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any GOOD hospital births out there?

Hubby-to-be is insistant we have baby in hospital; and since my first godchild ened up in NICU and would have died if born in water birthing center like sis wanted; we will be at the hospital.

Lets hear good hospital stories.


Aimee + Scott = Theodore Roosevelt (11/05) and 23 months later Charles Abraham (10/07)....praying for a little sister; the search starts May 2014
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My son Anthony was born on April 8, 2000 at 4:49 am. The pregnancy had been riddled with problems related to preterm labor since week 20. I was off of the rx's to stop labor at 36 weeks, and even though we had a "false alarm" once, he waited until week 39 to arrive.

By the time I was in labor, I was so used to contracting all the time that I really didn't pay close attention, the way I would have otherwise. Even other signs such as throwing up I figured to be a bug that my daughter had had a couple of nights before. I had my mom come pick my dd up to spend the night because I was not feeling well, and thought it would help if I could just veg out on the sofa that night. Dh was working late that night, and I would be alone.

By the time 10:00 rolled around, I was really sleepy, but couldn't sleep because of the contractions which were not intense, nor very long. I eventually decided to get up and take a shower and see if that helped. Well, three showers later, I suddenly realized that maybe I should time my contractions!! They were 4 minutes apart, still not painful, but getting longer. I called DH and told him to come PRONTO, this was it!!

I ran around, packing my bag, and trying to get some clothes on. Dh arrived about 10 minutes later, and by then, I had to stop and breathe through some of the contractions. As we were driving to the hospital (1:00 am), DH asked me if it was possible it was another false alarm. I remember telling him it didn't matter, they wren't sending me home again, I wouldn't let them. LOL

The L&D floor was kind of busy that night. A nurse got us settled into a room right away, but I didn't seem to be in intense labor, and she asked if it would be OK if she came back in 15 minutes. That was fine with me, I really didn't think things were going to progress that quickly. OH BOY!

By the time she returned, I was in serious pain, and breathing through some very long contractions. She got me into a gown, and asked us how we wanted our labor to go...she was a certified nurse midwife, and when we told her we wanted to avoid drugs, she suggested she check my progress and then get me into the hot whirlpool bathtub. I was having some back labor, and she directed the jets to spray on my back. WHAT A HELP THAT WAS!! I was 4 cm when she checked, and 40 mins, later, I told DH, "I have to push!! Get the nurse!" I had spent the time in the tub with my eyes closed, trying my best to relax, relax, relax.

She came back and helped me out of the tub. On the bed, I was terribly hot, and DH was holding ice cold wash cloths to my head. That helped a lot. I was almost completely dilated then, just a lip left. My OB was called, and by the time he arrived, I had almost delivered the head of my son...I just couldn't resist the pushing, and the nurse-midwife was there with me, calmly telling me to go with my body, she could deliver the baby if she needed to. THe Dr. put on some gloves, broke the bulging bag of waters, and my son was born!! 6 lbs. 8 ozs., 21 inches long. No tears, no episiotomies, we both felt great! I nursed right away, and he roomed-in with me the whole time.

I think that is a successful natural hospital birth, and I am hoping my third baby will arrive just as smoothly!
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I had a good, natural hospital birth. I think the keys were:

supportive dh
female OB, clearly willing to support me going natural
two good doulas
reading Birthing From Within
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Aimee + Scott = Theodore Roosevelt (11/05) and 23 months later Charles Abraham (10/07)....praying for a little sister; the search starts May 2014
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I had an awesome hospital birth experience. I was induced at 40 weeks and I couldn't have asked for a better labor & delivery. I'll share my story, but I think the keys to my positive birthing expereince were:

* GREAT support from DH - he was an awesome coach!
* Also had great support from Mom and Dad...the only other family members there. I didn't want a room full of people, personally.
* Excellent OB - very thorough and caring throughout the whole pregnancy. He wanted to deliver our baby since he was our OB the whole pregnancy and he was the one that got to deliver her, so we were all happy with that.
* Wonderful nursing staff - especially during labor & delivery. Very encouraging and helpful throughout the whole process.
* Excellent facility. I delivered in the brand new womens center at a local hospital and it was great! I was in the same suite from the time I arrived until we left with the baby which DH and I both appreciated very much.

Also, I kept my attitude up the whole time by reminding myself of the miracle that was taking place. I felt so empowered by the whole process - even through the painful parts - that I was able to remain confident for the duration of the labor and delivery. It was purely amazing!!

