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On Friday, June 28, I had my baby shower from my church ladies...we'd jokingly talked several times about whether or not I'd be able to attend it! Right as I left the shower to head home, a huge storm hit, and it was terrible driving home!  I really had no indications at that point that labor would be any time soon.  The next morning around 4:30-5, I got up for my normal bathroom trip, then had trouble staying asleep afterwards.  At about 5:30, I realized that it was because I was having contractions about every 10 minutes (exactly how my labor with Emery started....nearly the same time, too).  I finally got out of bed at 6 and went down stairs so I could move around a little bit without bothering Bobby.  I labored pretty normally (though more painful than this point with the girls had been....probably should have been my first indication that it would be different) for several hours.....dozing between contractions on the couch.  We decided to have the girls go on to our friends' house at 10:30, so that we could get out of the house and walk some to see if I could get the contractions any closer together (between 7-10 minutes apart at this point). 

Bobby and I headed to our local park after he got home from dropping off the girls and tried to walk the track there.  I was having to stop with every contraction and losing mucous plug consistently.  My contractions were also closer now, staying at 5-6 minutes apart.  It started to get hot, though, and it was after lunch by that point so we decided to go eat a good, carby meal so that I could have lots of energy, then walk somewhere with a/c until hospital time.  We went to Moe's and I got a big burrito, saw some friends from church, and worked our way through the meal.  Once we were done, we went to walk around Gander Mtn (outdoor sports/supply store) for a while.  By that point my contractions were 4 minutes apart and had been for well over an hour, and on the advice of my drs, we decided to go in to the hospital since I'd had a history of going really quickly once i hit 5-6 cm, and I was GBS+.

We got to triage, got hooked up to the monitors, and waited for the nurse to check me.  She got all set up and checked me, and I was barely a 1.  Sigh  but my contractions were 4 minutes apart and 90+seconds long.  And they hurt!  much more than they should have for only 1cm.  They had me walk for an hour then checked me again, still only 1cm.  But by this point, contractions were 2-3 minutes apart and lasting 2 minutes, so I was getting almost no breaks between them.  They were still talking about sending me home since I wasn't progressing, though.  We talked them into letting me walk for another hour and when I came back that time, I could be stretched to a 3.  I'm not sure there was every anyone so happy to hit 3cm!  After some craziness trying to get an IV in (2 blown veins in one hand, and a really aggressive stick in the other, blood dripping everywhere), all of the ridiculous questions asked a million times, and nurses and the midwife coming in and out, we finally got to leave triage after over 4 hours there!  It was 10:30 before we got into a room and settled.  I had to be monitored again for a while before I could walk, get in the tub, etc.  The midwife came in around 10:45 to check me and I was almost a 4, so I felt encouraged that I was finally making a little progress.  She said she'd be back around 11:30 to break my water.

Between 11:30-12, she came back to check me....I was still only a 4 when she stretched me.  I let her break my water, hoping to be able to avoid pitocin (mostly at this point because I was already in so much pain).  She broke my water, left, then I proceeded to break down.  Each contraction hurt so badly that I could not stay on top of them.  I was screaming and crying no matter the position I was in.  I cried and begged Bobby to let me get an epidural, and said that I just didn't have hours left in me....I'd been in labor for over 19 hours at that point....painful the entire time. Bobby prayed for me at that point, that we'd see progress, and that the rest of my labor would be quick so that I could be done and rest. After he calmed me down (he should be a doula, seriously) I got into the tub.  That eased my pain just a little, but after only 2-3 contractions, I felt him move down and start coming very quickly.  This part was so different from the girls....even though they both came quickly, there was no panicky feeling with it.....I was completely panicked this time.....screaming and absolutely losing control.  It was like a movie, really.....I was screaming, nurses and the midwife were running into the room, etc.  Our hospital doesn't "allow" water births, so Bobby was trying to get me up out of the tub, but I couldn't support my own weight, so he finally had to jump into the tub with me to lift me up and out of the water, all while the midwife stood in front of us staring....until bobby snapped at her to get my arms and help me.  They got me to the bed and put me flat on my back Sigh and started yelling at me to hold my knees and push.  I was pretty hysterical at this point.  I didn't have the strength to hold my legs back, and though I couldn't verbalize it, in my head, I kept saying I needed to be in a different position to push him out....I just couldn't make any progress.  I pushed Macie out that way, and though I know it's not the best position, I knew it was something more with him. 

After being yelled at (actually, this was helpful at the challenged me, i guess) by a mystery nurse, and being told that Virgil's heart rate wasn't doing well with the contractions, I finally got him out.  He came out really gurgly, and they cut his cord immediately and threatened to take him if he didn't start crying louder, so I tried to make him mad to cry....all while still flat on my back.  The minute he was out they ran a bag of pitocin on me (without saying anything until later....anyone have any clues as to why? is this standard in some places?) and the midwife delivered the placenta and immediately said "you know, it really would have been ok if you'd stayed in the tub" Head Bang

Thankfully, I didn't tear, so I didn't need any repair, just to get cleaned up.....everything was super bloody, and I bled all through labor (I suspect that my placenta may have been separating, and that's why they did the pitocin, but no one mentioned anything), so there was a lot more than either of my other births.  It was only after they took him to do his newborn exam/weigh him/etc that the nurse noticed the shape of his head and told the midwife that he'd been acynclytic (his head was tilted to the right), and that was likely why it was so difficult and such a long labor.  The last hour was super intense....going from 4cm to baby out in an hour is madness!  He was my smallest baby at 7lbs 7oz and 20.5 in.  He was born at 1:11am.

I didn't have any baby blues or any weepy days after his delivery, and when we talked about it, I told bobby it was because I'd cried all I could cry during my pregnancy and delivery with him!  I've had a tough time processing it, and felt angry that almost nothing on my birth plan was honored, but I did still avoid pitocin (during labor) and an epidural, so that was good.  Plus, I had the sweetest baby boy ever!  Bobby's been great about talking it through with me and helping me to focus on the good, despite the bad.  God answered all of our prayers in very quick and obvious ways during this labor.....even if it didn't go the way I'd hoped or planned, He very clearly had his hand in it. 

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Congratulations!! energy.gif


Welcome to the world little baby! baby.gif

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Congratulations! How awesome to have a husband you know you can count on.

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