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Indea88's Avatar Indea88 01:26 AM 12-04-2004
I recently underwent a non emergency c-section for the birth of my second son. I was fighting for a chance to have a vbac in a hostile vbac institution. They all but left me for dead in the hospital. I sustained a lacerated bladder which was cut in half. I lost half of my blood volume waiting for over an hour for the on call urologist to get to the OR on a weekend.Ive been left incontinent and disablingly weak from DR. induced complications. In addition I was put under general anesthesia before they even cut my bladder because I had too much to say so they silenced me.I have no birth memory. Im overwhelmed with anger. They sent me home after two weeks with a hemoglobin of 6.0. I couldnt take care of my baby. I had to hire help. I couldnt get out of bed for a long time. was too weak to even get to the bathroom alone. I was so anemic from the blood loss it affected my memory and recall. Thank God my beautiful boy is perfect and unharmed. I have been to 5 lawyers no one will pursue it. The doctors say Im incontinent because Im postpartum!! A year later? I dont think so.

obnurse's Avatar obnurse 02:08 AM 12-04-2004
Wow. I am sorry you had such a bad experience! How aweful for you. There ARE things that don't seem right. An on call urologist should be within 30 minutes of the hospital. If your life was in jeopardy from blood loss, then you should have been given an emergency trasfusion during surgery, unless you signed a refusal before the operation.
Also, I would venture to guess that you were put under general anesthesia because your spinal (or epidural) was not providing adequate pain control during surgery, and that was why you were being 'vocal'. (even if you don't remember) It is not customary to give a patient general just to shut them up. Trust me, it is much more work to put someone to sleep, then to just listen to them! But it is inhumane to perform sugery on someone that can feel it!
A lacerated bladder is aweful. But it is also a very real threat during a c/s (even though there are measures taken to prevent it). There are things that can increase the likelyhood that it will happen, such as a previous c/s with scar tissue formation. I personally have never seen a lacerated bladder. I have seen though a few nicked bowels over the last few years.

Have you had your incontinence evaluated over this last year? I honestly don't know alot about lacerated bladders and the relation to incontinence. Was your urinary sphincter muscle involved as well?? I would say that if you had a hope of a lawsuit, you would have to have seen a doctor that was willing to say that this incontinence was a direct result of the laceration.

In terms of your hemoglobin being a 6..what treatment were you given in the hospital?? Were you offered a transfusion?? 6 and symptomatic where I work would definately be transfusable. Did they suggest it and you refuse?? Did they put you on iron supplements?? You really shouldn't have walked out of the hospital in that shape!!

I am surprised that 5 lawyers turned you down. Did they do that after reviewing your medical records? Have you seen your records?? I only ask this because often people will recount a hospitilization to me (that I attended) and it isn't accurately told from a medical standpoint. I am just wondering if there is more to the story (strictly medically speaking)
Indea88's Avatar Indea88 02:50 AM 12-04-2004
Thanks for your reply Im an RN but not an OB Nurse. It feels good to vent Im still real angry. As far as the general anesthesia my epidural worked fine. I had 10 Docs in my OB group and not one was there that weekend in July. It was an on call attending and two residents. In July is when all the students start in the teaching hospitals. I was in a tertiary teaching hospital. My Docs were no where to be found.The resident did the section. As far as the hemoglobin of 6.0 I couldnt buy a transfusion I begged to be transfused. I felt so weak I truly thought I was slowly dying. They would say your young and healthy (Im 42!) youll restore your iron.. Yeah maybe in three to four months! I was discharged after two weeks with a hgb of 6.0 it took two weeks to get to 6.0. I thank god I didnt have an MI in the meantime. I did recently find a female lawyer who is sending my records to a urogyn for review. She says she has seen bladder nicks but not a laceration like this.I have new found respect for all the anemic patients I had had who said that they couldnt make it to the bathroom and I didnt believe them. I now know what it feels like to hav e a sudden anemia and feel like the life has been sucked out of you. AS a nurse you never think bad things can happen to you in the hospital. Im really glad to be alive.
Awaken's Avatar Awaken 04:12 PM 12-04-2004
I am so sorry to hear about your bad experience. Thank goodness your baby is healthy and safe. I hope you are able to pursue legal action!
Bethla's Avatar Bethla 04:26 PM 12-04-2004
Sounds like you were treated horribly. Perhaps you can use your situation to help other women in similar circumstances. Definitely pursue your case with an attorney. It seems like you should be able to write a letter or have a meeting with the chief of the department and describe your horrible lack of treatment. There are so many great RN's and MD's out there, you must have got quite a few rotten apples. Good luck on your road to recovery.
Stream's Avatar Stream 05:56 PM 12-06-2004
I'm glad you've found a lawyer who is willing to review your case. If she turns it down, please keep looking. It sounds like you really need a resolution here, and I think the legal remedy might be the best option for you.

