walk around the Maternity Center, holding me in between contractions as they got worse. I went back to the room to lay down, the pain was too uncomfortable to walk through. I laid back down, and told Jeremy to go back home to shower and get some breakfast. Soon after he left, the pain of the contractions became even worse. It sucked being alone and having to go through it. Around 7:30 am, he was back. He held me and rubbed my legs to comfort me. At 8:00 am, I couldn't take it anymore and asked for pain medication. The nurse checked me and I was 4cm. I'm not sure what the nurse gave me, but it made me feel very out of it and tired. I was able to get a little bit of sleep, but not much. Jeremy's parent's came in to give me a teddy bear to give Cassie once she arrived. It played sounds that the baby hears in the womb. I held it tight and my doctor came in soon after they left. He checked me and said I was 5cm and that I should walk around some more. As I did, all the pain came back. Jeremy and I met up with his parents in the hallway and told them how things were going. I tried to walk some more after, but just couldn't handle it. I went back to the room and laid back down.


The nurse came in and told me they were going to induce me to speed things up. At this point, it was 11:00 am and I was still 5cm. The pain got horrible then. I asked for an epidural. The anesthesiologist came in and prepared me for it. Jeremy stood in front of me and held me. As the anesthesiologist was checking mine spine, he said it appeared I had scoliosis, which may make it a bit more difficult to get the needle in. After I got the epidural, I laid back down. I was completely numb from the waist down, but I still was feeling the contractions. The nurse came in to put a catheter in, but since I was still feeling pain she said we'd wait to do it. Brenda and Larry came in with balloons and to ask how I was doing. I told them I was induced and had the epidural. Jeremy was hungry and went to the deli with Larry. Brenda stayed with me and helped me relax during the contractions. The nurse came back in at 12:30pm and asked me if I was still feeling contractions. I told her yes, but they were even more painful. She appeared puzzled. She decided to check me again. I was 9 1/2 cm. She asked me if I had placenta problems during my pregnancy. I told her yes, my placenta was attached low. Brenda got on the phone and called Larry and told him that Jeremy needed to hurry up and get back to the room. It seemed like it only took him seconds to get there. Brenda left and Jeremy sat down with me and held me again. Minutes after he got back, I felt the need to push.


The nurse came in a checked me, telling me I was ready and she could see the head. She also told me she saw long dark hair. My doctor came in and so did a few NICU nurses(who were there to do deep suctioning in case Cassie had inhaled her meconium.) At 12:57pm, after about 20 minutes of pushing, Cassie was born. She was set on my chest, but quickly taken away because she wasn't breathing properly. I watched as they were suctioning out her mouth and nose. While trying to deliver the placenta, I heard a large 'splat' sound and blood went all over everything and everyone near by. At first I thought the placenta had fallen to the floor, but my doctor soon told me it was a blood clot from the placenta pulling away from the uterus wall during labor. I looked back over and watched them wipe off Cassie, and they handed her back to me. Jeremy and I held her close, and soon his parents and my mom came in to see her as well.



Cassie Mackenzie, born December 29, 2011 at 12:57pm. weighing 7lbs 15oz and 21 inches tall.



Cassie and I soon after she was born.



Jeremy and Cassie. I love this picture.



Cassie after she was all cleaned up. (:


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Congrats Mama!

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Definitely helping to keep me far away from hospital births.  Lol.


Congrats! smile.gif

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