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Hi everyone,


I posted this, but it disappeared, so my apologies if it ends up double posting! (sure glad I copied all the text before hitting submit!)


I have been lurking around this site, reading all of your wonderful birth stories for some time now, and I'm finally ready to share my story.


DS (our first and only to this point) was born January 20, 2007 after 8 hours of labor.


Looking back now, 5 years later, I realize that I really don't know what took place during my labor.. I can't even remember how much he weighed at birth!


My pregnancy experience was very positive - the pregnancy was a surprise, but me and my fiancee (now husband) were both very excited.  As I work at a hospital in my city that delivers babies, it was a no-brainer to me (at the time) to choose one of the OBs from my hospital.  I am happy with my OB, she was smart and kind and very compassionate, yet I realize now that there were signs warning me away from her - I just didn't know what they meant at the time.


My OB chose to induce me on January 19, 2007 (I say she chose because I didn't know better and went along with whatever she said).  I now remember and can understand why I was induced - my OB was going on vacation the following week.  I was induced at 40w6d, unnecessarily (in my opinion).


After many hours of waiting on the antenatal floor, I was induced with a foley catheter - we remained to have the baby's heart rate monitored for an hour and went home at 11:30pm that night.


Around 1:45-2:00am I woke up with the most intense contraction (or godawful pain as I called it at the time), and almost immediately my water broke, soaking the bed.  I immediately shook my DH awake and shouted something that I'm sure was incoherent at him, then ran to the bathroom to try and contain the mess.  Due to the fact that my waters were stained with meconium and I was scared witless of the pain, we headed to the hospital right away.  I was admitted, and received an epidural within an hour of being admitted (by my request - again I was terrified of the pain). I was checked upon admission, and determined that I was already at 4cm.


The epi was a godsend at the time, as it allowed me to sleep through majority of the contractions, only waking up to change positions (with the help of the nurses, as I was numb from the waist down).


The moment I remember most of my birth is waking up spontaneously to the cry of a baby - someone else's - being born.  That crystal clear wail floated across the air and I looked up and smiled at my nurse, and she smiled back at me. 

In hindsight I realize how sad it is that the moment I most remember of my birth was the birth of someone else's child. =(


After sometime my epi wore off and I was given another medication that completely numbed my legs and hips - like the feeling you get at the dentist when he numbs your face.  I couldn't even lift my legs.


Around 9:45 I told the nurse I felt like I had to poop, and she told me that I might be ready to push and asked me to give it a try.  I pushed once and she immediately stopped me "Wait right there, I need to get the doctor or you're going to have the baby without her!"


The doctor came in 15 minutes later, and after telling me to 'just hang on another few minutes cause I have to go pee', she left me hanging with the urge to push strong in me, while I waited for her to pee.  She came back in just after 10am, and my son was born at 10:36 after only 20-30 minutes of pushing.


He was born with meconium aspiration, and as soon as I pushed him out (although he cried spontaneously), they took him, held him above me and whisked him away to the NICU - I didn't see him until 6 hours later.


We never got the hang of breastfeeding, and our BF relationship failed after 2 months (we were supplementing with formula because I couldn't produce enough milk).


Despite this, he was a VERY good baby - hardly ever cried or fussed, and I found I took very naturally to mothering, and that I was able to know his needs before he alerted me to them - I knew when he would be hungry, when he would be sleepy, and I loved him so (still do!!)  He started sleeping through the night at 5 weeks, and we have counted ourselves very lucky to have such a good boy.



Last week I obtained my record of labor and delivery, as well as DS' NICU records so that I could understand what happened.


I was given pitocin (don't understand why - I obviously was progressing fine if I showed up at 4cm after only 2 hours of labor!!!)

When my epi wore off I was given Fentanyl - don't know a lot about this drug, but I guess its what made my body numb.


What I have the most trouble with is WHY my baby had to be int he NICU for 3 days - he had "meconium aspiration", yet after only 2 hours of being in the NICU he was on room air, and having no problems breathing or eliminating - why did they keep him so long?  He was also NPO for the first day and a half, so we weren't able to try breastfeeding until the next day (I had been pumping in my room, and was told he was given expressed breast milk when I was absent).


I feel like if I hadn't been induced and I hadn't been given the ptocin, maybe he wouldn't have had meconium aspiration, and we could have experienced those initial bonding moments, and maybe our breast feeding relationship could have been very different.


My boy was born at 10:36am on January 20, 2007 at 6lbs 14oz and 21" long.


For my next baby (whenever that may be - we are TTC right now!) I am planning a home birth with a midwife (and yes, I still work in that hospital).


Thanks for reading - I look forward to being an active member of these forums (I haven't felt right to post, but now that some of you know me, I hope to be active.)


DS Then -

hospital 2.jpg


DS Now - now.jpg

Just me and DS.
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Welcome, and what an adorable little man!!!

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I hope your next birth goes much better for you and your husband, Mama! Be encouraged! thumb.gif

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