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Boring, I know, but touching him for the first time.

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With my first we actually went to one hospital near my home at the time and after being told I was not in active labor and being left alone two hours, I finally had enough and I made us get up and leave, were we then drove forty miles to another hospital, but half way through that drive my mother called them to let them know we had left and finding out they had no idea that we had, amused me quite a lot, I was in the middle of a contraction and I felt like laughing.
When my partner was trying to tell me jokes that I can't even remember and me trying really hard to laugh at them when all I wanted to do was tell him to shut up lol, I was trying really hard to be the nice laboring woman.
They didn't let me see him at first he was choking and they took him away, but looking at my partner as he brought him back, and he was crying, I had never seen him cry before and he placed him on my chest and looking down at him and thinking, wow, thats my baby.
And then lol sorry so long, after the most terrifying moment of him choking after trying to feed him again for the millionth time and having him stop breathing on me, pulled out of my arms, rushed off and not knowing what was going on or had happened to him, convinced they weren't telling me any thing because he was dying, having him wheeled back to me in a little see through bed thing (lol can't remember what they are called) all though them telling me they had had to pump his stomach because he had swallowed to much amontic (sorry having issues spelling that word) fluid and was choking on it was definitely not my favorite part but when he actually latched on and was really eating for the first time ever I felt such relief and all this fear and worry washed away and I had this thought that every thing was going to be ok, we could do this.
LOL sorry that was so long, but I love this thread, I'm having my second here in the next few weeks and needed to be reminding that it wasn't all bad and there were some really good parts.
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One of the coolest parts for me was just how aware I was the entire time; some parts are foggy to memory when I was deep in labor land, but I know that at the time I was completely present and still ME, just going thru this incredible and intense experience. For some reason I thought I'd get more trance-like or something, but while my body was experiencing all this STUFF, there I was in my head like normal. When I was pushing out my DD she had her hand by her head and my midwife said something like "Give me a blow and push" and I said very clearly (and incredulously ) "A blow AND a push?!" and everyone started laughing b/c I was just so THERE when moments before I'd seemed so deep in labor land.

And of course, feeling her body as every inch left me was amazing and getting to reach down and bring her up onto my chest. Ah, talk about love.

Mama to my Addie Bug wool.gif (10/2008) and angel1.gif (6/2010); nursing student & childbirth educator
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I would say with ds1 I always thought it was a "moment" when we were at home still and dh was kind of nagging me "should we go to the hospital???!!!" "Is it time to go?" He was so scared and I was lying in bed saying no, not yet. And then I had this "real" contraction and just bolted upright about knocking him off the bed where he was sitting! And he's scrambling, OK! I'm getting the keys! It's time to go. It was very cute, like something off a sit-com. Kinda unreal. But we were young! Actually I was 21, but it feels like forever ago!!! Also my girlfriend who I had not planned to be there ended up staying in the room for delivery and afterward she just said "I figured if I was very quiet you wouldn't kick me out. So I stayed in my chair in the corner. Which was funny. And then of course, when he crowned and the midwife was talking about his hair and I was thinking " I don't have a baby hairbrush!" So funny, I was shocked "Hair?" I will really never forget after he was born and it was just mem dh and baby in the room that night. We just sat and played with him like a doll. He was amazing! My angel.

Dd's was a rough birth, nothing went the way I hoped. I really can't say what was good about it. I will always be hurt that I wasn't listened to, I was angry and crying in labor. But I have my little girl, and having a daughter is just a treasure. I ADORE her. The sun rises and sets on her, I swear. That female connection of her being like me is like no other. And I thank god that she breastfed successfully because that is how I bonded with her, not at birth unfortunately.
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A few moments for me:

Calling the hospital back (after having called them to tell them my water had broke, rookie mistake I know), to tell them we were going to have our acpunturist come and help get labor going, as I wasn't feeling contractions yet. They were, of course, wanting me there right now!, since my water had broken. The nurse I talked to said "You're going to do what?!? Well, I can't force you to come in......." Nope, lady, you can't

Joking with the nurses about all the nasty things I was going to say during transistion to my husband. They helped me come up with a list. I didn't end up using any of it. Didn't have any energy to waste on yelling at him.

Listening to the midwife tell me that I could do it, after 2+ hours of pushing.

Feeling him slide out of me

Massage therapist and artist, wife to English DH since 2002, Mummy to Oliver Finn 10/20/07 and Eamon Anthony 12/2/2010
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My first birth: the nurse checking me and saying, "Oh, he has a lot of hair!" - that was surreal; the OB telling my mom that pushing could take two hours, then seeing me push for the first time and saying, "Nevermind, this will be ten minutes!"; and, stupid as it my sound, realizing that there actually had been a baby in there, the first thing I said when he was put on my belly was, "There really was a baby in there!"; the OB saying, "You're just made to have babies.. you could have fifteen if you wanted!"

My second birth: the quiet time between when I got the epidural and when I started to feel the need to push--it was late at night, and my husband and I just waited, but with this great anticipation, since we knew how wonderful having another baby was actually going to be; after the NICU team checked him out (meconium in the water) and they said that he was fine; the (male, yikes!) OB telling me what a great job I did.

My third birth: being able to handle contractions the way I wanted, not being tied to a bed; my husband following my lead and giving me space during contractions, but in between, holding a cold facecloth to my forehead, and telling me that it wouldn't be much longer; hearing him beg me to please get off the toilet and move to the bedroom when I started pushing (the midwife wasn't there yet, and thankfully I was aware even at that moment how funny he sounded); opening my eyes after she had slipped out, to see the look of complete surprise and awe as my husband held his first daughter in his hands; my midwife telling me that I'm just meant to have babies, and that I could have dozens (apparently, that's a recurring comment from my caregivers, heh).
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My dd was put to my chest immediately. We were face to face and the first time she opened her eyes she looked right into mine. That moment was priceless. It was like she said to me with her look "Oh that is what my mommy looks like" which is exactly what I was thinking about her! She makes the same look now while she is nursing!
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With my first birth, though it was traumatic (23 hours of labor, ending in an emergency c-section) My best memory was hearing my baby cry and waiting to see her. My husband recorded (just audio) the whole procedure, and I love hearing the moment when I met her.

