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I had been getting strong belly expansions at night that would be less noticeable during the days. On the 13th of August, I lost a streak of mucus from my plug. It was not much at all but I knew it was a sign birth would be sooner rather than later. Over the next few days I lost more of a less rubber like appearance, it was more runny and snotty like. It was so unlike the first time around with Kyra!

Then along came the night of the 17th of August. Kyra had fallen asleep early in my lap so I got onto an online game with Chris during which I noticed the belly expansions were accompanied by a slight period like ache and pressure. I thought I had to go poo so we got Kyra to bed and I went.

Laid down to feed Kyra back to sleep and was thinking that it was all nothing when I had another one. I e-mailed Kylie a few times and was chatting to Mum on MSN over the possibility I was starting labour. I was about to say goodnight and have a sleep just in case even though it was a bit early at night for me when I felt a pop! And a gush of warm wetness into my undies!

ICK! I yelled for Chris.”Get me a towel! QUICK!” as he ran in. He looked around wildly and said “Where!? Which towel!?” running back and forth from the cupboard and bathroom door. It was pretty funny, I got my dry towel and put it between my legs since I was still feeding Kyra.

Talked to Mum for a bit, emailed Kylie again and then there was a huge outpouring of warm fluid and I yelled for Chris again to get Kyra and went into the bathroom to the shower. It was definitely amniotic fluid, and had the rest of the mucus plug in it, little white streaky pieces and some vernix as well but not much.

The contraction I had in the shower was nothing, not achey like the ones I had lying on my back in bed (yuk, ouch!). It was just an expansion feeling like I had with Kyra. Went back to bed with a fresh towel and got Kyra to sleep then got up to get things ready in case I went into labour.

My mindset was excited but at the same time in denial. It just didn’t seem like labour yet, the belly expansions were long enough apart that I would think it was nothing until I got the next one. Yes, my waters had broken early strangely but many women can go for days with broken waters before going into labour properly.

There was so much to do! Chris called the videotaper guy to warn him he might have to come out that night, put on some laundry and got together sheets, a mattress and started filling the pool. I was helping as well doing stuff here and there in between going to the toilet. All of a sudden I couldn’t help anymore, the belly expansions became so intense that after they were gone I felt so tired all I could do was rest.

It had only been like 10-15 mins since I got out of bed at 9.30pm, thirty minutes after my waters broke. Yup, this was labour I decided then. I started to get concerned since Chris had so much to do and I wanted everything ready NOW so I could enjoy the pool! I told him to call my Mum and get her to help him set up things. He called.

Then he came back to finish the pool. He asked me to see if the walls were strong enough, I was on the mattress right outside the pool so I just moved from a hands/knees position up to lean against the pool wall. The elevated position brought on a two strange contractions one after the other, so intense I was making low groaning noises. Chris went to do the hose and give me some space.

Then barely a few minutes after those two contractions, I got an intense bearing down feeling accompanied by a huge belly expansion. My groaning changed to grunts and I knew I was pushing and was wondering why?? Not already surely! This wasn’t much of a labour! Then it all went away and I had the relief of a rest. The next belly expansion came with a more familiar pushy feeling and I reached between my legs. My vagina was swollen and starting to open up. I backed off the pool side to sit on my legs on the mattress.

Wow! Not already? But yes! Now..! My body was not letting up, in one long bearing down effort I felt the head move down so I half rose off my legs into a semi-kneeling position, leaning forward. It felt so huge compared to Kyra. Suddenly Chris was there his warm hand on my lower back. I could sense his surprise as well at the rapid change in my vocalising and labour that was not quite labour yet!

I was opening up and didn’t find any of it painful at all. The head came out slowly into my hand. Unlike with Kyra, the body wasn’t as effortless, I felt myself open up even more and a large bulk coming down. Chris’s hand was on my back the whole time, a comforting warm presence and I felt like we all were in the right place at the right time and nothing could be more right than this.

With the same bearing down effort, the body was born as well turning inside me at the same time before somersaulting out. It was such a weird feeling! I lowered the baby’s head down to the ground after the body came out in a flip and leaned back to look down between my legs.

