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I am new to posting at MDC but I was a reader/lurker during my pregnancy. It helped me to realize I wasn't crazy or alone in thinking UC thoughts.

We knew we had to prepared for the possibility of an unassisted homebirth since my first labour only lasted 2.5 hours with us only being in the hospital for 40 minutes. Both my Husbsand and I had the feeling right from the start that we would have this baby at home. We bought a homebirth kit and ordered the homebirth registration papers. A UC was what I came to really want after all my research and reading other birth stories.

On October 17, 2006 After walking around the mall and looking at the castor oil and contemplating it. I wasn't yet over due just 3 days to my due date so I said lets go home and try sex first. No argument from DH. So we headed home. Immediately after sex my stomach contracted and didn't seem to want to relax. Eventually it started to relax and contract. None of this was painful so I didn't really pay much attention. It started to seem fairly regular so I started to time them while doing some Sudoku. They were 1-3 minutes apart but still not painful. I figured they would go away on their own. While timing them for 10 minutes. I started getting up and going to the bathroom off and on. I wasn't cleaning my self out it was just some painful gas. Finally I was feeling better but still contracting I was laying on the bed and DH and I heard two pops I felt them at 11:09 pm I was laying on our new bed so DH got me a towel and I stood up but only leaked a bit but as soon as I stood up I was moaning through full blown contrations. less then a min apart. I went to the washroom and saw some blood. I sat on the toilet as I moaned through the contractions. DH asked so were not going the the hospital? Our agreement was that if I felt instinctively that there was something wrong when I went into labour I would agree to go to the hospital. Everything was feeling just as intense as my first labour and painful but in a good way. DH called my mom who lives only a block away. She got there in time to help DH get set up with the water proof mats and things while I laboured on the toilet. When My Mom arrived she came in and just kind of rubbed my head and shoulder comfortingly letting me know she was there and not say anything. Suddenly I said "I'm pushing". Totally involuntarily. I stood up and walked out of the bathroom and onto the waterproof mats on the floor outside the washroom. Mom yells to DH "I see the head". I got on all fours but that hurt so I tried to flip to a squat but another contraction hit and I ended up flat on my back as the baby slipped out. Into my husbands hands at 11:25 pm.

We left him attached to the cord. He started breathing right away except that he didn't cry. We flicked the bottoms of his feet and he squeaked a bit but that was it. He was really pink right away so no worries.

We tried to breastfeed to get the contractions going to get the placenta out. After 20 minutes and my placenta hadn't come out we clamped and cut the cord so I could squat better. I was getting cold because of the water that had come out with his birth. My husband changed the mats and got us warm towels but I was still cold. I think this delayed the placenta from coming out we got Liam wrapped up skin to skin with daddy as i went and sat on the toilet I had to finally clear my bowels and the placenta came out at the same time. Gross. But the placenta didn't come out completely. It was still attached by the membrane. So I had DH look up in our Heart & Hands book to see what to do. I remembered that we weren't supposed to pull but I didn't know what we should do. The book said to gently twist the placenta around to create a rope with the membrane. I twisted a few times and it came free. I didn't have much bleeding compared to what I was expecting. I remember reading not to be afraid of the blood because it was normal to bleed but I was expecting more.

We filled the bath tub and I got in with Liam and he finally got a good first meal. Mom boiled up our bath herbs and poured them in for me. That was great. My husband cleaned up the mats by the bathroom door so we weren't walking on them. He brought me some Rescue Remedy as I was still feeling shaky. He then took Liam again and diapered him and wrapped him in a blanket and put a little hat on him while I got ready to go to bed. I climbed in bed with our little son and just stared at him. My Husband was so wonderful. He brought me a sandwich and some orange juice and I nursed DS as much as he wanted and went to sleep.

I had a Doctors appointment scheduled for the next morning so we took him in and the doc was amazed and not at all critical of us for staying home. She seemed to think that it was wonderful. We saw the female doctor I had started seeing at the beginning of my pregnancy but went on vacation for 2 months. I then started to see a young male doc who dropped me at 38 weeks because I questioned his method of treatment of GBS during Labour. Which made me want to UC even more.

Liam and I got weight and checked out. Liam weighted 7 pounds 4 ounces. We both checked out great. I had a small tear no need for stitches. We took Liam for a blood tests because I was GBS positive. We were told what to watch for if he did get sick but they weren’t concerned.

I am completely amazed at what happened and how wonderful it was. I am amazed even more when I look at him now at 6 months and realize:

"There is nothing more amazing than looking at a plump baby and knowing that the only nutrition this happy little creature has received has come from your own body." - Reason 95 of 101 Reasons to BF Your Child

Non Graphic Photos after the Birth -
Liam's First Meal

Cord Clamping

My Mom

Daddy and Baby

Wife to DH, Mom to my Intact Boys DS1: Born 02 Pain Med Free Hospital Birth, BF'ed for 9 Months, Partially Vax'd DS2: Born 06 via UC, BF'ed 3 years 10 months, and UnVax'd
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Wow what a wonderful birth story. I have never in my life even concidered UC, but yours sounded amazing and empowering!
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Thank you so much for sharing your UC birth story! It is so empowering to hear from women who completely trust their body's ability to bring a baby into the world. I had a hospital birth with my son, but your homebirth story does sound wonderful!
Plus, with such a short labor, what's the point of going in anyway! It must have been amazing to have it go so quickly!: Congrats on a wonderul baby and a wonderful birth!
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That sounds like a dream come true. Really. I envision a birth like that and would be so grateful for it to work that way for me. Thank you for sharing your story with us!

M.Ed. Mama to Chunka (1/07), Beauty (5/09) and Elizabear 3/12): Birth Doula (working toward certification) AAMI Midwifery Student, Advocating with Solace for Mothers & The Birth Survey

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You write really well! I'm not one to read birth stories but yours captured me.

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