So sorry you had such a terrible experience. It's just awful.
rainbowmoon's Avatar rainbowmoon 07:01 PM 12-06-2004
I have heard of lacerations to the bladder (and baby) but NEVER cut in half! ugh! I would pursue that lawyer and others too, if that falls through. somehow it just doesn't sound right.

I had severe anemia post c/s too. I even had to have transfusions. it's actually a pretty common complication I'm finding out.

& to you
Mavournin's Avatar Mavournin 07:35 PM 12-06-2004

Oh I'm glad you finally found a lawyer. Keep fighting those doctors!

You and I (I'm Gillian, you probably don't remember) actually met once at a Holistic Moms Network meeting, I remembered your story and when I saw the thread title I wondered if it was you. PM me if you wanna chat.
Breathless Wonder's Avatar Breathless Wonder 07:54 PM 12-06-2004
Oh my!
I'm really, terribly, terribly sorry that this happened to you!
I will be hoping that the doctors, hospital nurses, and other involved staff are held accountable for thier actions/ inactions, that lead to this suffering, and are required to make restitution.

And I will be hoping that you are able to find peace, and heal as wholly as possible, physically and mentally, from this incredibly traumatic and damaging experience!
its_our_family's Avatar its_our_family 04:05 AM 12-07-2004
A friend of mine had the same thing happen. Her babe is 18 months old and she is still struggling some days. She was awake during the c/b )attempted vbac) and she was in a teaching hospital. She heard the ob say to the student, "See thats what happens if you cut too low"

I'm so sorry this happened to you.
JanetF's Avatar JanetF 04:27 AM 12-07-2004
I'm so sorry! And all for an operation you didn't want in the first place. I hope you find some good support IRL and online and keep venting! Your anger must be huge, and rightly so! No one has the right to do that to you.

Keep us updated.
Electra375's Avatar Electra375 07:36 PM 12-07-2004
HUGS and omg!!!

I really hope you find a lawyer who can win this for you. It sounds like medical mal-practice to me. I'm not the only one out there suffering from lack of quality of care. The lack of quality care across this country that has profound impacts on young mothers is beyond the scope of my vocabulary...

Vent you'll feel temporarily better. And when you are up to it, you can become a voice for other woman like you, b/c you are not the only one to be treated so poorly in a hospital having a baby.

I'm lucky, mostly I'm emotionally scarred. My 2nd c/s cleaned up a lot of the mess left after the bad 1st c/s.
Bryan's Mom's Avatar Bryan's Mom 07:41 PM 01-18-2005
What kind of perineal reeducation have you done ? I wonder because you said you are having incontinence ... after my son's birth I saw a midwife who taught me a great method of exercises based on visualisation. Over a few months, I saw her 2x week for 30 min. exercise sessions (during this time she had a few fingers in my vagina to help direct my muscles along with the visualizations). This method really helped me, especially the bladder lifting ones, and other poses for when you sneeze or cough ! There are more than 15 different exercises to learn in all ...
butterflykisses's Avatar butterflykisses 11:33 PM 01-18-2005
I am so sorry you had a bad experience
applejuice's Avatar applejuice 01:17 AM 01-19-2005

Hope you find a good lawyer. No one deserves to be treated like a piece of meat!
Mom2Be2005's Avatar Mom2Be2005 03:07 AM 01-19-2005
I am sorry that you went through that. That is awful and terrifying. I hope this new lawyer gets something done for you.

crazy_eights's Avatar crazy_eights 04:21 AM 01-19-2005
Also an L&D nurse here. I've seen a bladder that got tore to hell in a c/sec but it was an emergent c/sec, a VBAC and her bladder tore from adhessions that had adhered it to the uterus from the prior c/sec. Basically when they tried to seperate it from the uterus to get the baby out, her bladder tore up the back. I'm wondering if something like that happend (without the 'emergent c/sec' part) to you and lawyers don't want to touch it b/c it was something that didn't happen b/c of malpractice, but b/c of prior scar tissue?