I was so calm. Nothing could of drawn my attention away from this little being between my legs. Not breathing yet, but that was ok. My eyes moved from his face to check over his body and out of the corner of my eye Chris was pointing worriedly at the baby’s neck. The cord was wrapped around it. I just turned the baby over to his side and unwrapped the cord which was around three times. I quietly observed Talen was a boy while unwrapping the cord. After the cord was off I rubbed his body and he started crying for a little bit. I turned him onto his side to rub his back and help drain the mucus out of his mouth and nose.

Chris got up as Mum arrived and from there on I was only vaguely aware of Chris and Mum nearby. Mum was trying to talk to me and I was ignoring her hehe not to be rude or anything I was just too connected to my instincts and the baby to be distracted by anything else.

I moved Talen around in some different positions to help with draining and then cuddled him and looked for Chris to help get us comfortable. Chris chose that moment to tell me I had pooped during labour and warned me it was on the sheet nearby. Heh. He seemed to take it all in stride, I think it was so much better this time around with it only being us there, not just for him but for me too.

Mum made some calls and helped out with Kyra who had woken up at that point while Chris called the video guy to let him know it was too late. I was disappointed about that and wish we had just got him to come over and wait. I was disappointed too that Kyra missed the birth since she’s taken so much joy in the birth tapes we’ve shown her. But apart from that I don’t have any regrets other than it happened too fast for me to enjoy labouring along and the sensations of birth. Oh well, there will be more children!

I was feeling uncomfortable so I knelt to see if the placenta would come out. I pushed a little without any contractions to see if it would come out. It resisted, but I felt heavy so I knew it had detached by then. I gave up and laid back down. Kyra came to have a breastfeed with Talen and then I felt REALLY uncomfortable so I got up and pushed slightly over the sieve/bowl and then had a contraction and slight pushing urge so I pushed gently until the placenta came out really slowly and painlessly with a gush of blood. I estimated less than 100ml blood loss from what was in the bowl.

We’re lotus birthing again. The placenta is still in the sieve, airing out (we picked the clots off it and washed it with warm water) and the cord is already starting to dry up. We also weighed Talen the next morning and he came in at 4.2 kilos, which is about 9.3 pounds.

I’ve also had some of the placenta. I waited til the next morning since afterpains the night before were making me nauseous. Boy those were bad, give me labour any day! I had 3 pieces from the maternal side raw and it wasn’t bad at all. It tasted and smelt like the birth/the baby and was ok. After the first piece I noticed the afterpains ease up and after the second piece a few hours later, I noticed my blood flow had noticeably slowed down. I took the last piece just before bed. I have not salted the placenta yet and not sure if I will. Depends on how fast it dries out in the sieve.

I also had energy boosts after eating the placenta. While I didn’t need the cayenne for bleeding or the angelicia to birth the placenta, I decided to start taking the cayenne today to help recovery as well as homeopathic arnica. Recovery seems to be a LOT speedier than with Kyra. I knew I did not tear and sure enough when I showered with salt water to clean up the next evening everything looked good. It was a lot less traumatized looking down there than with Kyra which surprised me because Kyra’s birth was a lot easier than Talen’s.
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What a beautiful story Quickening!! Knowing that your labor was so quick, I really expected something else, probably a good deal of pain and fear. It was so gentle and easy that it shocked me!!

Much congratulations again on the birth of your son, may all the blessings be.

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You sound like an old pro, quickening. I'm impressed how you did that labour like nothin'. Congratulations! He must be beautiful.

Your username sure means something, now doesn't it?
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wow, beautiful story

-zak- Mama to three fantastic sons - 2005, 2007 & 2010 and expecting a daughter February 2012!

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congrats quickening! hope you've been enjoying the babymoon!

Creating Art. Living life on Guam. Sharing my Journey.

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Oh! What a beautiful birth story!!!

Congrats on a sweet baby boy!

Spark and her four firecrackers.
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yay, Quickening! what a great story! welcome earthside, little one.

computergeek2.gif  Spirit Baby Intuitive (and really cool chick)

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Beautiful story, thanks for sharing it!!! Welcome to the world, Talen!
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Congrats... and whew, what a fast birth! Good thing you planned a homebirth anyway.
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What a wonderful story....What a wonderful supporting husband...Welcome to the new baby....

Happy BabyMoon..
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Beautiful story :

Thank you for sharing

Mama to 10 so far:Mother of Joey (23), Dominick (15), Abigail (13), Angelo (10), Mylee (8), Delainey (6), Colton (4), ID girls Dahniella and Nicolette (2 in July), and Baby 10 coming sometime in July 2015.
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