Here is my birth's a long one and really doesn't even begin to capture all the beautiful and raw emotions of that most incredible day!!


Macey's Birth Story

Mickey, Mom and I got up early on Tuesday, July 1, 2003 for the big day! It was gray and cloudy that morning when we left home. We checked into the hospital at 7:00 a.m. and after filling out the required paperwork, we were on our way to Labor & Delivery to get the induction started. We were met in the elevator by our nurse and a nursing student who came to meet us and would be with us through the delivery. As soon as we got to the 4th floor, we saw my Daddy – he was there and he was already pacing with nervousness. We got settled into the room then I got changed into the hospital gown and got into bed. I had to answer a bunch of questions and then the IV drip for hydration was started (OUCH!) and the monitors were hooked up to monitor my contractions. Turns out that I was already having contractions, but they were not big ones and were not regular at all. I just thought I was having cramps, so I was sort of relieved to know they were contractions. After that the pitocin drip was started to strengthen and regulate my contractions. I was told I might start really feeling the contractions in about half an hour. My OB came in to check me soon after that and I was already at 4cm. His recommendation was to go ahead and place the epidural and then he would come back and break my water. So, the anesthesiologist was called and came not too long after that to place my epidural. Mickey and my Dad left the room for that procedure and Mom stayed with me. Having the epidural placed was definitely not fun, but worth it. I had to sit up on the side of the bed and curl over a pillow while the anesthesiologist worked. The local anesthetic went in first and that stung quite a bit, but was over quickly. The anesthesiologist was VERY nice and talked me through it all – he was even patient with me when I moved even though he needed me to be as still as possible. When the epidural tube was placed, I did feel a shock sensation, but that was short lived. Finally, the epi was in place and ready to go. The anesthesiologist did some tests to make sure everything was working well and I was already starting to numb as I should. It wasn’t long after that when my OB came back and broke my bag of waters to really get labor moving along. As I recall, that was somewhere around 10:00-10:30 that morning because I remember thinking that no matter what, after the water was broken I’d have to have the baby within 24 hours and that would be around 10:00 the next morning at the latest. During the whole day I was in the best mood – talking, cutting up…just excited as could be. I wasn’t in pain at that point and was just doing great. I remember looking out the window and seeing it POURING rain and I was glad we had gotten to the hospital ahead of all that. Mom left around 11:30-ish to go to CVS across the street, shortly after that Mickey and Daddy left to get some lunch and I was left alone, but the nurse (of course) was there with me. Sometime after they all left, I started having some pains in my “tailbone” region – that’s how I knew I was contracting stronger and more regularly. I got just a little bit panicked in having that pain with none of my family there at that time, but I settled myself right down and just stayed calm. Lee Ann (Mickey's boss and our friend from church) stopped by to bring Mickey a cheeseburger from BJ’s, but he was already gone to lunch with my Dad. While she was there my contractions in that lower area really started to intensify and she didn’t stay long at all. My nurse had me push the “extra” button the epidural to help relieve the pain, so I did that but it really didn’t help. Mom was the first one back and she helped me breathe through the pains (deep strong breaths…in through the nose, out through the mouth). Another anesthesiologist was called back in to give me a block to help with the pain and that was administered shortly before Mickey and my Dad got back. The block didn’t really work either – I was still having intense pressure in the tailbone region with each contraction. The contractions were coming about 2 minutes apart and lasting about a minute to a minute and a half at that point. Mickey was especially helpful with helping me to breathe through the contractions – he was right beside me, held my hand and talked me through it all. My Mom and my Dad would sometimes come over and coach me too. The nurse and my family just kept telling me how great I was doing and I was happy to hear that. I would just breathe through each one as it came and that helped tremendously. The nurse checked me at around 1:15 or so and I was between 8-9cm already, so I had made a LOT of progress. I kept feeling the urge to push, but I didn’t – I just did the deep breathing through each. When the nurse went to tell my OB how far along I was, he was finishing up a c-section. I kept looking for him to come in so that I could start pushing. Every time the door opened, I would hope it was him. I think I was at 10cm somewhere around 1:45 or so. At one point a nursing student came in and I got all excited because all I could see behind the curtain (the door was behind a curtain) was tennis shoes and I thought it was the doctor, but it wasn’t him yet. The nurses went ahead and prepped