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I suppose I should begin on Tuesday, July 19th where after having my midwife try and strip my mebranes I began to have irregular, non painful contractions that stopped by the time I went to bed.

The next day I went in again only to find out I was already 5 centimeters dialated and my midwife thought for sure I would be having the baby that night. I had regular contractions all day and all evening. Enough so that I called my MIL to come pick up DD so I could concentrate on labor.... not that it was painful but because I really wanted things to pick up.

I labored all evening, not really having any painful contractions but more like still-comfortable-but-wanted-to-breathe-through-them contractions. They also disappeared by the time I went to bed.

So I got up in the morning at 10 am and had a few of the same contractions and talked on the phone to people, updating, etc. I got ready to go to see my midwife to get yet another membrane sweep then went to update people online at about 11 am. I had a few mild contractions while I sat at my computer and at about 11:20 I was having the same mild contraction and I suddenly felt something "pop" in my lower abdomen. It wasn't my water as nothing came out but suddenly the contraction switched from uncomfortable to PAINFUL. I was like WTF??

So I get up and have another one withing 2 minutes and it HURT. BAD. I was standing over my kitchen counter and I felt nauseous and I thought "uh oh" this feels like transition but nooooo it can't be it JUST started to hurt.

I had one or two more contractions close together and suddenly during the contraction I kind of felt "pushy". I decided I needed to call my midwife. I called her and told her I felt nauseous and pushy and she said "oh ok, I guess I'll come down and check you but if you feel like you need to push call 911!". The contractions were almost back to back at this point. I hung up and my other midwife called to see if she needed to book me a prenatal assessment since the baby was late. I informed her no and that I was currently dying and had to go. I handed the phone to DH as a contraction came and yelled at him to rub my back.

I called my friend Andrea and my mom after each contraction to tell them it was time. I had to hang up on both of them because when a contraction ended I dialed a number, had enough time to say leave now I think I'm going to push, oh god I have to go. LOL

I swayed over the large speaker in our living room thinking this is absolutely horrible, I can't do this, it hurts so bad. I kept saying "no, no, no" and moaning and swaying while Shawn rubbed my back. I was so overwhelmed by how quick things were going and I had "planned" a labor where I would gradually get to the painful part. :LOL

I had been telling DH to fill the pool but then when he started I yelled at him that there was no time and to fill the bathtub NOW. I kept saying Oh God Shawn the baby is coming NOW. He seemed so calm but later told me he was FREAKING. Hehe.

So I go into the bathroom... I had called the midwife at 11:32am. I am having contractions back to back... maybe a 20 second break in between, and I can feel something up there wanting to get out... SUCH a scary feeling after having an epidural birth. And I say scary because I can't think of the right word to describe how I was feeling. I think I was in shock. I was panicking inside but now that I look back I was so calm and just moaning and saying nooooooooooo LOL.

Shawn ran to get me a different shirt and I ripped off my clothes and I put the tank top on and was SO scared to get in the tub because I knew what I had to do in there.

The midwife had not yet arrived and I got in the tub and instinctively got on my hands and knees. I yelled to shawn Oh god the baby is coming out as I was unintentionally pushing. My body was pushing on its own and the primal sounds coming out of my mouth were quite interresting, LOL.

Shawn tried to touch my butt and look under me but I told him not to touch me since he kind of pulled at my skin and the baby was already stretching me enough. I started crying and told Shawn I just wanted a little break. I needed it to stop for a little while. It was so intense.

My eyes were closed and I screamed at him to call 911 because Chandra (midwife) wasn't there yet.

Suddenly I hear "She needs you NOW!" and I hear footsteps and a big bang (as she threw her supplies on the floor) I felt my water break and I yelled "the baby is coming ouuuuuuut!" I was so scared. I felt the head pop out and then I felt Chandra's hands on me and I moved forward. She told me to spread my legs further and I told her I couldn't even though I did anyway, LOL.

I said "Oh Chandra get it OUT! Please!" She yelled to Shawn to call 911 and then I feel the shoulders slipping out and RELIEF! O.M.G. What a wonderful feeling. She then said to tell the operator nevermind that the midwife had it under control. I asked her if the baby was a boy or girl and she hadn't checked and had already wrapped the baby in a towel.

Genevieve Danielle (we call her Genna) was born at 11:49 am crying beatifully after only 29 minutes of hard labor. She was 8 lbs 13 oz and 20.5 inches long. Perfectly pink and didn't need any suctioning at all. She didn't even touch the water, LOL. I stood up so she could pass the baby through my legs and I held her. I checked to see what we had and voila, another girl!

I layed there while Chandra emptied the tub and gave me a shot of oxytosin so my uterus would do a good job contracting back to size. Shawn cut the cord because Genna was cold and wet and handed her off to her daddy.
I then gave a push and the placenta came out and a gush of blood and I kept asking chandra if everything was ok, was this blood normal, etc. She said everything was perfect. My mom walked in then and later told me it looked like a crime scene in my tub. :LOL

Chandra helped me out and helped me get cleaned up and get dressed and then I went to lay on the couch so she could check me out. I had a tiny tear that didn't require stiches... such a different feeling than having a tear so bad with DD #1 that it took 20 minutes to stitch me up!

