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September 19th, 2006

It's approximately 2:00 am . Dh and I were having a cup of tea when he looks at me and says "How about we go to bed and get this labour going already??" :-)

(I had been having prodromal labour for about a week, and he was getting tired of worrying about whether or not he'd make it home on time when it finally kicked in)

I, of course said yes to his lovely suggestion!

3:00 am, Dh is in the kitchen fixing himself a snack, I'm in the doorway drinking some water when I get an intense rush, I watch the second hand on the clock until it passes. Hmmm, a full minute, not the 20 seconds I'd gotten used to throughout the week. I sit down where I can keep an eye on the clock and start timing. They're coming about 4-5 minutes apart, and lasting a full minute every time. After 4 of them Dh notices that I'm breathing funny (he couldn't see me where I was sitting) and asks if I want something to eat. "I think I'd better" is my response. He brings me some yogurt and watches me breath through the next rush.

"Should we set up in case this is the real thing?" He asks. I nod as I shovel yogurt into my mouth and rock my pelvis in response to another rush. So he goes to get my birth box from the hall closet and Ds's mattress from our room while I sip my water in the three minute breaks I'm getting.

After setting everything up (including the camera, which unfortunately only had 20 min. of tape left and didn't get turned on until after the birth) Dh is back in the kitchen making me my labour drink (fresh squeezed lemon, maple syrup and cayenne pepper) and asks what quantities he's supposed to put in it. I have no idea, since my Mum made it for me at my last birth. I look at the phone, thinking I could call her and ask, but it's about 10 feet away and at this point my rushes are coming so close together I don't think I can get that far between them. "I don't know, just make it yummy" is all I can manage to say. So he did :-)

3:45 am, Dh goes to wake up my MIL in the room she's sharing with Dd. He has to shake her four times, and by then Dd is WIDE awake, LOL. They both come out, Dd is just glowing with excitement, but she stays very calm and comes over to watch me labour while MIL puts around tidying up from Dh's snack and putting on a pot of water to boil. By now I'm standing and leaning on the table pushing down on it and raising myself up on the balls of my feet during my rushes. They are SOOO strong and feel SO !@#% good! I ask for a bowl, although I'm not sure how! and promptly empty my stomach (may I suggest that you NOT eat blueberry yogurt while in labour, blech...) could this be transition??

Dh and MIL are discussing when to wake up Ds as I'm getting pretty vocal during my rushes. He doesn't want to wake him too soon, but he's afraid if they wait too long I'll be loud enough to worry Ds (he's 2 1/2 BTW). I ask them to go wake him as my rushes are right on top each other and I don't think it will take much longer, so MIL goes to wake him. I kept looking at the clock but it never registered in my brain, so I'm a bit fuzzy on the time, I think it was about 4, maybe a bit after.

Dh and Dd are taking turns wiping my face and the back of my neck with a cool cloth. I'm on my knees on the mattress, leaning on a dinning room chair, pushing into it and rocking my pelvis with each rush. At one point Ds came over and climbed in-between the towels next to me. It was really cute, unfortunately he then wanted to fiddle with my hair which I could NOT deal with as it meant leaning my head down so far I had a hard time breathing through my rushes. I ask for the bowl again, is it transition this time?? or maybe still??

My legs are getting so tired I can barely hold myself up, I keep looking over my shoulder at the pillows Dh threw down for me thinking I need to lie down, but every time I think "I don't WANT to lie down, I'll be too uncomfortable!" Finally my tired legs win out and I lie back on the mattress. I have one contraction in this position, and it HURTS!!! Dd helps me position the pillows so I'm propped up into more of a reclining position and I labour like this for a wile. Dh on one side holding my hand, and Dd on the other wiping my brow and holding my labour drink for me. I'm having a strong urge to push, and I bear down and shove against Dh's hand with each rush (DH later told me the angle I was pushing on him was extremely uncomfortable for him, he kept trying to change the way we were holding hands and I wouldn't let him, poor dear)

I'm not sure how long I was in this position for, it seemed like forever at the time, maybe 20 minutes or so? I do know that I was having the most incredible urge to push, and I would start off bearing down with each rush, but for the life of me I COULD NOT PUSH. I rolled onto my left side and had Dh prop my right leg up on a foot stool. I was able to work with my rushes a little more effectively in this position, but I was lying there looking at the chair I had been leaning on before thinking "I wish my legs weren't so tired, I want to be UP!" After only 4 or 5 rushes I finally decided tired legs or not I NEEDED to get up, NOW!

I said something to the effect of "This is so hard, why is it taking so long? Why can’t I push?" At which point Dh looked me straight in the eye and asked "Do you want me to call the Midwife?" I looked straight back at him and contemplated the option while I tried (unsucsessfully) to push with the next rush. "No" I said, "Help me up."

