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Supernatural Childbirth #5

I was going to start writing about the 10 min. apart contractions I started to have this morning around 1:30am, but then I remembered I wasn't going to get all worked up about ten or even five mins. apart since that last bout with false labor. So I decided not to write lest it be another false labor attempt from my body, however.......


Okay, so here's what happened (by the way I'm typing this while feeding the young man. SOOO CUTE!!!) The children were still sleeping (they slept in our room overnight. All except Little One) when I started getting awakened by the intensity of my contractions even though they were sometimes 10 mins. They would wake me up and it drove me out of bed (I was lying on my left side) to find a better position to handle these in. I started having to go to the bathroom after almost every contraction too (both waste products). Having a full bladder and rectum while having intense contractions was REALLY uncomfortable. So that's what I was doing from around 1:30am-5am. Then I remembered that I should be saving my energy and also felt the tiredness of being up from 1-5am walking around every ten minutes for about a min., so I hopped back into bed and tried the left side, then the right side and didn't like either of them for relaxing with the contractions. I finally just sat up in bed with my legs straight out in front of me and propped up by a few pillows. I remembered to breathe with my mouth open so I'd really relax everything because the temptation was there to go crazy and hold my breath or breathe abnormally through the intense contractions. They would start out easy enough and then peak (I'd feel them pulling tighter and tighter and pushing more and more at the same time) and stay there for about half a min. or more. I started to time them with a stop watch, then decided against it. I'd just go with the flow and be patient. I noticed that the contractions were coming 5 mins. and I started praying that Jesus would bring down the intensity so that I could continue to hold onto the regular breathing pattern (like nothing was happening) I had been doing all this time. Sometimes I was also tightening the muscles in my legs and that wasn't good either. I started thinking of the tightening and pulling as the sweater going over our baby's head little by little (like the picture in the Bradley book). I also thanked God for causing my cervix to open so that our baby can come out..

At around 5:30am I told Love that he wouldn't be going to work today because this was it. He was groggy from sleep but said okay. I continued to contract and noticed they were sometimes dipping into the 3's. I really started thinking about a nice big warm birth pool at that time. I didn't think I was in transition, but I knew I was getting close. The intensity was staying the same as it was since they were 10 mins. apart though so I wondered if I might be in for a long wait.

Love got up and got showered and ready to work. I told him to put the chux pads down so I could walk to the bathroom after he had gotten our tub all ready. He took out some towels too and that was about it. I got in the tub and was sweating at first. I didn't want to get out though because I felt like I needed to be in there so I just prayed we wouldn't scald our baby! I mostly sat with legs stretched out and continued to breathe with mouth open. The door was open and the light was on, but I had the shower curtain pulled so you couldn't see the top of me. The children woke up around 6:30am as Love was getting everything together. I got in the tub at around 6:50am. Being in the water (it wasn't very high) was starting to make me have that pushing feeling. I forgot about that and kinda kicked myself mentally for not thinking of that. I really didn't want to push too early because I was not checking myself to see how dilated I was. I tried to open my mouth some more and felt ridiculous, but kept doing it anyway so that I wouldn't push too early.

At around 7:12am I felt this bubble in my top uterus and it moved to my left side. I dreaded that it might be poop, but when it came around to the bottom my bag popped and I saw the amniotic fluid in the tub. It had some whitish stuff floating around, but nothing tinged brown so I thanked God for no fetal distress! The next contraction was intense and I felt like pushing. I gave up the fight and positioned myself on my knees so that I could push better. Lo and behold, I feel this bulge as I'm pushing. I reach down and feel his head pushing through the birth canal!!! I thought, "WOW! You're here already?!?!!?" He must have just slipped through my pelvis and birth canal ("slip sliding away"!)! I wanted to stop pushing, but since I knew his head was right there I pushed a little more and half his head came out. Soon after I pushed again and his whole head was born (he was facing back). I reached down and felt his hair!!! While I waited for the next contraction I felt around to his face and felt it all puffy-like. I had another contraction and pushed his arms out. He was still backwards. I waited for another contraction and pushed the rest of him out! At some point he turned so he was facing me when I pulled him up. As I lifted him to me he was so small that I awkwardly pulled him to my chest. I kinda felt ashamed that I wasn't handling this one like a pro, but it was just a passing thought and nothing to dwell on. The cord was around the back of his neck so it took me a while to get it over his head. I was really just glad it was over. He was born at 7:15am. Love didn't get to be in there with us at birth as he was helping the children at that time and I couldn't muster the strength or get over the surprise to scream out to him that our baby was being born.

I tried to breastfeed him right away, but he was so content. He didn't cry much unless he was cold or being handled poorly. After holding him awkwardly for a while Love started asking where the placenta was. I looked down and noticed the rest of the amniotic sac floating like it was still attached to something inside me and told him it wasn't out yet. Love wanted to hold our new little man so we switched hands and I was still sitting in the tub. I felt the cord being pulled and told him not to pull it but it was the angle at which he had the baby so it couldn't be helped. I just decided that since I needed to deliver the placenta anyway that I'd just kneel and give the cord more room. When I did that I realized the placenta was already half out. I guess due to gravity since I wasn't contracting hard enough to get me to push. I just kneeled and tried to massage my uterus on the sides so that it would force the placenta out. Eventually it did slip out but not with me pushing it. I checked it in the water and found no pieces missing so I thanked God again and we put it in a towel for Love to take the baby and placenta to the bed. I eventually got out and went to the bed too. Baby started feeding and I concerned myself with that for the next five minutes or more. Then we turned our attention to the cord. By now it was all white so we clamped it and cut with our sterilized scissors and that was that! There was a little blood, but that was it! I thanked God but really had no energy to shout out praises. I was just happy and thankful that He brought me through another painless, quick (the quickest I've ever had!), easy, non-complicated delivery of our healthy, whole, baby. It's just hitting me now how much of a non-event it seems. It was an easy, no-drama birth....and my first solo UC!!!! Actually, it was a solo-Christo (Christ alone) UC!!! =)=)


Wife of my best friend, Mom to five and one precious memory
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What a great birth story! Thanks so much for sharing

Janel ~ wife and mother of 4, L&D RN, midwifery student
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Wow... Thank you for sharing that beautiful story! To God be the glory, great things He hath done!!

Bethany Tilzey, Birth Doula and Mama
to Sam (03 hospital birth), Melina (05 homebirth), Elsa (08 home waterbirth) and Ben (2010 homebirth)
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Beautiful, inspirational story. Thanks!

Mommy to DS1 5/07 and DS2 1/09 , wife to an awesome hubby. And someone new coming in March!
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Great story! I really enjoyed it, thanks!

Momma to DD (12/04) hearts.gif and DS (11/09) hbac.gif.
I survived 16 mos! Ask me about breastfeeding a baby with posterior tongue tie, high palate, and weak oral motor skills- whew!

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what an inspirational story thank you so much!

Megan-loving wife to my high school sweet heart 9.24.2005 and AP mama to my big boy biggrinbounce.gif 12.14.2006, homebirth.jpglittle sister 5.27.2009 andhomebirth.jpg baby sister 8.31.11


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