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newlife's Avatar newlife 11:49 AM 11-15-2004
Okay I am due Feb. 8th. Ohh and I live in New Orleans, so in 2005 Feb. 8th is Mardi Gras Day. And I know that it may not be very likely but if I deliver on that day my mom won't be there because she is in the Zulu parade. I really need her to be there seeing as this is my first child. Okay that is reason number one. Reason number two is that I am kind of tired of being pregnant, and I want my baby asap. So I was thinking about being induced, but my doc won't have it. Eventhough the baby and I are fine (no high risk problems here), she just doesn't see the point in inducing me unless it is medically nessesary. So I want to do it myself, at home. Has anyone done it before? Do ya'll have any ideas? Any experiences to share? Any and all info would be great.


mwherbs's Avatar mwherbs 11:54 PM 11-15-2004
dating pregnancy can be inaccurate depending on when you had your first signs, first visit...this one reason your doctor is not inclined to induce you early, if the dating is off it can mean a sick possibly very sick baby. Another reason is that alot of inductions end up as C-sections because the induction doesn't bring you to birthing but does stress the baby out. #3 most of the time a first baby is born about a week late. #4 have a back up plan who else can be with you, an aunt, a doula maybe you can get your mom a pager and then she can be on her way. In any case November is way to early to be thinking about inducing a baby due in Febuary- having the baby now is life-threatening for the baby.
darsmama's Avatar darsmama 02:57 AM 11-16-2004
Umm, I agree with the PP.
Besides, I did herbs not to induce but to ready myself for the labor that were semi-inducing. I had 4 due dates with Darlene:
Aug. 26, 29, 30, 31.
She was born August 27th.
So, anyways. I dont see why you would want your Dr. to induce you. Most of us here subscribe to the belief the baby will come when it wants too. (-:
Wish you luck,
milk4two's Avatar milk4two 04:54 AM 11-16-2004
You are due in Feb but planning your induction now? Honey, I hate to tell you but it's going to get more uncomfortable between now and then.
NorCal Mama's Avatar NorCal Mama 02:00 PM 11-28-2004
From what I know, firstborns are generally around 2 weeks late. It's not safe to go messin' with nature, unless of course there's a risk to you or baby. If you are getting close to 2 weeks late and you don't want to mess with pitocin in the hospital, here's the recomendation my midwife gave me:
Castor oil Take 2 Tablespoons wait half hour and if nothing starts, take 1 tablespoon, wait half hour, and if still nothing, take 1 more tablespoon. If still nothing, do not take any more. Castor oil is not the kind of thing where more is better. I just posted my birthstory this am, where I used castor oil. Check it out if you want, it's titled my waterbirth.
I wish you a wonderful birth. Good luck.