the room and my bed for delivery while we were waiting. Finally my OB came in just after 2:00 and we were ready to start pushing. My dad went behind the curtain and my mom went across the room, Mickey stayed right there with me. They sat me up and got me situated in the stirrups before I started to actually push and that helped with the pain and pressure in my lower region. I could not feel the contractions though, so the nurses had to watch the monitor and tell me when to push. Mickey was standing beside me to my left and I had one nurse beside him close to the doctor on that side…I had the student nurse close to me on the right and my regular Labor nurse next to her. My first pushes were good – I was moving the baby along. They said for me to put my hands beneath my legs and use that to help bear down. That worked fine, but wasn’t entirely working for me because I couldn’t feel my legs at that point. So, the nurses pulled up these handles on each side of the bed and I gripped them when I pushed. I would push three times with each contraction – 10 seconds each push. I would take a deep breath in and then PUSH as hard as I could during each of the three times. The first set was pretty easy to get through, the second was a little harder and by the third one I was out of breath and the veins in my head were pounding. It wasn’t painful, just hard work, but I knew I could make it and I felt empowered beyond anything I can describe. The doctor and nurses kept telling me what a great pusher I was and said I was doing a great job! Mickey was a tremendous support too – he would squeeze my hand with our “I love you” code and that was reassuring to me as well. One of the first things they told me about the baby is that she had hair – they let me know that because I had said ALL along that she would. They brought a mirror over after a few pushes so that I could see her head. I didn’t want the mirror there the whole time, but it was cool to see her head and know I was making progress. After a couple more sets of pushes, I could REALLY tell that her head was ready to come out – I could fee a different pressure than before. By that time the doctor was gowned-and-gloved and ready for the baby to be born. It took maybe 2-3 sets of pushes to get her head out and that was such an amazing relief just to start to see her. The doctor had me push sort of slowly to get the rest of her out and at 2:32 p.m. out came Macey Charlotte. To see her being born was completely miraculous! As soon as she came out, I just looked at her in awe and couldn’t believe how beautiful she was and that she had come from me. I watched them suction and stimulate her and I told her to cry – which she did. I looked over at Mickey and he was crying and then I looked at my mom and she was crying. Of course, I was crying too, but mostly I was just so happy to see our daughter and see that everything was just perfect. Macey was laid on my tummy to be further suctioned and cleaned a bit and I just couldn’t take my eyes off of her. I was instantly and completely smitten with her – as was Mickey. I got to hold her for the first time then and I just stared at her while I held her…just taking it all in. Soon after that, they took her to get her APGAR score (8 and 9), check her vitals, weigh and measure her and give her that first bath. I just watched everything as my OB worked on me. When I heard them say she weighed 9lb 4oz and was 21.5” long I was amazed, but not completely surprised – I knew all along she’d be a big baby. I also had to tell Dr. Lazenby that I told him I was all baby and not brownies. (HA!) He couldn’t get over how big she was – he asked what her 36 week ultrasound estimate was and when I told him they guessed 7lb 5oz at that point, he said he guessed that was wrong, huh? J Pretty soon, Macey had her first bath (much to her dismay) and was brought to me in the bed in just a diaper and her hat for some skin-to-skin time with Mommy under the warming lights. That was heavenly – just to hold our little girl so close to me, helping her warm up and welcoming her into the world in such a sweet way. Mickey, of course, was in awe too…we just couldn’t believe that we were finally seeing and holding our little girl. As soon as she had time to warm up, she was dressed in the gown that Mickey picked out for her to wear and we got to cuddle up with her again. Mickey took her and held her and I realized right there that I was more in love with him than ever before! The doctor finished up and before he left he told us how much God had blessed us and how happy he was for us. We also got a picture made with him and the three of us. Soon after that I breastfed Macey for the first time and she didn’t initially get the hang of the latch, but she finally did latch for a bit and the nurses were happy because some babies just don’t latch the first time around. Everything was so magical and surreal – Macey was finally with us and in our arms and I was so full of adrenaline that I was just FULL of energy and alert, so happy to be with my wonderful husband and our sweet baby.


The story really doesn't do justice to how magical, wonderful and miraculous the whole day was, but I do hope that it conveys what a wonderful birthing experience I had at the hospital. Granted, I had an epi...but I believe that my birth experience would have been beautiful under any circumstance.

