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I say sorta planned cuz it was just in the last couple weeks before she was born that I decided that's what I was going to do. If I had thought of birthing at home sooner, I might have had a midwife, but i'm so glad it went the way it did... minus the end.

I had my first contraction around 4:30am on August 6th. It wasn't very painful but it was enough to wake me up. I couldn't see the clock from where I was laying so I wasn't timing them at that point. At 5am I rolled over and timed a few and they were staying at about 4 to 5 minutes apart. At 5:30 I got up and played around on the computer for awhile and texted Michelle. I layed back down around 6 and slept off and on thru contractions till 9. When I got up around 9, the contractions had all but stopped. I showered around 10 and after my shower they were back again. I put down a shower curtain on my floor with an old quilt on top, just incase this was it. I timed them off and on through out the morning but they were never exactly regular, anywhere between 3 and 8 minutes apart. Pain wise they got bad enough that I didn't want to do anything because I wanted to be in my room with the birthing ball so I could lean over it for each contraction, the only position that helped. I honestly have no sense of time through out the day. I ate some spaghetti at some point, I wanna say around 4. Put on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire to watch. My mom kept coming in and out of the room watching it too.

Right around 6 I filled up the bath tub with some hot water and got in to try to relax. At that point I was still just breathing thru my contractions. I had the shower curtain closed then so mom could come in and out and I wouldn't feel all exposed. (Not like she wouldn't see everything later.) After being in the tub for about 15 minutes my mom called our friend Tina and told her to come on over. By the time Tina got here I most certainly wasn't just breathing thru contractions anymore and shortly after that I hit transition. I started vocalizing a whole lot more and was shaking. I was having contractions in 3s or something. Pretty long (or at least it felt that way) periods of time with back to back contractions, but then a chance to relax between as well. At some point, after my foot had fallen asleep from being in the same position so long, Tina asked if I wanted to move into my room. I had no idea *what* i *wanted* to do, I was just so ready to be done. Mom and Tina helped me out of the tub and into my room where I tried to go back to the birthing ball but my body didn't want that anymore. I said something like "It hurts worse!" being out of the water, so Tina had gone back in the bathroom to put more hot water in the tub and I said "I'm not getting back in the water," cuz I certainly didn't want to move anywhere again. Not to mention I didn't feel like there was enough room in the tub.

I reached up to see if I could feel the baby's head or not and I could! A couple inches up inside. I said "She's right there!" and Tina said "I can't see her yet," which I knew. Just a minute or so after that I felt the ever so lovely "ring of fire" and right after had the urge to push. I pushed enough to were her head was visible, and my body told me to stop pushing. Pushed again, and again my body told me to stop after that push. Next push, I believe was when her head came out. Her cord was wrapped around her neck 4 or 5 times and mom pulled that off before I pushed again. Another push later she was out to her waist. I actually thought after that she was out cuz after her head and shoulders were out, her little waist felt like nothing. Tina told me to push again, and I pushed her the rest of the way out. Kylie was born at 7:20pm. Mom started rubbing her back to stimulate her and I told her to angle her head down so she could get any mucous out if she had any. I was still on my hands and knees. I couldn't bring myself to move. I kept commenting on how tiny she was.

Chris showed up about 10 minutes after she was born. He was not happy he missed her birth. He honestly hadn't believe me when I said I was gonna stay home and had said "Let me know when you're leaving for the hospital and I'll drive up." And I said "I'm not going to the hospital but if I was, I'd leave now."

So now we're waiting for the placenta to make it's appearance. Trying to get Kylie to nurse. Stimulating my own nipples. We moved into the bathroom so I could sit on the toilet to be more upright, cuz I still didn't feel up to somehow holding myself up in my room. At that point it'd already been 20 minutes. Tina called a midwife friend who said the longest a Dr will let a midwife wait in a hospital situation is an hour. 45 minutes comes and Mom and Tina started getting worried. I still felt at peace about it tho. They had started discussing calling 911 and Chris took it upon himself to pull out his phone and call. Just then the placenta came out. He stilled stayed on the phone and gave my address and everything so 5 minutes later EMTs are there. UGH. It took us over an hour to get them to leave and leave me and Kylie alone.

The first night I didn't get much sleep, I couldn't stop looking at her when I should have been sleeping.

Kylie Starr born @ 7:20pm on August 6th, 2007.
6lb 5oz.

Kylie about 3 hours old.

Nursing her first night.

A day and a half old.

4 and a half days. Sleeping in the morning.

And this afternoon, almost 6 days old, sleeping on mommy.
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Congratulations She's adorable!

~e, wife to my sweet T , mama to my turtleman (12) , sunshine (9 ), and monkey (6)
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What a great story. Congratulations! She's adorable.

Mom to DMI & Silly Apple
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She looks so wise, and you look GREAT! Congrats on your UC! how exciting.

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Congratulations! Sorry to hear about the EMT mess. Your daughter is adorable.

Mightymoo - Mom to DD (6) and DS (4)
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She's so beautiful and she really does look so wise for such a tiny thing:
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Congrats on the birth story!!

Eternal Companion to DH , Homeschooling mama to DS 05/04 , DS 11/05 , DD 12/07 , DS 07/10 and one on the way: June 2015!
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so sweet
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Congratulations!! She's beautiful and what a great UC.

~Stephanie )O(

DS- 07/01 & DD- 09/05 & DD- 12/07 & DS- 10/13

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wow! congratulations! what a wonderful birth.
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Beautiful story and baby!!!

Unschooling Mommy of 3: Lilith (14), Panda (6), and Fox (4)
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congrats, mama!

Liv, SAHM of 3 kiddos 





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