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On Thursday July 10th I went in for my 41 weeks visit with my m/w and I told her I kind of wanted to be checked, so she agreed and my cervix was closed but soft and anterior. I felt really discouraged so she mentioned she could strip my membranes but it was up to me and I told her I would rather only use that as a last resort, so she suggested I go for reflexology to see if we could maybe just bump things along. I told her that sounded like a good idea because it wouldn't do any harm and also wouldn't even work if he wasn't ready. I worried maybe he just needed more time to "cook". So as soon as I left her place I called the reflexologist and she had an opening at 4pm.

I went for my appt. and she worked on me for over an hour, I thought well even if it doesn't work, I have never been so relaxed in my life! So it wasn't going to be a total waste. The lady told me that it took almost an hour to feel the "points" start to pulse, so we talked and she thought I could try accupunture the next morning. So I went ahead and made an appt. at a different place for accupuncture. I left and felt kind of down because I didn't feel like anything was happening.

I got home at about 5:30pm to a house full of people!(All family but STILL! ) UGH! I just wanted to go relax because the the reflexologist told me I needed to relax (my kids had been driving me crazy!) if I wanted to go into labor. So my dh made me go into the bedroom and lay down with the lights off while I listed to some relaxing music and he made dinner and kept the kids out of the room. At about 6:00pm or so I started to feel "something" and I thought no these are just the same old cntrxs I've been feeling. But I told dh that something *might* be going on. At 7:30pm they were still coming but not consistent at all but I thought I should give my mom a heads up also. We live right next door to each other and I was birthing at her house. Plus that is were everyone was and I thought for sure they would be gone by now. So I had dh go over there and try to get rid of everyone without letting them know what was going on.

By 7:45pm they were getting pretty strong and I was stressing out because there were still people at my mom's and the girls weren't in bed yet! I couldn't relax. I called the m/w to give her a heads up and she said it just sounded like early labor because they were so sporadic and didn't last very long. She told me to go take a warm bath and call her back in an hour. So I took a warm shower and I had 3 cntrx that were 2 mins. apart and then only 2 more that were 12+mins. apart. I called her back and told her that they were getting really painful but they still weren't regular, she told me to just go to bed as she was going to do and get some rest and that she would be expecting me to call in the middle of the night. She asked me if I was alright with that and I said yes, so I hung up and tried to lay down, well immediately I had a HUGE, EXTEMELY painful contraction and knew that either something was wrong or that's just the way this labor was going to be. So I called her back and told her I just had a contraction that left my legs shaking and I would really like her to come NOW! So she agreed happily to come and check things out.

Meanwhile my mom and dh were scrambling to fill the pool and make the bed.

By this time it hurt to sit on the toilet but I had to pee so I got back in the shower to pee. Dh was filling the pool and then the m/w's showed up and I got into my gown I wanted to wear and asked her to check me. I was 6-7 cm's, this was at about 9:30pm I believe. I wasn't having to moan thru them yet but they were quite intense, I just had to breathe and concentrate and relax. She told me to go ahead and get into the pool if I wanted.

I got in and it felt SOOOO good when I first got in but something just didn't feel right I tried laying back but it just felt like my stomach was in my throat and then I tried laboring hanging over the side of the pool. By this time I was having to moan thru them but still able to put on a smile in between. I labored in the pool for about an hour.

I got out and got onto the bed and I was getting quite vocal thru them but still able to be happy between. This went on for about 2 hrs. finally I started to feel really tired and wondered why it was taking so long. I was comparing (which I knew was wrong) it to my last labor where I went from 3cm's to 10cm's in a little less than an hour. I asked her to check me again and i was a stretchy 9cm's with a BBOW. It was about 11:30pm. I was getting to the point where I didn't know how much longer I could go on like this. Finally at about midnight the m/w asked if I was starting to feel pushy because she noticed I was getting a little grunty. I told her I didn't know, when in all honesty I think I was afraid to push. I even told my m/w that, that happened with dd2, I was afraid for the first few pushes and then I got the hang of it.

So I tried pushing but it hurt SOOOO bad, not like it was with dd2 where it was a relief. I almost begged her break my water but I knew that just like with dd2 I would rather it break during pushing because of the GBS. So I pushed a few times and my water burst all over her! I even warned her that she would get soaked, so she better move to the side. Then I said, oh thank goodness!! I remember it being so much easier with dd2 once my water broke. But it didn't get easier....I was screaming. I was getting cramps in my hips and just coudn't get on top of it. I was worried at one point about the neighbors because I was REALLY loud. I was screaming no, and I can't do this over and over again. I would push and feel his head move down and then it would go right back up. I kept asking how much of his head they could see. I would feel myself start to stretch and then he would slip back in again. Finally I was so fed up with getting 1 step ahead and 2 back that I just pushed (and screamed) like crazy, I didn't think I could stretch anymore and then heard her say push again! He was only out to his forehead. So I pushed again and he came out to his nose, so I pushed again and out came the rest of his head. Then I got a break from the cntrx....they had been one right on top of the other.

So I rested for a few seconds and she said ok, just one more time and he will be here.
So I pushed like crazy and he didn't budge. I saw the student m/w look and my m/w and she said ok, you need to push for your baby! I pushed again and he wouldn't come out. I was sitting up, so she had me lay flat and reached in to see what was going on with his shoulders and told me to PUSH! She unhooked his shoulder and out it came and then I had to push again and out came the other, he was born at 12:20am on the 11th. She put him right up on my belly and he was blue (his 1 min. apgar was only a 6). I was scared but he was crying so I wasn't totally panicked. He was a big boy.

He laid on my stomach until the cord stop pulsing(which was quite a while) and my mom cut the cord...dh has a queasy stomach. Then once again my placenta was being stubborn. So she gave me a shot of pitocin but i was still bleeding pretty good. So she gave me another...finally she had me stand and squat and gently "pulled" while I pushed and it FINALLY came out. It felt huge!

She checked me for tears...NONE!! WHOO HOO!

Then she weighed and measured him...

23" long
14 3/4" head
14 3/4" chest
14 1/2" stomach

He latched right on, he's a hungry little boy! He is also a strong little thing, he was lifting his head up off my shoulder while I was trying to burp him and he was only a couple hours old. His poor face was bruised and purple for a few days.

The birth was nothing like I thought it would be, mainly because none of us knew he was going to be that big. It was truly the hardest thing I have done so far in my life. But I still couldn't be happier about the way it went.

The girls just adore him. He is kind of a fussy baby but other than that he is good.

My dh got his son, my Dad got his first grandson. We couldn't be happier.
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wow, what a big boy! Congrats to your little family :
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Welcome to the world baby Owen!

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Pardon the typos - CWOK (cat walking on keyboard)   signcirc1.gif

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Congrats on your new (big) little man! What an intense birth story-thanks for sharing! :
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