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i did my homework. asked them about everything they tried to do. was very vocal about what i didn't want (sometimes they don't even ask). was lucky to have a very brief stay there. got in. had baby. got out. was there 8 hrs altogether.
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I was for the most part pleased with our hospital birth. I labored at home for about 16 hours before finally deciding to go to the hospital. To my dismay, I was only 3cm when we were admitted.

I got in the shower provided in my room and labored there for an hour. At my next check, I was 8cm YAY!!!

DS was born 4 hours after I was admitted, totally drug free. I did have to compromise on some issues, such as clamping/cutting of the cord. They wouldn't let it finish pulsing. That bugged me but the baby was healthy so I let it slide.

Also, they insisted on giving me antibiotics post partum because I'd spiked a fever and might have had a uterine infection. WTF? I was completely healthy up to that point, no complications. I suspected that my fever was due to dehydration, as I'd vomitted twice in labor and probably was not able to replace the fluids well enough.

They kept me on IV antibiotics for the remainder of my stay. Oh how we wanted to go home. We had rooming in for both DH and DS, which was great. But nothing beats being at home in your own bed. We had to switch the baby back and forth between my hospital bed and DH's cot. We couldn't all be together .

But it can be done in a hospital without drugs. No one pushed an epidural on me. They let DH & my body do the work.
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I was hesitant to post this but here it is... it is really long:

Maximus Alexis
Born: Tuesday, November 26, 2002
Place: Phoenix Baptist Hospital, Phoenix, Arizona
Time: 5:38 pm
Weight: 8 lbs. 5 oz.
Length: 20 inches

This is Max’s birth story or my best recollection of it. Everything about the day Max was born is very foggy and some of what I remember may just be in my memory because it was later told to me by Elvin.

I was due on November 19th, a Tuesday. Elvin had left on October 15th to the Dominican Republic to play winter ball and came home on November 13th. I was so scared to go into labor while he was gone that I prayed everyday I would make it till he came home. I just couldn’t stand the thought of having the baby without him, not to mention that my mom was 10 hours away so I was home pretty much alone.

Well I think I prayed too hard because Elvin came home as scheduled and my due date came and passed and I didn’t have so much as a contraction, not even a braxton hicks contraction. I went in for my doctor’s appointment on Friday, 3 days past my due date. My doctor, Dr. Harris, checked my cervix which was closed up tight, not even dilated a finger tip. So we went home. Dr. Harris had made an appointment at the hospital to have me induced on the following Tuesday, the 26th, a week past my due date if I didn’t go into labor on my own first.

Elvin and I tried every wives tale for bringing on labor. We walked through every mall in a 20 mile radius (which wore Elvin out and did nothing for me), I ate Dominican dumplings with extra hot sauce and of course we tried sex but I was so big and so uncomfortable it was useless. To top it off I had gotten a cold and could barely breathe so in a way I was relieved that I hadn’t gone into labor because I couldn’t imaging trying to push a baby out without being able to breathe. I had a very specific birth plan which included induction as a last resort. I wanted to do everything as naturally as possible and didn’t like the idea of using drugs to get the ball rolling. But by Tuesday I wasn’t so picky anymore and just wanted SOMETHING to happen.

Monday was Elvin’s birthday and that night my mom drove into town to stay with us. The next morning we got up before the roosters to head to the hospital. We got there at 6 am to get registered and settled in and it was 9 am before Dr. Harris got there to get the induction started. He checked my cervix one last time and it was still locked up like Fort Knox. I couldn’t believe that even at a week overdue I had still never had a contraction and hadn’t dilated even a tiny bit.

So the nurse, Rose, hooked me up to an IV, just for fluid, and the external monitors and Dr. Harris inserted a pill of Cytotek onto my cervix. Rose dimmed the lights and told me it could take around 8 hours before anything happened so I should rest. Elvin settled into the recliner by my bed, turned on Live! with Regis & Kelly and got ready for a long day. Not more than 15 minutes later Rose came bounding in the room asking me if I had felt anything. I told her not really and she said that I was already having contractions which were showing up on the monitor. I started feeling very mild cramps, sort of like menstrual cramps but less painful. So apparently the pill was working a bit quicker than expected. Rose said she had never seen it work so fast and told me to get some sleep while I could. For the next hour or so I drifted in and out of sleep while have strange dreamletts of Kelly Ripa in Puerto Rico where the show was on location. Elvin was passed out in the recliner next to me.

