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I guess we should start way back. I found out I was having twins in December and was promptly dumped by my midwife. I was heartbroken. I really wanted to have a nice relaxing birth center birth and now I was facing a probable cesarean. I transfered my care to my old OB/GYN in hopes of a vaginal delivery. She wasn't much better. She said I could deliver vaginally if both babies were vertex. I worked on her and eventually she agreed to "allow" me to deliver vaginally if baby a was vertex and baby B was not footling breech, but I would have a very medicalized birth in the OR with an epidural just in case, an IV in place and continuous EFM. I was not happy with this and decided to take matters into my own hands.

We decided to UC. I would continue my care and have an "oops" homebirth. My daughters were identical and shared a placenta so I felt it was important to continue having ultrasounds JIC they developed Twin to Twin Transfusion syndrome. My girls turned from vertex/vertex to breech/vertex at 30 weeks. Finally at 32 weeks I tried to talk to the Dr about a birth plan and she not only ignored me, but she threatened to call the hospital lawyer and social worker on me if I refused any procedure. That was the last straw and I switched my care.

I started seeing another midwife practice. They were able to work with their on call Drs and arrange to attend me for a twin A breech delivery. I still planned a UC, but at least I had an acceptable backup if something happened.

At 36 weeks I started having prodromal labor. I was very uncomfortable but excited that the time was getting near. At 38+ weeks I went into labor. I was sick and crampy the day before and then at 3am I woke to hard contractions every 2 min lasting a minute each. It was hard to find a comfortable position even in the pool. I labored for 8 hours and eventually it petered out. I had not dilated or effaced at all.

My appts with the midwives really started picking up. My blood pressure became very high and I was spilling protein in my urine. I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia. Since the girls were still thriving on their tests we decided to wait it out. Finally on July 21st I started getting a bad headache. I went to the hospital.

While I was in there I started contracting every 4-5 min. The midwife checked me and I was still 0% effaced and dilated. My contractions were hard and regular although lighter then the ones I had the previous Tuesday. She said if this is what they were like before then there might be some reason the baby couldn't get down to dilate me, because this was definitely labor. We did an ultrasound and baby A was still breech and low, but not presenting. I think she was actually laying with her back down and thus stuck unable to descend. My BP was getting worse and my labs were too. The Dr recommended that with the added risk of the worsening pre-eclampsia that we do a c-section, but it was up to me. There was really no reason to augment the labor as it was obviously going fine on it's own and they were concerned that something was up that kept baby A from dropping. I decided to have the c-section.

We planned to have it at 8am so that there would be a fresh staff on hand for the surgery. They decided to try my bp again and it had risen sharply. We then pushed the surgery up to asap. Once both on call Drs were available (one had to attend another mother) we prepped and got into the OR.

The Surgery was actually not what I thought. They left my arms free to touch and hold my girls, and they even let my partner take pictures of them being delivered. There was something peaceful about surrendering to what fate had planned for me and the Drs, midwives and nurses were all extremely respectful of me and the process. I had a strong spinal and only felt my belly being jiggled, but nothing more. Baby A, Fiona Ivy was born at 5:15am. Her apgars were 9/9, she was 6lbs 7oz and 20 inches long (although my ped has her at 20.5... so we're using that measurement). Baby B, Willow Aria was born at 5:16am. Her apgars were 9/9, she was 6lbs 10oz and 20 inches long (Pedi says she's 21 inches though). I had no problems with bleeding and all in all the surgery went perfectly.

I'm not as upset about the loss of my UC as I thought I would be. I prepared myself for the possibility of surgical birth and I think that helped. I know that I did everything possible and that my babies and body had other plans. Recovery has been very easy and they are breastfeeding beautifully. I'm still waiting to hear the dr's report and see why it was that the baby wouldn't decend. I'm glad I followed my instincts even if they led me to the OR.

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Congratulations on your healthy babies! I know that preeclampsia is very scary, having had it myself. Glad to hear that the c-section went well and that you got good care, were treated with respect, and feel at peace with the experience. Enjoy your babies! I love the names.
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Congrats mama, and I know it probably wasnt' easy to make that decision, but it sounds like the right one at the time, and I love your girls' names! I am glad nursing is going well. Please let us know, if you find out, what prevented the first baby from descending. That would be interesting to know... Hugs to you and happy babymoon.
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Congrats on your beautiful daughters I understand how difficult it is to make that decision and dismiss everything that you had wanted in your birthplan and move on to have a healthy child(ren).

S & Y and 2 DS... H (7) and K (3) and a September 2015 baby!
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Congratulations on your twins, mama!

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Congrats on your babies. And I am so glad that things went so smoothly for you. I had a very similar thing happen with my Aurora. We were planning a UC and after 12 hours of labor (after labor had happened a couple of times for 12 hour chunks) she got stuck and its like you said the baby and my body had other plans and it was a c-section. I love your daughter's names. Good luck!
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Congratulations on those precious little ones!

Wife of one and mom of five, including my HBAC twins!
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I'm glad everyone is recovering beautifully. Congrats on your new little bundles of cuteness!

Eternal Companion to DH , Homeschooling mama to DS 05/04 , DS 11/05 , DD 12/07 , DS 07/10 and one on the way: June 2015!
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What beautiful names! Sounds like you made the right choices for your situation. Congratulations!
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Congrats on your twin girls! I am so glad to hear you are at peace with your birth experience.
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Congrats mamma, good to hear a happy ending!

Non Practicing Midwife, going back to school! Mamma to my 3 loves, living each day to the fullest.
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Congrats on your new babies!

It sounds like this c/s was truly medically necessary.

Ruth, single mommy to Leah, 20, Hannah, 19, and Jack, 13(homeschooled)
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Congrats on your little girls, mama!

write@home mama to big boy (04-06) and little boy (10-08)
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Many congratulations, hun. And while your birth wasn't what you initially wished for, I'm really glad things worked out as well as they did.

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Congrats on the births! I'm sorry you didn't get to UC and had a C-section instead, but glad your babies are healthy at least! Hope you have a quick recovery too!

Geez, I tell you some docs think they are God, don't they? I can't believe that OB threatened to sic lawyers on you...

Glad you are doing okay too!

Circ doesn't work! Stop the violence of circumcison. Had another UP/UC/HB in August!
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