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To Mariah Naomi Woellert! Born at 3am on August 9th 8 lbs 3 oz and 21 inches long.

After having these really sharp, intense contractions that seemed to just pop up one or 2 at a time very haphazardly whenever they pleased for about 3 weeks, I woke up at 12:30 am thursday morning and realized that this was the third time in the past half hour I had been disturbed enough to actually wake up. After moving around a little, changing positions and trying to get more comfortable I decided that this wasn't making the contractions any less intense and they seemed to be coming every 5-10 minutes. still not really "regular" by most "professional's" standards but they were very obviously not going away, and were intense & sharp enough that I knew they meant business.

So I woke up Matt and said "Hey, I don't think you're going to work today!" And he stumbled out of bed like the bed was on fire and went straight to the bathroom without saying a word. By the time he got back, he was a little more composed and asked if we should get out the pool. I said to wait just a little more to be sure that this wasn't going to stop and so we got up and walked around a little trying to find all the fittings for the air compressor to which we could only find half, so we found a bicycle pump instead, and taped up the leaking hose on it an dmoved the kids bed over to the side of the room so we would have space for the pool.

By the time we were finished with that we figured tonight was the night and so Matt started blowing up the pool and I made a cup of nettle tea. Mom, sis and lil bro were asleep upstairs, steven (my oldest bro) wasn't home yet (he is the only other one who's room is in the basement.) and neither was Dad. Well, dad came in at about 1:15 or so while we were getting the pool ready and I was leaning up against the wall through a contraction and he stopped and went " oh boy...." and I saw him and said "don't you dare tell mom!" Then he really wasn't sure what to do poor guy because he couldn't go upstairs and pretend he didn't know, but he was afraid to stay down here with us while we had a baby, so he decided to help us get the pool up and then he went over to sleep on the couch across the basement (not in our room) just in case we needed help with the other kids later on.

Matt got the hose out and started filling up the pool and I opened up the birth kit to lay out anything we might need to be able to get to fast like a few chux pads, the bulb syringe, a baby towel and a mommy towel, the phone number and directions to the ER, & the doppler. I put a waterproof cover on the bed and made it up to be ready to get into afterwards. By 2:00am the pool was ready and I was soooo ready to get in so I shut the door and got in the pool right about the time Steven got home. Matt went out to tell him what was going on as we kind of figured he would guess by the garden hose strung across the floor from the utility sink.

I rolled around in the tub through a few contractions thinking just how incredibly wonderful it was to be able to stretch out this time, and to be able to lay my upper body weight on the soft edge of the pool instead to having to hold my whole body weight with my arms continuously like I did with Elijah. Matt came back and we talked a little, and he sat right there next to me within grabing distance. They got sharper and harder, and I started to groan and make noise, but the kids still didn't wake up! Which is really amazing since they were RIGHT next to the pool in their bed, like the edge of the pool was against the leg of their bed, but they just kept snoring. I tried not to make too much noise, and when I had to I tried to make lower sounds that wouldn't carry as far. Matt say's I was pretty loud anyway, and I probably was because there were of course those times when I just didn't care.

So I made a point to try to go slow and not rush anything and just tried to relax as much as possible and ease through it. When Elijah was born I had 3rd deg tears and i was not in any hurry to repeat that experience. I have never really felt that "urge to push" with my other 2 assisted births, because I was told what to do and so i guess i never got to that point without being TOLD i was ready to push when actually i wasn't, I was just dialated. So this time I waited until I just couldn't deny it and I wouldn't even describe it as an "urge" to push, it just happened. My body took over and started to push when it wanted to and I just went with it and rested whenever it wasn't involuntarily pushing. It was so great! No one was telling me "go, stop, go" and I was able to just follow the rythm and really use my efforts when they were most effective, and rest in the few seconds between.

I felt my water break after about 2 pushes at this point, and I knew it wouldn't be long now so I told Matt to wake up Savannah since she wanted to see. I pushed kind of laying on my side until I could almost feel her crowning and then I could feel her head pushing against my tailbone and I thought " oooh, I could push her over that but it would hurt! and so I rolled over onto all fours to get her weight off of it and in that position I wasn't sure I could catch her myself since I couldn't see her very well to check for cord tangles etc so I said to Matt "catch her head, but don't pull on anything. I asked him if he could see the cord and he was like "what!? I don't know!" so I reached down and felt around and talked out loud what I was feeling as I felt it (so he could correct me if I was mistaken) like "ok, this is her head right and is this a neck, ok, so there is the shoulder, and it felt like she was at a strange angle with her shoulders and my pelvis so I reached a few fingers in and pushed a little on her to help her turn with the next contraction and she slid right out and Matt caught her just beautifully!

He was very carefull not to pull at all & supported all her weight as I pushed. She came out more slowly than Elijah did and it felt much better. Not nearly the shocked feeling that I got when he wriggled and shot out.

As soon as she was out, I turned around and took her from Matt and held her and checked her out. The first thing I saw was how limp she was and her eyes were open but she was kind of blue especially her hands and feet, so I put her on my chest and started rubbing her back to get her to pink up. Then I could feel that she wasn't breathing yet, so I blew on her face really quick and she took a big gasp. She sounded a little raspy and rattley so I covered her nose and mouth with my mouth and sucked in a little to draw the fluid out and it cleared her right up. Looking back I probably should have done that in a different order, but it worked out, and I will know for next time. She pinked up fast after that and started kicking around and protesting being messed with.

I stayed in the water until the bulk of the placenta came which probably took about 20 minutes and 2 or 3 contractions. She did latch on for a little, but she didn't seem to like the water much being kind of half in and half out. So after about 30 minutes I got out and some more placenta fell out when I stood up. (I know, probably TMI) So I figured that was probably all of it. I am really not sure if it was or not. The thing was kind of broken in 3 peices and there were a few clots too, so I don't think I could have peiced it together to check if I had wanted too. I figure as long as I am feeling ok, and everything seems normal, I'll just assume it's all good.

So about the time I was ready to get out, Elijah woke up and started crying and crying, and I think he was scared of the baby, or me or something because he wouldn't come to me, only Matt. So Matt helped me out and to the bed and then he and Elijah went to drain to pool and clean up. Savannah went to tell everyone the news and brought the whole family down to see the new sister. Everyone was groggy and tired, but happy and mom cried a little. Daddy helped matt carry the pool out to the yard and then we all went to bed. We spent yesterday just napping and hanging out around the house. It has been wonderfull!
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Congrats to you!!! Sounds like a wonderful birth!! I hope mine goes that smooth

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congratulations! what a beautiful, empowering birth!
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Congratulations, sounds perfect!!
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CONGRATULATIONS...love your birth story.

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Excellent! What a great story, and congratulations.

(Same thing happened at my last birth with the kids sleeping through it -- they were in the next room, I was making a hell of a racket, and they didn't even stir!)
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Happy Birthday Mariah! Congratulations!

Mightymoo - Mom to DD (6) and DS (4)
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Glad you had a good birth! Give baby a big and for me!
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