All that being said, the no transfusion, etc. makes no sense at all to me. I'm so sorry that you had such a horrible experience and hope that you find the help you need to address your physical issues. Wishing you healing and resolution.
applejuice's Avatar applejuice 10:59 PM 01-22-2005
That makes sense, Mom2Six.
orangebird's Avatar orangebird 09:30 PM 02-02-2005
Another RN here (funny we are all drawn to this, or perhaps there are just alot of RN's on MDC LOL!), I find your story so sad and disturbing. On so many levels. While I don't work in L&D right now, I work in the level 4 NICU, we are called to many deliveries, whenever there is "fetal distress" or mec. So I have been fortunate to see many deliveries lately. I am also in a teaching hospital and boy if it is not a circus in the delivery room. I mean seriously, I am ever amazed how many people they can fit in the rooms. The last two forceps deliveries I went to it was residents trying for the first time and the person helping them wasn't experienced herself (you know, watch one, do one, teach one.... ) anyway, it was ugly. I try not to let my face give away my disgust every time as I don't want the rest of the family or the mom to worry by the look on my face but it is yuck.

As far as the on call being 30 minutes away, well, they should be but having dated residents in my formative years I can say sometimes they don't meet the mark. Whether it be wait for the damned waitress to hurry with the bill so he can get the heck out of there or unexpected traffic. Or if it were my hospital I would say finding parking, urgh. Finding parking. But anyway, it sucks bad everything worked out the way it did and I hope that lawer helps you and I think you should vent all you need. What happenned was wrong and you shouldn't be sorry. And what the heck were they doing letting you walk out of there symptomatic with a hemoglobin of 6? That is like a hematocrit of 18. Freaking low. I'm sorry.
Cherleigh's Avatar Cherleigh 07:57 AM 05-22-2005
I just had my 2nd section on May 8th delivering twin girls. When Dr opened me up, and she picked up the bladder..she said it dissinigrated (sp?)..I dont like that word, cuz it makes it seem like my bladder just disappeared. BUT, it tore due to all the scar tissue I had from my 01 section. She even had problems finding my tubes to tie them up and had to sew my uterus up inside. She was amazed of how much scar tissue I had, but i do remember not healing very well with the 01 section, i was having fevers every nite for about 4 days ..and now we know why. She said even if I delivered vaginally and only one baby, my bladder would have still torn. I am now home but with a catheter, to help heal the bladder. I am looking forward to having it removed on Monday and yet now..cuz I know it's gonna hurt to urinate after its removed.
The urologist that sewed me up, did it in 3 layers and he didnt show up right away either. They had to make an emergency call over hospital speakers "urologist in LD stat..something along those lines". my Dr was wanting one there like yesterday. After the babies came out, I was put under so that I could rest, cuz I was shivering and very cold.

I hope all goes well with you and that you get the help you need
Good luck

Chloe's Avatar Chloe 01:06 PM 05-24-2005
I am so sorry you went through all of that! Hope a lawyer will help!
cathicog's Avatar cathicog 07:14 PM 05-30-2005
shivering and cold is normal after birth in a hospital for 2 reasons...they have the air conditioning up to the max to keep the staff cool,especially 20 people in OR for a twin birth, and 2) the heatmakers (your sweet babies) are no longer there to keep you warm. Also hormonal dropping right after birth can cause that. sorry you had to have a section though....congrats on two!
applejuice's Avatar applejuice 09:15 PM 05-30-2005


jamiejaxmom19's Avatar jamiejaxmom19 06:57 AM 09-25-2013



I had my baby 10 months ago and my bladder was "shredded" due to scar tissue. I have since been experiencing horrible symptoms.

I had a catheter for 3 month post partum, and then during outpatient surgery they removed it. I found this thread by googling shredded bladder from scar tissue! lol


I need to know if you know what was done afterwords for that patient Im desperate and my urologist is at a lost, Im about ready to drive to chicago in hopes of finding a urologist that can help me.