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We had to schedule a c-section because I had a complete placenta previa that refused to budge the entire pregnancy. This was my experience.

Wednesday October 15th, Jeremy's alarm went off at 3:15 am. I could have killed him right then and there but I woke up with such an intense adrenaline rush I couldn't move. I just laid there in the bed taking deep slow breaths trying to calm myself down. I finally got out of bed and went and took a hot shower which felt so good cause it was kinda chilly that night. Then I loaded up my makeup and toothbrush and all the final items I wanted to pack but still needed to use in the meantime and once Jeremy got out of the shower, he got started loading the car up with all my bags. I kept going back into the bedroom and just sitting and watching Cayden sleeping oblivious that mommy and daddy were about to leave and go make him a big brother. It was bittersweet cause he's been my baby for 3.5 years and now hes all grown up.

We had to be at the hospital at 5:30am to check into L&D and get me prepped for surgery. So at 5, Jeremy and I headed out the front door. As I was walking to my van, I looked over at my neighbors house and thought, I wish I could go wake my neighbor up and get a hug before I leave. She has become like a mother figure to me and she is constantly checking on me to make sure things are going well.
So we headed to the hospital. I think thats the first time I've ever been on 410 without anybody else driving. It was like we were the only people in the world at that point. It made for a quick trip though.
So we arrive about 5:20 and Jeremy drops me off at the front door so I go inside and wait on him cause hes parking the car. Once he comes in, we go up to the 2nd floor and I get checked into L&D. They let me go back but make Jeremy wait out in the waiting room. So I get changed into a hospital gown and go climb into the bed while the nurse goes down the list of questions and medical history and stuff, then another nurse comes in to start my IV only they don't know whether they should start it or not cause apparently my Dr. forgot to send my orders over. They had me in the system but no orders of what to do to prep me so they just decided to wing it and hope they didn't get in trouble cause none of them wanted to call my doc at home at 5:30 in the morning to ask. So I get my IV in my left arm (didn't hurt a bit), they do a blood draw to type and match me for blood from the blood bank so they can get it ordered up for my surgery. And in the meantime I'm getting nervous and so cold and starting to shiver and the saline they are flooding my body with to increase blood volume just makes me colder. So they are continually piling more blankets on me. Next thing I know, they finally allow Jeremy to come back and sit with me. At that point the saline starts rushing thru me and I have to get up and go pee like every 5 minutes which is a pain having to haul the IV stand in and out of the bathroom with me. At that point, I was ready for the catheter already but it had to wait til I was in the OR. After a nice long wait another nurse comes back and says they got the orders finally and they need to start a second IV just in case they need quick access for a blood transfusion or need to give me more meds than they can get in my first one. So I get a heplock in my right arm and although I was fine while getting the first one, this one I was so nervous and tense I was holding my nurses hand for dear life. It didn't hurt either, just kinda made me panic. So one of them brings in a small container with lots of stuff piled inside it...turns out its my meds for the surgery. There was a lot of meds in that little thing.

I guess it was around 7 am that my anesthesiologist Dr. D., came in to introduce himself to us. At first glance, he kinda reminded me of the actor Jeff Goldblum, but I think it was more in his mannerisms than looks. So he just starts chatting about all sorts of stuff and turns out he used to live in San Angelo and was asking if I knew any of the same people he did...nope. So finally we start discussing the surgery and meds and what all we are gonna do. Yes I was getting a combo spinal/epi in case they needed to re-administer more numbing drugs if the surgery took longer than expected, but mainly cause the spinal worked better for me but it doesn't last as long. No he would not lower the drape so I could see the birth because “It's a sterile field and lowering it increases the risk of contamination” and since I dealt with MRSA last time, I was willing to let that go. I didn't want to end up with another infection no matter how low the risk. So then he asked why I needed a second IV line and I told him in case I needed blood in a hurry and he kinda looked at me funny and asked why that would happen. So I told him I had a complete placenta previa and they were concerned about me hemorrhaging during surgery and also having a prior c-section, we didn't know if the placenta had grown into the uterine wall or not and if it didn't want to come out easily, they were gonna go a hysterectomy. His eyes got HUGE and he told me he didn't know about any of that. He also had not received the Dr's orders the day before to be prepared for what was to come. So he was glad I informed if of that very important piece of information. Then we discussed the drugs he would use and I told him I didn't want anything to make me loopy, so to give me Zofran if I got sick instead of phenergan, and that the morphine from last time didn't work so to give me something else that wouldn't make me groggy. I also told him I was having some anxiety but didn't want to be knocked out and he told me of a new med he could give me prior to the surgery that wouldn't cause problems with the baby like most anxiety meds would. That was kind of a wait and see if I need it kind of thing. So once we got everything hammered out, another nurse came in and bundled me up with a warm blanket and said it was time to go to the OR. We almost made it out of the room when we were stopped and told they hadn't received the blood type and cross match from the blood bank yet so they weren't ready. There was no way they were gonna cut me open without having the blood ready. So we headed back into out little curtained cubicle for a few more minutes.

