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This is the story of Alexander Lewis's birth.

We had planned to have a home birth. But, that plan changed on Thursday at our 41w appointment.
I decided to have my midwife check my cervix at that appointment. When she did so, she did not feel the baby's head. So, she sent us to get an ultrasound to see what position our baby was in. The ultrasound confirmed that our baby had turned breech. The midwife asked the doctor about doing an external version, but he said that it was too late in my pregnancy to try that. I went to the chiroproactor on Friday morning to see if that would help. Unfortunately, one visit was not enough to turn the him.

Friday afternoon my mom and sister got here. They went with us to our pre-op appointment at the hospital. It went well, though none of the people we met would be taking care of me for the surgery. The c-section got scheduled for Tuesday. I was to be the third one of the day. That meant late morning or, more likely, early afternoon. I was dreading not being able to eat for so long, as well as all the waiting we would have to do.

Sunday evening my husband, J, and I decided to play a game of Upwords. Around 6:30pm, and part way into the game, I started feeling uncomfortable. I assumed that it was from sitting on a hard chair and having a baby foot pushing on my cervix. After about 15 minutes of that, I decided to go lay down and see if I could get more comfortable. J joined me and we laid in bed doing Cross Sums. It didn't long for me to realize that the uncomfortable feeling was coming and going at fairly regular intervals of every 3-4 minutes. I told J, but said not to get his hopes up.

I waited a few more minutes, but quickly realized that I was most likely in labor. J let Mom and Sis know what was going on and called the hospital. He also got the number for our doula, so that I could call her as well. At this point, I was not too uncomfortable and was not quite ready to go. I was afraid it was a false alarm and we would be sent home. But, the hosital said to come on in. I decided to take a shower first and finish getting my bag packed. By the time I got out of the shower, the contractions were more like 2-3 minutes apart. I was getting more uncomfortable and couldn't walk or talk as well through the contractions.

We got to the hospital around 8:45pm. I was taken to a small room for them to take vitals and monitor the baby and contractions. They wanted to be sure it was labor before admitting me. The room was so hot and rather crowded with J, Mom, Sis, and Doula. I was on a hard exam table with the monitors attached to me. By this time, I was in real pain with each contraction. I was so thankful to my doula for being there and coaching me through them.

At about 9:15pm, a doctor came in to check me. She announced that I was already 6cm dilated and had a bulging bag of water! That set everything into motion. I was tokd that they were going to take me to a recovery room to prep me for surgery. A couple minutes later, they brought in a gurney and told me we were going to go straight to the OR. I was given a shot of Terbutaline to slow my contractions as they were now lasting longer and coming closer together.

I was taken to the OR by myself. J was not allowed to join me until I was all prepped and ready. I had to sit on the edge of the bed for what seemed like forever while they did everything. Thankfully, there was a wonderful nurse who stayed right with me. She explained everything that was going on and helped me through contractions.

I was finally ready and they let J in. He brought in a favorite CD with him to play during the birth.

I never realized that they had even started the surgery until I heard the doctor say they had a foot. J stood up to see our baby born. It was 10:32pm. He was able to announce that it was a boy! He then went with our son to the warming table where he got wiped off and wrapped up. He weighed 8lbs 13oz and was 20.5" long. He was then immediately passed to J who brought him over to me. The two of them were able to sit next to me the whole time that I was being stitched up.

I shook uncontrollably for most of the surgery. I was so thankful for J being there to talk to me and the anesthesiologist who got me a warm blanket. I hadn't even realized that I was cold until he covered me up. It seemed to take forever, once again, for the doctors to do their thing. But finally, it was over.

I was transferred back to a gurney. J handed me our son. It was policy that he either ride with me or in the baby crib. I was so thankful to finally hold my son. We met Mom, Sis, and our doula outside the OR. They followed us up to the recovery room. I was able to spend time with my son there. I got him latched on and nursing very quickly. It was wonderful.

The nurse with us was the same nice one from the OR. She gave us some space for a while and let us bond. After about an hour, she did the exam on the baby and paperwork for me. Then we were ready to go to our regular room. Mom and Sis left at that point. Our doula stayed to help us get settled in for the night.

We were finally alone as a new family at about 2am. It had been a long night, but we now had a healthy and beautiful baby boy. It was not the birth that we had planned, but it turned out for the best. We were told that Alexander had had the cord wrapped around his neck 3 times. That is most likely why he was breech.
I am thankful to have my beautiful and healthy son.
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Congratulations on such a beautiful baby boy. I'm sure he's perfect!
I'm sorry your plans got changed.
But, I'm REALLY excited that you have a beautiful little boy to cuddle and love.
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Congrats on the new arrival and glad to hear he's so healthy!

Eternal Companion to DH , Homeschooling mama to DS 05/04 , DS 11/05 , DD 12/07 , DS 07/10 and one on the way: June 2015!
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Becca, you are One. Tough. Mama. I am so glad that Xander arrived happy and healthy . You had so many of your plans change - how are you doing? . We all know that the most important thing is that every one is safe and healthy, but I know you must be mourning your change in plans. That's the one constant in the road of parenthood, huh?

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us - I loved reading it, and I couldn't believe how excited I was when he started coming "early". I was thankful that the surgery itself wasn't painful - it's so hard for me to believe that it isn't excrutiating. As I said, you are a tough chick. Give that Baby Bear a kiss from all the NMY
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Sorry things didn't go at all as you hopped but so glad to hear you have a beautiful healthy baby boy!
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