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On Thursday I had a little breakdown because I’d gone past 41w and that’s when I had my other boys, had a talk with my husband about how pressured I felt from him and everybody to have this baby and he basically resigned to expect another week and to lay off about it. Castor oil hadn’t worked and we were going to talk to the MW about herbal induction Friday. MW called to reschedule our appt to Sat, she had to go away Friday.

Friday I had tightening in the evening that turned to short contractions that really squeezed and released by 8pm, 3 min apart and under 25 sec long, like the early stuff in my 2nd child’s birth. He took 28hrs so I figured if this kept up I’d rest between them all night then get down to it tomorrow. I told DH to hurry up and start the bedtime routine, doing Bible study then the boys needed teeth brushing, changing and putting to bed. I had to breathe pretty deliberately through the contractions though they were short. We read about Joseph in Egypt that night. I brushed the 3 year old’s teeth and got the kids into bed. One big wave hit me in their room and I dropped to hands and knees and moaned some, some of these were intense. The 6 year old made me promise to tell him if anything happened, but still couldn’t sleep and kept getting up for more water over the next couple hours.

I sat by my hubby and we listened to music a while and talked. I’d studied hypnobabies but found laying or relaxing fully supported didn’t work for me so I wasn’t doing the limp, loose, off switch stuff in this. Just trying to get comfy enough and breathe slowly, sitting upright. My others were natural births too I knew I could do it one way or another. Then I felt I’d better be distracted a while through the early stuff, we watched tv a while then I baked chocolate cupcakes. DH called his parents who were going to watch the boys when we went to the birth center, but there was a snowstorm out and they worked all day so we told them to come first thing in the morning, that we had time and would call if things picked up early. It was past 10:30 and I was still having close together short contractions so gave up before icing and left them to cool overnight. I took a bath then, I was able to lay down and turn off there for a bit. It was hard to get out of the tub so I laid back down and stayed a few ctx longer than I meant to. I was so cold after I got out and went to bed, but I put my hair up then was ok. These contractions were still close together, and far as I could tell still short.

Sometime past midnight I went to the bathroom and then checked my progress, I was clearly past 4cm, maybe even 5 or 6. I told DH things were moving quicker this time. I asked how long he thought my ctx were, he said 20 seconds or so, I said to time one and we found they were 40 really, and 4 min apart. So we called his parents back but they said they were too sleepy it wasn’t safe to drive. At 1 we called the midwife and told her things were getting serious, we’d figure out what we were doing with the kids and then go in. I was sitting up in bed now, then moved to sit on an upholstered stool some time in there while DH called friends who’d offered to help but nobody answered. Then he was putting things in the car and putting coats and shoes on the boys, I was on the floor between contractions sobbing about finding my warm socks and feeling like I was watching myself act so ridiculous. That was the only time I was incoherent between them at all, I was totally analytical and present otherwise. I put an underpad between my legs because I’d noticed my bag of waters bulging. I found I could calm myself in contractions using the hypnobabies “Peace” thing as a repeated chant, and “open” and saying ”I’m okay”.

Soon, at 2am I was laying in the bed on my side, feeling a lot of pressure. I checked again and was very open, pretty close to complete. Next contraction my body pushed hard and pop, my water broke. I told DH it did as he passed the door getting things ready. The kids were in and car was on. 2 more contractions, mild involuntarily pushing going on, and DH brought my coat and said we’re going now. I tried to argue, saying I don’t know if there is time now and I don’t want to be in the car like this. I had about 12 contractions in the car, 2 minutes apart only, all were trying to be pushing but I breathed out, chanted, cussed, and moaned. You couldn’t see the road it was so snowy.

We got there 2:50, got in over to the bed, midwife checked and I was complete. She said go ahead and lay down and push. No way was I going to lay on my back, I did a couple small pushes sitting up and then flipped over to lean on the back of the bed and be on my knees as DH came in from settling the boys in another room. Next push, baby was crowning, surprising me quite a bit (already?! I’m almost done so soon?), I felt his head, then his ear, and said wow there’s really a baby. There was a pause at the shoulders before next contraction then he came out, 2:59am. I got flipped back over and took him. He was quite blue at first and didn’t cry much, but started up breathing fine in a few moments. We found he was another boy then, hadn’t known til now. I looked at DH to confirm the boy name we’d thought of, “Emmett?” I asked, yep he is Emmett. The 2 big brothers ran in when he did wail a bit to coo over him. Placenta came quickly, Emmett nursed well and long, then I showered and changed and he got checked on and dressed, 7lbs 13oz and all healthy. He nursed some more while DH did birth certificate paperwork and such and we all had snacks. 5:15 we headed back home to get some sleep.

He’s 4 days old now and doing great, my milk came in fast (2.5 days) and he’s started sleeping well with short and quiet wakings to eat and being very alert sometimes during the day. I’ve felt great considering, and have been doing my best to rest anyway so I keep feeling fine.

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That is beautiful. What a wonderful blessing :)


Thank you for sharing your story, in a snow storm no less...wow. ;)


Have a beautiful baby moon!

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Way to go! Congrats on your new little boy!

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Love it! Beautiful birth story. We also have an Emmett and he came much faster than we expected. He's 3 1/2 now and has been a total joy. May yours continue to be a huge blessing to your family.

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Awesome story! I had one almost born in the car too. He was born literally two minutes after we got to the hospital. This time I'm having a home birth. No more pushing in a car!

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