Then we got the green light to head into the OR and I started to really have some monster anxiety. I started having tightness in my chest when I would breathe and it was making me cough. Very much like an asthma attack. As we walked past the nurses station in L&D I saw my doc sitting back there and my midwife standing in front of it so I grabbed her and gave her a big hug and she calmed me down quite a bit and said see you in a few. So we walked on back to the OR and they sent Jeremy into the recovery room to get dressed I his OR attire while they got me ready. I yelled back at the midwife to remind Jeremy to get the camera so she ran back there to tell him for me. We walked into the room and they noted that it was 7:31am, just one minute past my scheduled time. Not bad. I walked around the table and sat down staring directly at the hysterectomy tray and the asthma feeling got much worse. I told Dr. D and he asked if I had asthma and I said yes. He also did not know that so he quickly got me an inhaler ordered in case I needed it. Then I told him it was coming from my anxiety so he went ahead and gave me the anxiety meds before doing anything else. Whatever that stuff was, was amazing. I immediately calmed right down, the chest tightness went away, I didn't get sleepy but I just totally relaxed. So he gave me the spinal first and I felt the zing down my left leg and instantly my feet got really warm (they had been ice cold feeling but I know it was just the numbness). Truthfully I don't even remember the epidural being placed. Then they had me lay down and they put in the catheter which I didn't feel at all and was so relieved I didn't have to get up and go pee every 5 minutes anymore. At this point they had already forced 3 bags of saline solution into me thru my IV just in 2 hours. So they hung up the drape and I heard Jeremy's voice talking to my midwife. She brought him into the OR and had him sit down next to me and he held my hand. Dr. D also didn't make me strap my arms down. He agreed that was an aweful thing to do during a birth. Next thing I knew, I could smell burning flesh so I knew they had begun the operation already and I just laid there and focused on “I'm about to meet my baby, everything's going to be OK, I'm about to meet my baby.” I don't know how many times I repeated that thought to myself but I remember hearing Dr. D and Jeremy chatting about football and other things and I could care less about that discussion so I just laid there and focused. I felt all sorts of pulling and tugging and pressure which had been one of my biggest fears since I didn't feel a thing when I had Cayden, but surprisingly it didn't bother me at all and there was a LOT of it. Then they told Jeremy to stand up and next thing I knew I heard my baby crying and they lifted her over the drape so I could see her for a moment, they said it was 8:05 am, then the nurse took her around the other side of the table to the warmer and showed her to me again in all her gooey gloryness which is something I missed about Cayden's birth. The midwife was taking pictures, then Jeremy took a whole bunch more pictures of her. She weighed 6 lbs 11 oz and was 18 inches long. Such a big difference from my 9 lb 3 oz, 21 in. son. I kept watching them cleaning her and started to feel like I was gonna puke so I started telling Dr. D, I'm queasy, I'm feeling sick. Again I don't know how many times I said it...maybe 5 or 6 but he gave me the Zofran and I immediately felt better. Shortly after that I got a horrible neck spasm on the right side of my neck and shoulder. Never did I expect that but Dr. D told me it happens a lot during surgery so he gave me a muscle relaxer to help ease it up. It worked like a charm but looped me up so bad I could barely keep my eyes open although I could still hear everything going on. Thats when I heard my OB say that she needed to finish suturing up my uterus and get it back in. I actually begain to cry with sheer relief because that meant the placenta came out and my bleeding must have been under control because they were not taking my uterus. I just laid there quietly repeating "thank you Jesus thank you jesus". Right after that they bundled up my baby girl and brought her over to us and handed her to Jeremy and I got to touch her and kiss on her for the first time. It was the best feeling ever. I couldn't believe hoe TINY she was. She had been having trouble with rapid breathing and the O2 monitor kept reading at 82% oxygen but when they gave her oxygen it went up to 97% so they wanted to take her to the nursery and check her up there to make sure her oxygen levels stayed up. After they took her I don't remember too much more, just Jeremy sitting there telling me what a beautiful girl we had. I think when we finally left the OR to go to recovery it was around 8:45 or so. I knew it was gonna take longer to stitch me up because I requested the dissolvable stitches rather than being stapled shut this time around. I spent an hour in recovery and all I could do was ask how my baby was. I had so wanted to nurse her in recovery but I knew she needed oxygen more than she needed food at that point. So a nurse went and checked on her and the nursery nurses told us that her oxygen levels were perfect when she arrived up there and didn't need anymore oxygen. They were just keeping her there hanging out waiting for me to get into my room which took forever because all the rooms were full from then having had 14 babies born the day before. My recovery nurse was amazed that almost immediately following surgery I was moving my legs. I'm thinking its cause my surgery took so much longer than a regular c-section would so my spinal was wearing off faster. I actually needed a dose a pain meds while in recovery but they didn't have the key to access the demerol that was there for me so I had to wait til we got up to my room. Once we got up there, I was parked in the hallway for a few minutes because the cleaning lady was still working on my room. Also, I did the majority of the work scooting from the recovery bed onto my hospital bed with just a bit of guidance from the nurses. I couldn't believe how different everything had been compared to Cayden's birth.

