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Usually I'm a procrastinator about everything...actually I always am, but this time I have an excuse, ha ha!

Ok, let's see...well as you can see with my signature DH and I were planning a UC HB with our first baby. Midwife was out of the question due to finances right now. I did do the prenatal care with him so I'd have an idea if there was something wrong and needed to be born in a hospital. I was hoping that he wouldn't need to be born there of course! I had had pre term labor when he was 26 weeks, but they stopped the labor, which I think was brought on by dehydration and not eating enough, rushing around, etc. :

I had been having fake labor pains on and off for the past 2 days before the real event. On Wednesday the 24th DH wakes me up in the morning to tell me he's going into town for supplies, getting food, water for the water tank, etc. As soon as he left at 9 am, I start getting crampy. I figure, no big deal, probably another false alarm. They weren't very bad at first, but wouldn't go away. I sort of sensed that this is the real thing, so I started cleaning the floors, the bath tub, etc. The huge kiddie pool that I had bought (5 feet x 6 feet) was only half way blown up...we were using a hair dryer to do it, but we had stopped for some reason the night before. In retrospect, the low water pressure in our house would have made it impossible to fill up in time. Go figure! :

After awhile, the cramps were getting a bit too much for me. I couldn't walk around and get the hot water on the stove, so I couldn't drink my red raspberry leaf tea when I wanted it...which was NOW! I started getting mad because DH wasn't there, but I had called him and left a message at the other shack telling him to get home...NOW.

When I hit the second stage, I started filling the bath tub, because I knew there was no way the pool would get filled in time. DH got home during this time, because I remember he told me he could hear me bellowing from outside. Once he came in, I told him to get the water on the stove to boil the string and the knife for the cord, and water for the tub in case the hot water gave out. He was timing my contractions which were coming pretty quickly, I think they started coming in at about 3 minutes apart. He got the tea for me and it started to steep for awhile. I drank some of it but couldn't finish it all, since the ctx were pretty close to eachother. Lucky for me I had a barf bucket near the tub because I used it to give back the tea which I drank.

Third stage came around 3 ish...can't really remember exactly. I had the tub totally full, God it was SO SMALL! I had a chair that I was leaning on, and was sitting/squatting in the tub as much as I could. I tried laying on my butt but that felt wrong, so I got into the squat position. The third stage was the shortest, but was PAINFUL. Like taking the WORST dump of your life...I felt like I had eaten 30 lbs of concrete and it was coming out in a solid lump. DH said I told him to 'get the heck out' because he was standing around and I guess I didn't want an audience (i don't remember this though)
I don't think I EVER hated anyone more in my life than the tub manufacturer who designed the water stinginess system. I cursed and swore at them, creating a black cloud of negative energy that is probably following them right now.
The tub was full and it still didn't reach my lower back (but I was squatting and had some towels in the bottom, better than nothing). I was SOOO uncomfortable and I got up, like I was going to get out to give birth elsewhere, like on the comfy tile floor. I couldn't stand being in that position anymore!

When I started to stand up, I immediately went back down, because I felt something bulge out. I reached down and felt, at first I thought it was the head because I was also in the pushing stage at this time. I was in total pain and was feeling down there, I could feel the head but the sac hadn't broken. I had my fingers too close in my labia (at the top part of the vagina, that's the labia, right?) and I was trying to stretch that during a ctx up there (which I should have NOT done) and I tore up there because my finger was there. I didn't realize it at the time, but after he was born I sure knew it! I broke the sac with my fingers, and tried stretching the perineum instead. I did not tear anywhere else, thanks to the water!

DH was not in the same room, he was keeping track of the ctx. I was really bellowing and screaming now, I had a rag that I would bite down on (later it felt like my teeth were rearranged) and I was grabbing the chair during the ctx. I kept breathing and when the urge to push came I tried helping it along by pushing as well. I 'knew' to hold back, I took some short quick breaths through the last few contractions, then I pushed and I could feel the head come out, then the next push he was out all the way, and I grabbed him and lifted him out of the water and STOOD UP..GOD THAT TUB WAS SO HORRIBLE, ha ha! DH said I told him, 'He's out", and DH came into the room from where he had been writing down the ctx times. DH was amazed, he didn't think he was going to be there already! Jarrod was fairly pink, a tiny bit purple, and cried immediately. I saw a little bit of vernix in the water, but no meconium. His head was fine, no dings or marks at all.

I turned him on his side to make sure he could cough out any fluid, and he seemed to be breathing fine. I got out of the tub and DH helped me to the bed, cord dangling down between my knees. Tub was really bloody. We wrapped up Jarrod in a blanket and let the cord pulse and go limp. We didn't cut it for 4 hours, I don't remember much else after that, but I did take some pictures of him. The problem was, the placenta wasn't coming out. We finally tied off the cord in two places with very thin crochet thread (I was going to make a doily), and cut it with a knife that had been boiled for 10 minutes. While DH held the baby, I tried getting the placenta to come out. I went to the toilet and kept massaging my nips and letting him breastfeed (I got him to latch almost immediately after birth, as soon as we got out of the tub, so he didn't have a problem with that). I kept nursing him, I would get cramps but nothing else. It was getting irritating, because I had this long cord sticking out down there. I didn't feel too bad otherwise. Finally after 5 or so hours, I sat on the toilet and started stimulating both nipples (in stereo). I kept at it for I don't know how long, and the placenta started coming out. That is also when I noticed that I had torn where my labia was at...OUCH!!! The placenta came out, and then stopped! I couldn't figure that out at first, it was out, but not quite. Like it was hanging by something! After trying to get it to detach, and getting sick of sitting on the toilet, I couldn't stand it anymore. I got a plastic container and sat on a towel on the floor, with this placenta sticking out of my twat. : I was soooo tired and just wanted to sleep with the baby and DH. Finally, I got a paper towel and wiped away some blood clots from where the end of the placenta was coming out of my vagina. It looked like a sinewy sort of membrane, before I saw this i thought maybe my uterus had prolapsed. I decided that something had to be done. I tried gently pulling on it, but didn't want to hemorrhage or anything. I then told DH that I'm going to cut it. I cut as close to myself as I could, put the placenta in a bucket and came downstairs to the computer. I posted my question here about the placenta, and started researching. WHY is it always the thing that you don't research that you need info on? I got some quick replies here, then went upstairs. I told DH that if there still is a piece of the placenta, that that is 'bad' and I'd have to go to the hospital. BUT, I wasn't bleeding much. It turned out to be the membrane, btw.