So there you have it. A beautiful, intense homebirth after a hospital, epidural birth with DD#1. I have to thank for educating me on homebirth back in May 2004 when I joined here while TTC. I decided immediately that homebirth was for me. And I did it!

Mom to DD1 reading.gif (11) & DD2 shine.gif homebirth.jpg(7) & DS babyboy.gif  h20homebirth.gif (9/10/12)


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Wow, what an amazing story!!! I was laughing and crying..."no no no no no" and the whole feeling of shock you know I can totally relate to...but I am so amazed at how brave you were to have Genna at home! You have to be amazed at how the DHs keep their stuff together watching us give birth, don't you? Wow wow wow. Thanks for sharing!
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About 2 weeks before labor started I had been trying out all kinds of natural induction methods. I tried tinctures, lots of sex, nipple stim, herbal teas, castor oil (don't ever try this), talking to the baby, hot baths, enemas, but my girl was just happy getting chubby in there so she decided to stay until I was 2 days "overdue". A woman that my Mum works with that reads tarot cards told her she had a good feeling that I would go into labor on Sunday (mother's day), so for th first time in weeks, I just relaxed. I didn't even have sex to bring on contractions. I decided that I would go into labor on Sunday and that would be that. So sunday morning things started happening. Nothing intense, but definately different. We called the midwife that evening to let her know that the contractions were not regular,but were sticking around. By the time I went to bed I needed help getting in, and Andy (my husband) propped me up with pillows to make me more comfortable. I remember my sleep being broken by intensifying contractions but somehow never decided it was time to get up.Then at 4:11am I felt (heard maybe?) 2 loud pops, and bolted up in bed. I had a pretty hard contraction then, so I got up to sit on the toilet which I thought would help, but I didn't think it was necessary to wake anyone. The toilet was full of blood and bits of tissue which scared me under the bright light. Another contraction, this time almost unbearable, so I called for Andy. I wasn't really timing them, I just knew they were close. I had been so prepared, but I was so scared. I didn't expect to feel that scared. I wished it was daytime. All of a sudden my sister was packing the car, my husband was dancing me through the contractions and I was singing these weird tribal songs. Mum called the midwife, and somebody shoved a house coat on me, and we were ready to go. If they could just have gotten me down the stairs things would have gone smoother. Instead it took them half an hour to convince me I had to move from our dancing spot which was now slippery and wet, and head for the birth center. Somehow they did, and I yelled and sang and growled all the way there. I tried to keep quiet and "relax" through several contractions and then felt that it was much better just to yell. I was angry. I was so angry at the contractions for not giving me a break, and for everything that was ahead,and for everyone for being so calm,so I yelled it all out. Wer got to the center where I informed Melanie (the midwife) that I needed to poop, but couldn't. I knew there was a chance it could be the baby, but didn't want to hope that it was so close in case I had hours more pain to endure. I tore of my clothes, the bathing suit I had packed seemed like such a riiculous idea by now, and I became the stereotype of a natural birth, grunting, sweating, yelling incoherently, and completely naked. So there she was, right there, and me 10 cm. I got on my hands and knees to push, but Melanie said I had to stop yelling so that all my energy would be in pushing. They moved me into a semi squatting position, and Sally (the doula) put a cold washcloth on my head and gave me water between contractions. Simple things, but so needed. Melanie checked the heartbeat. So low. How did she get down there? Slow...I remember feeling something about 90. Did somebody say that? They helped me out of the bath, and on to the bed where I sucked in oxygen between contractions and batted the mask away when one started. Her heartbeat continued to drop as she turned in my birth canal, and after untold minutes she started to crown. Everything felt so huge. Like I was going to break in half. Something surely had to give to get this baby out. There was burning, and a brief moment when I had to stop pushing before Melanie said "reach down and get your baby". Andy and I pulled her onto my belly, and her head was tilted up toward us. She just gazed up....quiet and peaceful. No more noise. Her cord was still attached while she learned how to breathe, and at some point I cut it, catching my nipple with the scissor handles. Everyone laughed. My family was crying, and Maeve and I were calm. I said "what are you?" and a few minutes later Andy announced she was a girl like we had guessed. She breastfed for about 45 mins and we took our bath together. She weighed in at 8lbs 8 oz. and measured 21 1/2 in. I had a belgian waffle (from IHOP mind you...not exactly gourmet), and we got her dressed to come home. She is now an extremely chubby 2 1/2 mo. old who is learning to laugh.

Thanks for reading! Elaine.
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Originally Posted by MamanFrançaise
Genevieve Danielle (we call her Genna) was born at 11:49 am crying beatifully after only 29 minutes of hard labor. She was 8 lbs 13 oz and 20.5 inches long. Perfectly pink and didn't need any suctioning at all. She didn't even touch the water, LOL. I stood up so she could pass the baby through my legs and I held her. I checked to see what we had and voila, another girl!
29 minutes!

How absolutely incredible! What a beautiful birth story! Congratulations!

: Genna!
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Erika, what a great birth story!!! So, so fast, but you held it together and got through! I'm so glad everything went well, and you and Genevieve are well and healthy! Congratulations again!

EDD 7/29/05

Mama to M (7/05) and S (5/08) my surprise !!!
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