About 10 minutes after we got to our room, they brought in my baby and I got to hold her for the first time. About 15 minutes later my mom and MIL and Cayden all got to come into the room and meet the new baby “stister”. They only stayed a few minutes which I appreciated because they wanted me to have time to rest and bond with her. Once they left, my dad and FIL came in for a couple minutes to see her and they took some pictures then they left too and it was just me and Jeremy and the nurses and our new baby girl. She was super sleepy her first 2 days but with lots of help from the LC's we were able to get started breastfeeding which is now going very well.

She spent her first 2 days without a name because the one we had picked out for her didn't fit her well at all. So 2 days after she was born, we officially named Rebecka Lynn. Becka seemed to fit her little personality and Lynn is after my cousin David Lyn who passed away in December from cancer.

The day I was released from the hospital one of my other midwives came in to check on me and she told me that the word back in the office about my surgery was that I was a train wreck. They were VERY happy that I was a scheduled c-section and not an emergency one. Apparently my placenta had mostly grown anterior but it was a lobe that continued to cover the cervix the entire pregnancy but that they did a classical (vertical) incision on my uterus and STILL found the placenta. So it sounds like it was a bloody mess but luckily I didn't end up needing the transfusion like we had thought I would. She said I would be all sorts of sore because of all the cutting they had to do to get to her and that is why I felt so much pulling and tugging to get her out. They were maneuvering her out of a maze because I still have the bikini line incision on the outside.

Becka is now 2 weeks old and is a super content baby. She usually only cries when shes hungry or wants her diaper changed which she hates but she dislikes being dirty even more. She is still a sleepy baby and her days and nights are a bit mixed up but overall she is excellent and is greatly adored by all of us...especially her big brother. He is always calling her his “cutie pie” and saying “she's so cuuuuute!”
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beautiful! congratulations!
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: Congrats!!

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Great name! (my cousin's name is Rebecca Lynn and she is one of my most favorite people) and beautiful baby!! CONGRATS mama and welcome Rebecka!

BTW- I love the term "belly birth" (never heard it before).

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Congrats mama! She's precious :

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Beautiful!She looks a lot bigger than under 7 lb.!You had me all emotional with all the twists and turns, and YAY!For your uterus!!!!!!Happy healing and a continued babymoon!

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Congratulations! She is beautiful!
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What a little sweetheart!

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Very precious! I can not help but to LOVE the name you picked.

My name is Rebecca Lynne!!

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