With my second birth, there were so many great things about it. I think my favorite was getting to hold my son immediately, and he just kept staring up at me.
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[QUOTE=Doula Dani;12605333]I love these stories so much!! I want to encourage those of you with beautiful moments to share to visit this thread:


The link to that thread didn't work for me .

Originally Posted by Shell_Ell View Post
Moments like my DH putting his head on my belly and crying.
Ohhh, this made me cry!

Originally Posted by Doula Dani View Post
I think a huge part of that is choosing to enjoy your birth and giving yourself a list of things you'd like to experience/do while in labor.

I like the premise and the question you are asking (for good birth memories) but I can't agree that any birth can be made into something positive...
I agree you can't change a traumatic birth to something great, but you can find something to be glad about. I have and it helped me get through grieving not having the birth I wanted.

My moments are:
Talking about books with the L&D nurse. I really liked her.

My DH whispering in my ear about visualising one of my favourite places.

Falling asleep in the bathtub between contractions.

That the only time I was crabby/snappy was when the monitor cord was draped across the back of my neck and I said, "Get it off!"

Mama to 2 year old and :: June 14th!
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My favorite memory is after he was born, I fell asleep while he was with my mom, then they brought him back into my bed and I held him and woke up while my husband was lighting all these candles around the room, and the sun was coming up. It was glorious, with the dim glow in the room.

Also, as soon as he was finally out, I said, "Ohh, it's over!" And my midwife said, "No, honey, it's just beginning." I was so annoyed at the time, but now I look back and really chuckle. Boy, was it.

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Oh so many good memories, but here is what I hope to remember forever:

-Seeing baby! The O.B. was gently holding baby as I requested delay cord cutting and me just staring at baby. I saw NOTHING else at that point and it seemed to last a lifetime. This picture I play back in my head so many times. Just amazing.

-Of course holding baby for the first time. I felt so bewildered.: Everything after that is pretty much a blank for a while.

-Feeling baby's shoulders on the way out and thinking, "we're almost there" and "so this is what they mean by 'you'll feel like you're splitting into two' "

-DH holding my legs as I (apparently) was aiming for everyone It was quite funny to me at the time.

-I had a few hard moments and took midwife's hand for support and she was just so amazing

-My lunch at 10 cm. So I was hungry. It was yummy.
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There are several! Experiencing labor, believe it or not! I had horrible back labor, but I in the end, I have a baby, and that was worth all the pain! The feeling of my babe finally making it past the ring of fire and being laid on my chest, slimy and naked And, finally, the power that comes with bringing a baby into the world, going through labor and birth. I became very empowered and felt like I could do anything!

DH(9/04) DS(12/08) and DD(5/11)

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One of my favorite memories from my son's birth is the smell of tomatillo/squash soup coming from the kitchen. My dear friend Kate came to cook for us, and I remember yelling (in between transition type contractions), "Thanks for coming, Kate! That smells fantastic!"

I was so jazzed to have my favorite people there that the pain seemed bearable. Also, there was something about life going on as usual around me that made the birth seem special and delightfully ordinary at the same time.

Lucy, mama to Silas and Adelaide
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- strutting into the L&D announcing that my water has broken - and watching the nurses' faces when I proceeded to refuse meds for 9 hours.

- walking the halls of the hospital heavy in labor alongside moms and babies who had just gone through it hours before.

- Teaching the nurses Spanish between contractions

- Leaning against my mother as my sister was massaging my lower back while my Aunt and grandmother watched on. I loved having my entire tribe throughout the entire labor.

- Feeling my body take over and push on its own.

- Having the entire room calling to my son, "Sir Oliver! Come out Sir Oliver!"

- Breastfeeding 5 minutes after his birth

Mama to a sweet baby boy (01/18/08), wife to a sweet and loving husband, blogger:, swimmer:, reader of all things and future IBCLC. Waiting zenfully for my spirit baby to return!
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DS - hearing his cry. He was only 34 weeks and I had severe pre-e, so we were so thrilled to hear those little lungs working!

DD#1 - Listenning to music and relaxing through labor. DS's birth was pretty traumatic, and I was really sick and out of it. DH and I just wanted a peaceful entry into the world for DD, and it is just what we got. The best part was holding her afterwards, and not having anyone take her away. (I got a peek at DS before he was rushed to the NICU.) The next best thing was being surrounded with people. DH and I just cuddled her, family came to visit right away, and it felt great! Then watching DS meet her, just melted me.

DD#2 - SHopping through early labor, not realizing it was labor. I have to laugh at myself pretending to look inquisitively at things on the shelves at the store so other shoppers wouldn't bother me in a contraction! Then realizing it was really labor, that my body was doing it without being induced! : Getting in the tub was AMAZING, wish I could have done a water birth! Feeling my whole uterus move down with contractions, and feeling my water break. Then realizing it was all over - so fast! And best of all was holding my lo, realizing she was really OK (another high risk pregnancy had us worried), and staring into her eyes while she held DH's little finger and looked between the two of us with these big bright eyes!
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My best memory is watching my boyfriend be the very first person to hold our daughter, and the wave of relief that came over his face when he did. I don't think I'll ever forget the look on his face that moment for the rest of my life =-)

P.S. She was on ivs and in an incubator for the first two days, so no one got to hold her before that (hense the stressful situation)
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