Around 1 pm Dr. Harris came back to insert a second pill. By then the contractions had gotten a bit stronger but were still not very painful and I was dilated to about 2 centimeters. So I was technically still not in labor. The second pill really got things going and the contractions came on quick, strong and close together. By 2 pm I was definitely in labor and a ton of pain. The contractions were less than two minutes apart and very strong. Elvin was holding my hand and reminding me to breathe which I wasn’t doing very well. I was holding Elvin’s hand in one hand and had the other gripping the bed rail so hard that the next day my biceps hurt. Rose gave me a shot of Stadol through my IV which I didn’t want but I wasn’t really able to tell her not to do it. It relaxed me a bit but I could still feel the contractions and could still feel all the pain. Around 3 pm she checked me again and I wasn’t 3 centimeters yet which I needed to be to get an epidural. About half an hour later, I think – I was really out of it from the Stadol and not able to concentrate on breathing or blocking out the pain, Rose checked me again and thankfully I was 3 centimeters so she called the anesthesiologist. I can’t remember her name but she was probably my favorite person of the day. She sat me on the edge of the bed while I leaned forward on Elvin and told me to hold still and that it would hurt a bit. I remembered seeing lots of women get epidurals on TV which seemed to be really painful. I also remember before going to the hospital being very scared of the pain of getting an epidural. But at the time I didn’t feel a thing except the contractions. I had a really hard time holding still while she prepped me and inserted the catheter. I was holding onto Elvin for dear life to keep from shaking during the contractions which were so close together that there was no break in between. Now I know they say it takes up to 20 minutes for the epidural to start working but I swear by the time they laid me back down on the bed I felt so much better. I had also been very worried that it wouldn’t work right and I would still feel the pain – not a chance, it worked so well I never felt a thing until hours after they removed it following the baby’s birth.

Not more than 10 minutes later my water broke and I was suddenly 5 centimeters dilated. I really think that I was so tense from the pain that my cervix couldn’t relax to dilate and as soon as I had the epidural and my body relaxed I dilated and the baby was on his way. So with the epidural in and the pain completely gone I was able to rest. Once again the lights were dimmed and I was told to sleep while I could. But I couldn’t – even though there was no pain I could still feel the baby’s head moving down with each contraction. It was the strangest sensation, feeling the pressure of the head actually moving down centimeters at a time. At the same time the contractions were making the baby’s heart rate drop. Even though I knew this was normal, it still made me nervous each time I heard the bomp, bomp slow down on the monitor.

At 5 pm Rose came back in to check me and I was complete and ready to push. At that point I had Elvin call my mom at our house to tell her to come to the hospital thinking she had plenty of time to get there for the birth. Rose started getting the room ready and told me to try pushing one time to see how I did and if I had enough feeling to push effectively. I started pushing and suddenly she told me to STOP! The baby was coming and she hadn’t called Dr. Harris yet. Luckily his office is next door to the hospital and he was there within 5 minutes. While we were waiting for him Rose was rushing around getting things ready and periodically looking between my legs to make sure the head wasn’t coming out. Elvin looked down and looked back at me with the most surprised look on his face and said “I can see his head! He has so much hair!” Suddenly Dr. Harris was there and ready for me to push. Rose put the mirror at the end of the bed so I could see what was going on. This was the most amazing thing, for me to be able to see my baby being born. I am sure the only reason I enjoyed it was that I still could not feel any pain (or any sensation really) whatsoever. If I had been in pain I am sure I would not have wanted to watch. Elvin took one leg and Rose took the other and pulled my knees back to my chest and Rose said “Push!” I started pushing and everyone was silent. I stopped and said “Isn’t anyone going to count! How can I do this and count at the same time?!” Elvin laughed at me and started counting. Rose had to tell me when the contractions started and when they stopped so I knew when to push. After one push Dr. Harris told me to stop pushing so hard because the baby was coming out on his own. I looked in the mirror and could see his face starting to tilt up as his head came out. It was the most amazing experience of my life. I had wondered for 41 weeks what he would look like and as soon as I saw him it was as if I recognized him, as if I had known my whole life that that was exactly what he would look like. I looked up at Elvin who was starting to cry and still holding onto my leg. Seeing him cry made me cry, though I probably would have done it on my own anyway. Dr. Harris told me to give one more small push and suddenly the baby’s shoulders were out and Dr. Harris and Rose were putting him on my stomach. So at 5:38 pm after only 3 ½ hours of labor my son Maximus Alexis was born. I was so amazed at how quick everything had happened and so overwhelmed that I didn’t know what to do, I hadn’t even touched him yet. Rose had to remind me to hold the baby while she put a blanket on him. I put both of my hands on him and was amazed at how warm he was. He didn’t cry and I thought shouldn’t he be crying? But then I remembered that if you don’t cut the cord right away the baby gets more oxygen and doesn’t have such a hard time trying to breathe so he may not cry. I also couldn’t believe how clean he was. There was no blood, no vernix (though he was overdue so there wouldn’t be any) and only his hair was a bit wet. I had prepared to see a sticky, icky mess and there wasn’t one. His head was nice and round because he never dropped and hadn’t been in the birth canal long so it never got squeezed, and was covered in so much curly black hair. He did have his share of battle wounds, his eyes were very swollen and bruised red and he had a few small cuts, almost like nicks, around his eyes and upper cheekbones. I had a minor battle wound of my own, one small tear but the dr. had it stitched up with just a few stitches.

