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I just now found this group so her birth story is a little late, but the events of her birth are with me still as if it happened yesterday.

At 7 months along I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and I had to start going in for weekly monitoring.  I didn't mind really, I got to relax in a very comfy recliner and listen to my baby's heartbeat and count her movements. The staff working with the hospital I had chosen was great. I thought I was going to have a birth like I had in the past.  I go to 40 or 41 weeks and have a baby a few hours later and poof there is a baby.  Not this time. First when I was 35 weeks she started flipping into breech position one week then head down another then completely flipped to a whole different position the next monitoring appointment, Then  I went in for my 36 week appointment and the nurse was worried with my blood pressure.  She took it 3 times then the doctor took it and they were changing the position of my arm, I guess hoping that if my arm was a little more relaxed maybe it would drop. But no such luck.  My doctor told me that while my blood pressure was concerning it was not high enough to have me admitted but if I had any symptoms such as spots or severe headache to make sure to go in to be checked.  He then sent me to the lab for a 24 hour urine catch and blood work to make sure I was not developing pre eclampsia.  While it was above normal it was not in the need to be admitted range but I did have to go back three days later for a re check and my blood pressure was a bit higher.  He scared me since he looked like he was considering having me admitted but since I was not showing concerning symptoms he let me go home but he had gone ahead and scheduled me for an induction at the end of the week. 

  I had to keep my normal monitoring  appointment that week which at first I tried to get out of but they really wanted to keep an eye on my baby since I now had 2 pregnancy problems going on.  I woke up that morning of monitoring and I didn't feel right.  I couldn't put my finger on exactly what felt off but I had a slight headache and just did not feel right.  I felt it enough I tried to find a ride to monitoring but no such luck.  So my appointment was at 2 that afternoon and we live an hour outside of the city and I had to eat before otherwise my stubborn baby would not cooperate and would fail her NST. 
      So I get to the office and thankfully the high risk OB is not busy and even though I was a bit early I was able to go right back.  She took my blood pressure and did a double take at the numbers then said she was getting a different cuff.  Then she took it with a different cuff and looked at it for a bit before saying," I see you are having blood pressure issues lately."  I sighed and said, "yes it has givin me trouble this last week."  She took me back to the room to start my NST and while in there I am normally left alone but this time nurses kept coming in and taking my blood pressure and asking me how I was feeling.  I would say I was tired or mention I had a bit of a headache.  When I was done and got my ultra sound they had me go in a cup so they could test it which was a first for monitoring. I got my ultra sound and my baby was measuring about 7 pounds. 

     I got up to leave and they said I had to see the doctor before I left. So I went in to see her which she was a very nice easy to talk to OB who had assured me from the beginning that she liked to leave things alone as much as possible and so far she had lived up to that with my gestational diabetes.  I had been able to maintain everything with diet alone. But anyways  she came in and went over my screening for the day and asked me how I felt, I repeated I was tired and had a weird headache all day.  She sighed and said with the blood pressure and now symptoms she needed to get with my regular OB to see what he wanted to do.  She left to call him and I had that sinking feeling that I was not going to be allowed to go home. She came back in and said that my doctor wanted me admitted.  Of course this was the appointment I had my 8 year old with me.  OY.  So I decided first off I needed to get her something to eat while I called my husband.  I couldn't get a hold of him at work and left a message. I am driving around and trying not to cry when my husband called back and that sent off the flood gates of tears. Ha.  He asked why I was crying and I said how I didn't have anything for the hospital with me and I didn't know what to do with Jessica and she was hungry and you know all that fun stuff.  He told me to just get her a burger and to meet him over at Mercy and we would go from there.  So I did.


I got admitted and I finally got to see my blood pressure was still pretty high and they had warned me that I may need medication to control it.  I had been induced before and knew it could be a while before anything started so my husband took our 8 year old to a friends house.  Like I thought not much had happened by the time he got back a couple hours later.

They came and broke my water and almost right away they started having heart decelerations with each contraction. I had seen it before on those baby shows and hadn't really worried about it.  Everyone was calm so I was calm.  I had had enough of the contractions and asked for an epidural and that went perfect. That made me a bit sadder at how things went later. It was a perfect epidural.  I could still feel my body but my contractions were more like I just felt the pressure and no pain.  But  my baby's heart decelerations kept  happening and they started to worry.  I had O2 on and they put a line directly on her head to keep a closer eye on her and they were flushing her with fresh fluid trying to keep her from being stressed.  None of it helped.  They got worse and soon I had several nurses and a doctor in there having me turn from side to side with every contraction. At one point they were very nervous but called off the C section when her heart rate came back.  It was an on call OB there and she had told me my doctor was aware and on his way in.  I think she was trying to keep my baby stable for my doctor to get there honestly since at this point I was only 5 cm dilated. I remember the doctor checking me hoping my labor was just going so fast and intesne is was stressing my baby.  No I had only dilated  a CM since being admitted. 

At this point I was rather frightened and wanting her out. The staff was concerned enough that they were all in my room.  The doctor walked out then came running back into my room with several other OR nurses right behind her.  They were pulling things out of the wall while the OB yelled into the hall to get NICU, all of them to the OR now.  Another nurse handed me something awful to drink and said my OB was in the elevator and on his way to the OR.  I got there and someone said put her out we need that baby out now. My doctor came in and the other OB said baby's heartrate is 50.  That is when I felt real panic that something was horribly wrong but right after that I was asleep.  I woke up and asked if my baby was ok.  They said yes, your husband is holding your baby right now.  I think I asked again and again they assured me she was fine.  I was taken right back to my room as soon as I was awake and got to hold my sweet baby.  I am not sure how long I held her and nursed her before my OB came in and said how that gave him a good scare.  Her cord was wrapped tightly around her and as contractions pushed her into the birth canal it pulled the placenta free causing an abruption.  I held her for so long being thankful she was safe and ok.  I had read stories with much more tragic endings and I know how I could have easily lost her or she could have suffered a brain injury if they had waited at all getting her out.


I am not sure how to post a picture of her since my first attempt didn't work.

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So glad you and your baby are OK!
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Oh my! I'm so glad it turned out ok! Thank you for sharing your story!

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You're welcome. Thank you for reading.

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