We took Jarrod to the ER 3 days after he was born (because my mom was freaking out because we did this at home...I never told her we planned this, and she still doesn't know). Yeah, he's totally FINE, no problems, but we have to take him to a germ ridden hospital! > So, we go to the hospital, apparently they never 'had a case' like this before. Yeah, I KNOW...anyone who HB's does it for a reason, to stay out of hospitals with their unnecessary interventions and wicked staph germs, etc.

Before taking DS to the hospital, I had called up where I had my
prenatal care done and asked for advice (since we didn't have a ped), they advised us that there was a ped on call at the hospital.

When we got there, they took DS's vitals, etc. Then they take us to a room where they leave the door cracked. We were waiting about 45 minutes for someone to come, and some 'doctor' comes in, along with an office person (maybe he needs a witness?). They guy did NOT seem like a doctor at ALL. He was behaving very weirdly, like he didn't introduce himself, he just had a lab coat on, not a doctors coat (with the embroidered name, stuff like that). He did not sound educated in the least. My DH and I both thought to ourselves, "How did HE get into med school??"

He didn't even check out my son, and he starts out by saying 'We live in a free country'. WHAT?? What the heck does that mean? He then acts like a total JERK, as if we were somehow suspect for taking our son in. Did he think we were druggies or something?!? I swear, that's what he thought. He was NOT a doctor, he was more like a security guard or a cop IMPERSONATING a doctor.

Why would my husband think this? The 'doctor' (cop) was taking down demographic information (NOT a doctors duty, eh?), and my husband was questioning this guy. As SOON as he found out that DS was born in another county, he said, "That's not my jurisdiction" and LEFT!! Yeah, a doctor, huh? He didn't even LOOK at DS. IF he was a 'doctor' you would think he would examine my son, right? Not only that, but he was trying to 'scare me' into admitting DS and myself to the hospital, which we didn't want to do. He said something about 'dead baby', or some such crap!

I asked the 'doctor' what tests they would run on DS, and he had NO idea! Then we said that the nurse who told us to come to the hospital said they had a ped 'on call'. The 'doctor' (cop) kept giving us the runaround, saying that they did, but they weren't there and wouldn't be until the morning. Doesn't 'on call' mean that they can call them to come in?

Once the fake doc left, they sent in 2 residents to check our son out, who were real, although the first year resident almost retracted him, lucky I caught her as she started to do it and knocked her hands away.I told her that she shouldn't retract an intact boy...geez what do they teach them in school.

I guess they figured out we weren't crackheads or anything. We were ready to leave at one point, as the2nd year resident said she had to answer a page. We waited there for another hour and were going to leave when she came back. They didn't try to get us to stay once it was obvious there was nothing wrong with the baby, and that we weren't hopped up on anything. We think they were eavesdropping on us too, as they would always keep the door cracked about a foot. Boy were we glad to get out of there!

Still haven't gotten a BC, I've called 2 vital stat offices, one in harrisburg and the other in newcastle pa, they don't call you back! Oh well. We did have him get the Vit K shot and the heel stick, but that was it. They said they would send the results to some doctor at the hospital, they gave me his name but that was it.

Anyway, that is my story for now, might edit it later, but Jarrod's calling my name, so gotta go.

Thank you EVERYONE for your advice and help, I could NOT have done this without you! Will write later, thanks again!!

some pictures of the birthday boy:
Coincidentally, DH grabbed a onesie for him, with a little pig on it, and he was born in the "Year of the Pig", supposed to be very lucky with with the Chinese zodiac!

Circ doesn't work! Stop the violence of circumcison. Had another UP/UC/HB in August!
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Congratulations mama! Enjoy your new little boy. I love his name.

I remember reading your post about the placenta... so it was amniotic sac that was stuck? Did it have to be removed at the ER?

write@home mama to big boy (04-06) and little boy (10-08)
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to all of you!
BTW, they should have done the BC stuff while you were there! Would have saved you a lot of crap with the vital stats people. But sounds familiar. They kept DS in for 2 days b/c I was GBS+ but I'm not kidding--I had to remind them TEN times and DH did a couple too, that we had to fill out BC stuff! I figured if they were forcing DS to stay, we might as well get something good out of them, especially since besides that, we just got stuck with a CPS visit and open case for 2 months and medical bills for crap we didn't need or want! But you'll have this... And those bills still aren't paid. I don't think those people are any hungrier than I am though!

So glad you had a good birth! And give Jarrod a kiss from me and baby Aaron!
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Yeah, Tammy!

It warms my heart to think of you, your DH, and your little Jarod. Thanks for sharing your story.

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Congratulations Tammy!

I remember reading about your placenta- I'm glad everything ended up working out.

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Congrats, thanks for sharing! And cute little guy

Midwife and mama in the Valley of the Sun
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