After about ½ an hour Dr. Harris said he wanted to cut the cord because it had stopped pulsing and he didn’t want the blood to start going back the other way. So Elvin cut the cord and they left him on my chest for about another ½ hour before starting all the routine newborn procedures. Rose took him over to the scale to find out how much he weighed. She was sure he was less than 7 lbs. as he looked very small and pretty skinny. She put him on the scale and the red numbers flashed 8 lbs. 5 oz. She looked at it again and said “That has to be wrong!” She took him off and reset the scaled then placed him back in the metal basket. The numbers flashed 8 lbs. 5 oz. again and she shook her head not believing he was that big. It was about that time – an hour after he was born – that my mom showed up thinking she would see her first grandbaby being born. Little did she know he was born in 3 pushes and she had missed it. She wasn’t too upset, she was just happy she was there to see him and everything had gone so well.

The nursery nurse came in to give Max his first bath across the room while Elvin watched and another nurse came in to help me get cleaned up. She told me to move to the edge of the bed so she could help me walk to the bathroom. I started to get up on my own and almost fell over. I guess I thought I could make it by myself because even with how effective the epidural had been I could still move my legs though I couldn’t feel them. I made it to the bathroom and did my best to clean up but not being able to feel anything made it tough. Part way through the nurse came in. Normally I am pretty shy and would have been uncomfortable with her there but there is something about giving birth to a baby that changes all that. Everything about your body image and self consciousness is different and I couldn’t have cared less that she was there.

Once Max was all clean and wrapped up they handed him to Elvin for the first time. I have never seen him so happy. He cradled the baby in his arms and brought him up to his face and softly said “I am your daddy” with so much love. He looked at me and beamed the biggest smile I have ever seen.

It took some doing but we were able to pry Max away from Elvin to try to nurse. We had a bit of trouble and between the advice of Rose and my mom and Elvin trying to help I was getting really frustrated. Once everyone calmed down and left us alone for a while we did much better.

Around 11 pm they moved us from the LDR room to the post-partum room. The next two days in the hospital were a bit of blur but I am so glad I stayed the full two days. It was wonderful to have nurses there to check on Max every few hours and to bring me anything I needed. I was so nervous about having such a tiny new baby to care for that I was relieved to have nurses there who knew what they were doing. It was also nice to have a ton of food brought to me around the clock because I have never been as hungry in my life as I was following delivery. We came home on Thanksgiving Day, with so much to be thankful for, and life with Max has been an adventure ever since.
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Hi Aimee,

I had a great hospital birth. Let me first say, I had planned to give birth with a midwife. However, my husband lost his job and we couldn't afford to do the midwife birth at $3600. We still had insurance so we decided to go with a hospital. This particular hospital was a teaching hospital, which made me even wearier of giving birth there. I talked to the OB, explained my desires to have a natural childbirth. They were like any other OB, hesitant and unsupportive. They kept saying, "We'll see how everything goes."

