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Lizzardbits's Avatar Lizzardbits 05:40 AM 10-06-2007
A little late in the congratulations, but better late than never! I love this wonderful birthstory! Congrats and God bless you and your family!

columbusmomma's Avatar columbusmomma 02:01 AM 10-07-2007
Congrats Momma! What a beautiful story and beautiful family! You are truly blessed!:
Heylove's Avatar Heylove 04:21 AM 10-07-2007
I loved your story!

During my last few labors, I also always felt that my contractions were not close enough, strong enough, etc... BUT it always turned out to be a "productive" labor. I also came to realize that my contractions would be irregular (in timing) but I would have one less strong one, then a long break, then a very strong and hard contraction! I remember thinking during my last birth "oh no, not a long break! that means the next one is going to HURT!"

Congratulations, Mama. You must be in heaven with those two babies! I can't imagine!!
Isfahel's Avatar Isfahel 08:05 PM 10-18-2007
What a lovely birth! Congrats on your two beautiful girls.
StacieM's Avatar StacieM 09:06 PM 10-18-2007
What a great birth story! The girls are soooo sweet!
OGirlieMama's Avatar OGirlieMama 02:10 PM 10-23-2007
Wow! I can hardly imagine a twin birth more different than my own. I'm so happy for you and your family!
Himom's Avatar Himom 01:15 AM 10-25-2007
The babies are so adorable... Congratulations !!! Thanks for sharing your story...
SoCaliMommy's Avatar SoCaliMommy 01:42 AM 11-04-2007

Congrats what a beautiful birth story. They are beautiful

ericswifey27's Avatar ericswifey27 06:46 AM 11-05-2007
Beautiful birth pictures! I'm lovin all these twin adventures on the boards atm
crayon's Avatar crayon 12:34 AM 11-08-2007
Oh congrats! I am loving the pic of the girls touching noses! And I think the picture of Miriam borin the the caul is AMAZING! I think it is one of the best birth pictures I have seen- with the fluid in mid air and you and your husband both touching her- it is amazing!!!
redhotmama's Avatar redhotmama 12:12 PM 11-29-2007
I loved your birth story!
Michelle*'s Avatar Michelle* 03:38 PM 12-10-2007
Gorgeous girls and wonderful story. Thanks for sharing!

jul511riv's Avatar jul511riv 07:19 AM 01-02-2008

job well done mama!
feebeeglee's Avatar feebeeglee 07:23 PM 01-08-2008
so perfect! they are just beautiful.
gwerydd's Avatar gwerydd 07:32 PM 01-08-2008
those pictures are just amazing.
citrus reticulata's Avatar citrus reticulata 01:20 AM 01-22-2008
thanks so much for posting this. what a beautiful, inspiring story, and i love the update with the picture. they are absolutely gorgeous! congratulations.
momoftworedheads's Avatar momoftworedheads 02:33 PM 01-29-2008
What an awesome story! My Mom-Mom and her sister were identical twins and also had their own amniotic sacs. The older one was born in her sac.

I thought the looked identical in the 3 day picture. Too cute!!
blue_bug's Avatar blue_bug 07:10 PM 01-29-2008
awww, CONGRATS!!!! they are beautiful, and what a great story too!
JennP's Avatar JennP 06:11 PM 01-31-2008
Wow what an insipring story. Congratulations
tangozulu's Avatar tangozulu 09:24 PM 02-19-2008
I know this is REALLY late, but what a beautiful birth story! Congratulations on your beautiful family!
peacefullone's Avatar peacefullone 08:54 PM 02-23-2008
I just wanted to say that your story is so beautiful...thanks for sharing.
lynnia manis's Avatar lynnia manis 01:18 AM 03-04-2008
What beautiful babies, and you too mama..........it's so amazing that we CAN birth, just many choose not to believe that.:.......your story will be an inspiration to all who read it.........PEACEand many happy days ahead:
~Megan~'s Avatar ~Megan~ 11:33 PM 03-17-2008
that's a wonderful story! Thanks so much for sharing it. While the thought of twins scares me terribly the birth sounds wonderful.
njbeachgirl's Avatar njbeachgirl 05:24 PM 03-28-2008
This was such an amazing story! Very inspiring. The girls are gorgeous. You look so calm in all your birthing pictures
mommy68's Avatar mommy68 08:50 AM 08-19-2008
I just had to post. I saw the link in your siggie in another thread.

I always figured twins these days are delivered via c-section. What a wonderful story of you having an unassisted birth with twins! I enjoyed reading. My grandmother had two sets of twins many years ago and no epidural back then. I imagine she went through something similar.
kobee's Avatar kobee 02:14 AM 09-30-2008
beautiful story!
thanks for including great photos and for the update!
such a sweet family!
kayleesmom's Avatar kayleesmom 12:59 AM 10-04-2008
congrats on a great birth
JessasMilkMama's Avatar JessasMilkMama 05:36 PM 10-05-2008
That is beautiful, the "in the caul" pic almost made me tear up. How great that you captured those exciting moments! CONGRATS and they are so beautiful now!!
MamaRabbit's Avatar MamaRabbit 03:44 AM 10-06-2008
The caul pic is my most favorite of all the twin birth pics. And we almost didn't get it. My friend was taking pictures, had never seen a real birth, didn't know what to take and not to take pictures of and I just told her to do whatever. The flash only worked during 60% of those key moments and this one we just totally got lucky with!
HippieHugger's Avatar HippieHugger 11:47 PM 10-21-2008
Just beautiful! Thank you for sharing.
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