I leaned on the seat of the chair with my forearms with one knee up on the footstool and the other on the edge of the mattress. When the next rush hit I started off slow trying to bear down, it finally seemed to be working so I gave it my all and PUSHED!!! I could finally feel movement, not just pressure, in my birth canal "Baby's coming" I tell every one, and when the next rush came I pushed again. Longer. Harder. POP! Ohhh relief, all that pressure was my bag of water filling my birth canal, maybe now there would be room for baby to come through! My voice started getting screechy, I heard MIL tell Ds that I was singing to the baby and was reminded me to keep my voice pitched low, so I starded doing a deep sing-song-y hum instead, wich help me stay relaxed and focused. I rushed and pushed again, and again, and again, feeling baby move lower, and lower, and lower. Something thick and dark falls onto the mattress below me... is that blood? placenta? I see Dh wipe a bit up and smear it between his fingers, he doesn't say anything so I assume it's nothing serious.(It was meconium, guess what that means?)

To late to do anything now except push anyway. “ Come on baby, that's it, she's coming, here she comes! Come on Baby!"

I feel my baby moving lower, I'm not looking forward to the burning sensation I experienced with Ds and really don't want to tear. "Hold on baby wait, slow down now baby, slow down, wait, wait" I say as I breathe through the next two rushes while I apply counter pressure, letting my perineum stretch slowly in the hopes of avoiding a tear. I feel baby's head start to crown under my hand and look down to watch as I gently bear down with the next rush.

I watch as baby's head is slowly revealed, until I realize what I'm looking at is not a head. Baby heads do not have inch long creases up their sides, that is the crease of a leg folded up against a baby butt. "It's breech" I tell my husband, as first one leg and then most of the butt slide out. Dh reaches out to help me catch and the other leg and body come out with the next contraction. All that’s left to come is one arm and the head, I know it needs to happen quickly and I call out "Don't pull, don't pull, don't pull" as I continue to push as hard as I can without waiting for a contraction. To which my calm Dh replies with an exasperated sounding "I'm not pulling!" as baby slips out of me into our hands.

5:55 am, after barely 3 hours of labour, baby was here. I lift my leg over the cord and roll over to lie back on the cushions. Dh hands me the baby, "It's a boy" he tells me as I take him in my hands. Him? a BOY! I am shocked more by that than the fact that he was breach! LOL

I lay there in bliss for a bit, then got help moving to a comphy chair so I could try to get babe to nurse to help the placenta along. He wasn’t interested at all, he was to busy looking at us all with the wisest look in his eyes, he looked like he had been gathering knowledge since the dawn of time, it was the most amazing thing.

I got a cramp about an hour after he was born and got help with moving to squat over a bowl and deliver the placenta, it came out nice and smooth and all in one piece. My Dh tied of the cord with embroidery thread and Dd and MIL cut it (Dh hasn’t cut a cord because he can’t bring himself to sever the bond between me and out babes) and then I sat back down and finally got to nurse him!

I called my Midwife about an hour after the placenta had been delivered, by the time she got to our place I’d wiped the meconium off Indeo, showered and had a snack and was feeling sooo tired, lol. She weighed and measured him and checked us over…no tears for me!...she told me she thought he looked like a 36 weeker, not 39 +2…he was quite skinny and just covered in vernix…that’s another story though, lol

Indeo Malikai,
Born September 19th @ 5:55 am
5 lb 15 oz
Hight-19 in
Head circ. 13 in

One thing I think is worth mentioning, about my husband asking if I wanted the Midwife called. At the time I thought it was because I was complaining, it just so happens that it was actually because he could see during my contractions when I was laying down that our baby was laying in a partial transverse position. His entire body was off to one side, and sideways as opposed to straight up and down. His entire left butt cheek was a massive bruise from my attempts at pushing him out in that position. Lesson learned…when asked were you want your birth supplies set up, go with your first instinct. I kept seeing my setup next to the dinning room table so I could stand with support, but I opted to put it in the same spot I’d had Ds1 instead. I think the whole Birth would have gone a lot smoother (and baby’s butt wouldn’t have been so bruised) if I had just listened to that initial thought.
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My breech ds's bottom was all bruised up too, but I don't think it was from his position, since he'd been breech the whole time. It could have been from the long pushing stage though (3.5-4 hours)


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Blissed out mama to 3 beautiful boys love.gif LIFE IS GOOD! thumb.gif

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thank you for sharing your story...
i am always so impressed by women's strength and faith in their bodies and babies.
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Woah Mama! - that is a cool birth story! I love that you just went with the flow the whole time - the baby's breech - no worries, just keep pushing. Congratulations to you and to Indeo.
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Congratulations! And welcome Indeo

Missionary, birth-worker, midwifery student
Mama to love.gif DD (9yr), DS luxlove.gif (3yr), & 2twins.gif UC twin DDs (5yr)

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Congratulations! What an awesome story. That is so neat that your older children got to witness you bringing their baby brother into the world. And bravo for having a UC- I hope to have one too someday.
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Thank you so much for sharing this birth story. Amazing and wonderful.
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fantastic story!! Thanks so much for sharing

Mom to Lizzy born May 2007 & expecting Baby#2 June/July 2010
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That was just AWSOME!
Great job moma!!!
I loved your details too
Especially about why your dh doesn't cut the cords...that's so sweet!
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Any misspellings or grammatical errors in the above statement are intentional;
they are placed there for the amusement of those who like to point them out.
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what a great story and wonderful birth!

Happily Married to my : 11 yrs- Mama to wild-eyed monkey boy 7-04, fiery little girl 4-07, and the happy smiley baby that sleeps 11-09!
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