Well, I was due Feb. 7, 03 and figured that traveling 2 hours to my mother's for Christmas was a safe bet. Well, at 4:30 am Dec. 28, my water broke. I was exactly 34 weeks. I went to the hospital in my mom's town. I had never been there before. Talk about scary. I arrived at the hospital around 5 am. They put a monitor on to check the heartbeat. The baby was fine. They then hooked up some antibiotics because I was preterm and GBS+. Everyone there was very relaxed. The doctor didn't even come in until 8:30 am. During the time that I waited for the doctor, I just slept and the nurse also shared her experiences with her premature twin sons. She told me what I could expect. Which helped me so much. She was so supportive.

Once, the doctor was there, I asked her if I could have a hep-lock once my antibiotics were done. She had no problem with it. I also asked if I could eat and drink. No problem. The nurse brought me cranberry juice and butterscotch pudding with whipped cream. My husband brought me croissants. I asked to be unhooked from the monitor. No problem. We just monitored about once every hour or two. Which actually was fine with me cause I didn't even start having contractions until about five hours after my water broke. I went on to explain my desire for natural childbirth. They said fine. They didn't want it sped up because the longer my dd stayed inside me, the better.

Around 11 am my contractions were getting really intense. I was about 7 cm. The nurse suggested I get into the shower. I hopped in and finished laboring in the shower. When I got out I knew it was close. I was 9 cm. This was around 12 pm. After that the contractions were almost unbearable. The time just flew. The nurse would rub my back really hard and I would just moan loudly. During this time was when my nurse reminded me that I could still have something for the pain. This was the only time she mentioned anything, and she really just wanted me to know that it was still an option. I believe she had my best interest in mind. I politely declined. Pretty soon it was time to push. It took me twenty minutes to birth my 5 lb 15 oz little girl. They all thought she was big for 34 weeks. One of my only regrets is the way I pushed. I was on my back holding my legs. At the time, I was so "out of it" I didn't even care I just wanted dd OUT!

As my nurse told me, my dd would be fine for about 2 hours. During this time she actually sucked a little at my breast. We took pictures. After about 2 hours, if preemies are going to have problems this is when they start showing up. She started to struggle a bit with her breathing and had some blood sugar issues. So they took her to the nursery where she stayed for the next 6 days. Right after she was taken to the nursery, my nurse brought me a breast pump so I could get my milk to come in and give her my colostrum. She was on c-pap for a day and a half. Then she stayed for jaundice treatment.

I was discharged after two days. The nurses explained they had a program called "Boarder Moms". It's where moms can get room and board at the hospital while their babies are in the NICU. I got to stay in a double bed room right across the hall from the nursery. They gave me three meals a day plus linen service and the use of the breast pump. The cost was $15 per day! What a deal. It was such a blessing staying in the hospital. The nurses helped me learn to breast-feed. They would buzz my room at night for me to come and breast feed my dd. The support was amazing.

Before the birth of my dd, I was so sure I'd have to be defensive about my desire for a natural childbirth at the big teaching hospital in my town. In the end I had a wonderful natural childbirth in a compassionate and caring small town hospital. I shudder to think what would have occurred in the big hospital, a premature birth with the resident doctors and such.

Despite my very positive natural childbirth and the fact that my dd is perfectly healthy, I would have given it all up if it meant that my dd would have been born at term. I don't know. I guess I lucked out in many ways and lost in others.

Sometimes I am so proud of myself for having a natural childbirth. But at other times, I realize that it wasn't just me. You need to have lots of support from your birth attendants, and your husband. Also, your labor has to cooperate. If my labor hadn't started within 24 hours or so, they probably would have started pitocin or something. And then comes epidural, then c-section. That happened to my SIL who delivered her full term dd 2 weeks after me. You also have to be willing to take responsibility for your choices during labor. Make informed decisions and stand up for what you want.

Good Luck to you, Aimee.
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Our hosp. birth is at I was really happy with all of it except they cut the cord too soon because it wasn't my reg. doctor. I hope to have a similar birth experience with the next baby at the same hospital.

I just attended a natural VBAC last night and that hosp. was very, very good with her. THe nurse was awesome! They respected her wishes on everything from the cord cutting to not putting stuff in the baby's eyes or giving shots to him or bathing him. It was awesome! I know there are some bad hospitals out there but there are also some good ones. I think as more and more women give birth in a hospital insisting that their wishes be respected, the hosp. are starting to improve and change their philosophies.


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I had a hospital birth with no pain meds and a great midwife. It was a very positive experience. Someday when I have more time I'll post our birth story
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I have had two hospital birth, sort of. One of our local hospitals has a 3 room birthing center of sorts on the same floor as the regular L&D. There are NO epidurals allowed. If you decide during your labor you want to have and epi then you are wheeled out the double doors and into the regular l&d. I found that finding an ob/midwife that supports your wished for a natural birth to be your best asset. No matter what hospital policy is your doctors orders will be followed. I have also found it useful to go in informed and to have a birthplan ready and to have a couple of copies on hand to hand out to the hospital staff. Now I tell you my hospital birth stories.

My first daughter was due June 8th 1999. At my appoinment the day before I was shut up tight! My midwife assured me that she would she me the following week. That friday the 11th I started to have mild contractions in the morning. These were my first and although I was excited I told no one becasue I figured that these were the braxton hicks that everyone was talking about. They continued throughout the day and were 15 to 20 minutes apart. I went shopping with a friend and tried to act like nothing was going on. My dh came home from work, we ate dinner and I finally told him what was happening. We timed them and they were 10 minutes apart. We decided that we had better get to the store becasue there were several things that we were almost out of and we knew once the baby came we wouldn't feel like running right out to get dog food. Around 9:00pm we called the doctor. My contractions were 7 to 10 minutes apart lasting 60 seconds and had been that way for an hour. I was also having back labor. They said that if they get between 5 & 7 minutes apart then to call back and head in. Around 11:00 we headed in. I was only 2 cm dialated. We spent the night and in the morning when I was still at 2cm they sent us home to rest and try to get things going the old fashioned way Around 6:00 that evening things started to pick up and I could feel the contractions change. We called the dr and after 45 minutes and no response we called back. The oncall service gave my dr. the worng phone number. UGH! By this time I was throwing up w/ every contraction! They told us to head in. We got there and I was at 4 cm. We spent the night. I labored most of the night in the tub. Some time during the night I asked for something to take the edge off so that I could sleep. When I woke up the next morning things had slowed and I thought shoot they are going to send me home again! Well I was at 8 cm and my midwife decided to break my water to get things moving again. I felt nothing for 2 hours and was worried that I was headed for interventions. At 10:30am my contractions were back and stronger then ever. At 11:30 I got hte go ahead to push and at 12:26 pm Sunday June 13th 1999 my beautiful little girl was born. She instantly nursed and my midwife had me push the placenta out and stiched up my small tear. It was wonderful! 2 hours after she was born we were ordering take out! I was starving! LOL!

My second dd was due January 30th 2002. We had taken hypnobirthing and were practicing everynight. About 2 weeks before her due date I started having braxton hicks surges(hypno for contractions) and at times they were pretty strong. I went to my dr/midwife appt. 12 days before her due date and was told I was a finger tip dialated and 40% effaced. Cool! That weekend I went into the hospital for false labor I was so bummed when everything stopped again. Her due date came and I was awoken by mild surges like I had been so many mornings before. I got up listened to my birthing tapes and relaxed. I showered and got things ready for the day. I took my oldest to kindermusik and we all joked about the squats putting me into labor. On the way home I had a really strong surge. I got home ate lunch and laid down w/ my dd. I got up 2 hours later and noticed that walking made my surges a lot stronger. I called the doc/midwif and the nurse told me to come in at 5:45. We talked a few minutes more and she then asked me to coe NOW. My surges were 3 to 5 minutes apart. I told her that I would wake up my dd and we would be there. She then informed me that someone else needed to drive me. So I called my dh and he reluctantly came home(we both thought I was just another false alarm) and we decided to toss the bag in the car just in case. We got there and my mom picked up my dd from the dr office. When I saw the midwife she told me that I was 4 cm and 60% effeced and told me to head up to the hospital. I walked up to hte hospital and settled in. My other midwife came into check me around 7:00pm and told me that there was no change and to get moving. My body told me other wise. I went into the bathroom and when I came out I laid on the bed on all fours and w/ my next surge I involantarily pushed and my water broke. My dh ran and got the nurse who helped me wiggle out of my clothes. She kept telling me to turn over so she could check me and I kept telling her NO! She finally just checked and found a head. My midwife was paged as was the on call resident(he was CLUELESS). I was pushing and everyone around me was telling me not to push. Finally my midwife arrived back and Madeline Pearl was born at 7:58 pm January 30 2002, her due date!

All in all I really had two great experiences!
Good Luck!
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