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x-posted in my ddc too!

Here's the direct link

WARNING! LONG and HONEST! And for you hypnobabies students, you may not want to read because the program stopped working for me after transformation!

On Friday October 24th around 8pm I started getting regular ctx, that were around 4-6 mins apart. I decided at 9:30pm to just go to bed and get some sleep just in case! Well I couldn't sleep, so I got up at 12:30 because they were uncomfortable enough to make me wonder whether it was really it! I woke up DH and gave him a heads up that I was going to go shower and see if they peter out at all. Well they didn't, the shower made them a bit stronger. When I got out of the shower, I lost my mucous plug in one huge plop! DH and I got up and went downstairs and relaxed on the couch together, I listened to my hypnobabies.

At 2:30am, I told DH to go to bed, that I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep, but that he should go upstairs and try to. I was still listening to my hypnobabies at 3:30, when POP! my water broke! I quickly ran to the bathroom, and then realized that this was it!!!
I called DH and told him, and I could see the deer in headlights look when I told him. We were both expecting me to go a little longer, so this took us a bit by surprise. Well, we started the prep work.....blowing up the birth pool, getting the crockpot set (hot compresses), doing last minute sobebabies orders....etc. They were getting stronger but staying the same length apart. I decided to call mw to let her know what was happening because she lives about an hour and a half away. She decided to come out. Well, things were getting a little closer together and longer by the time she got there (7:15am)....so I was thinking that it was time. I felt like a watched pot ......Unfortunately, about 2 hours after my mw, her assistant, mw student helper, and my doula showed up, the ctx started to peter out By 10 am they were like 10 minutes apart and not going anywhere. So, at 11am they all went home to await my call when things decide to pick up again.

Well, it was daylight out, and I am a total night person!!! I had always visualized my birth occuring at night while Bella was sleeping, so I just knew things wouldn't start up again until bedtime. However, I did try to get them going....(had Bella nurse tons which made them stronger but they would peter out again, went walking around at the store, listened to birthing day affirmations hypnobabies cd) but none of them helped make the ctx longer, stronger, and closer together. They stayed 10 minutes apart allll day! Then around 7pm, DH was getting Bella down for bed, and sure enough....they kicked right in!! They were 5-7 minutes apart, and getting stronger, longer, and closer together, and so I filled up the pool. DH came down around 8, and I told him the good news. These were definitely making progress, but I totally did not want to stall out again and considered not calling anyone at all DH read my mind and starting freaking a bit, and so I called the MW and gave her the heads up. We decided that I would call back in thirty minutes and let her know where I was then. Well, they were 4 minutes apart and strong when I called her back and so she gathered her assistants and was on her way again. DH called my doula, while I changed into my birthing clothes. I then hopped in the pool, and it was heavenly!!!!
Everyone got there around 10:30 or so, and I stayed in the pool. Fetal heart tones were good, ctx consistently getting more intense, things were looking up. By this time I had been up for 24 hours, and was just sooooo tired! So at midnight, I decided to get out of the pool and try to rest a bit.....that was NOT such a good idea. My ctx went from 4 minutes apart and bearable, to 2 minutes apart, sometimes 2 at a time and INTENSE! My hypnobabies wasn't working for me through these, so I decided to hit the pool again.
The pool made them more tolerable, but they didn't slow down at all! I was nauseous and shaky and my mw was sleeping. My doula and dh stayed by me the whole time while the mw and assistants slept in other rooms. My doula would wake my mw up every 30 minutes to do fetal heart tones. Well....around 12:30 I started getting more vocal, and the hypnobabies was starting to irritate me (because these things hurt! and they kept saying its just pressure, so I wanted to throw the cd's out the window).....I admit...at this point I was trying to bargain with DH and doula to call an anesthiologist and see if he would make a house call or if they would drive me to get an epidural....however since I was in transition they wouldn't budge at 1:00 I spontaneously started pushing and totally getting primal!! Doula woke mw up and told her. I was like a mother lion birthing her cubs, and roaring during contractions on hands and knees and then I would flop onto the side of the pool and zone out until the next one. Towards the very end, I remember saying "I can't do this!!!!" and proceeded to get up and lock my knees together (like that was somehow going to stop it). It was funny looking back, but at the moment I was DEAD serious!
I just did what my primal instincts told me to do and roared and pushed and worked to get that baby out!! Finally, the MW said, Natalie, the babys head is out to the forehead, the next contraction and his head is out! Well, the ring of fire wasn't my cup of tea, so I decided to push his head out immediately...whereupon hearing my mw say "OH OK! Here it comes!". Then she said, the babys coming forward....at this point I had no idea what she was referring to because all I wanted was the pain to stop and kinda forgot there was a baby at the end of it all. After the next contraction and pushing out the body, she told me to look down! I did and was like WOW A BABY....THAT'S RIGHT, I FORGOT!! I got on my knees, grabbed the baby, sat back and lifted him out of the water. I first said "Hello sweet little baby Spencer" and the second thing I said was "I'm glad thats over" and the third thing I said "I'm suing Kerry Tushcoff (founder of Hypnobabies) All of these things were said in succession, and I had everyone cracking up seconds after the birth!! Spencer Alexander was born at 1:30 am weighing in at 8lb 3 oz (1 lb more than Bella!) and 22 inches long (3 inches LONGER than Bella) after 6 hours of active labor (or 28 hours if you count from the first real ctx!!

Side notes:
After having a few days to digest everything, I realize that hypnobabies truly did help me out! I was calm, cool, and collected for 27 hours of labor because of it!!!......it just didn't work for me during transition and pushing. I don't regret the countless hours of hynobabies studies and practice, I just wish I would have had a bit more of a backup plan just in case it didn't work.

The midwife student that was there, is from a very mainstream program and hospital. She wanted to see how the other side birthed, so I agreed to let her witness mine since she was such a genuine and sweet girl. Well, I guess I truly made a good impression, as she is looking into being a homebirth mw now!!

Funny story:
My dad (who has worked at a hospital for 35 years, and thoughts homebirths were for crazies), happened to get off work late that night after a surgery, and decided to stop by our house and see what was happening. He arrived 3 minutes before Spencer was born! His exact words to me was, "IT WAS A LIKE A BABY EXORCISM! The lights were so dim, and you were in the pool on your hands and knees moaning, and there was a circle of people around you coaching you." He was soooo impressed with how peaceful and safe it really all was, and was just in awe of being able to witness his grandsons birth! He told me he never knew that women could deliver in any position other than on their back and nonetheless in the water Gotta say, I believe I really opened his eyes!

LLL Leader, IBCLC, marathoner, mom of 2 (maybe 3 one day!)

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Congratulations mama, enjoy your baby moon.
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Congratulations! 27 hours is a long time and it sounds like you had a beautiful, peaceful birth. Thanks for sharing. :

Loving wife partners.gif and mama to my sweet little son coolshine.gif (Fall 2008) and a beautiful baby girl babyf.gif(Fall 2010)


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congrats! isnt it just wonderful to be able to birth they way you wanted. i didnt use a specific method for my last birth. just went with the flow of what felt right and gave birth to my baby standing sraight up. i found being on the constant move helped with pain the most efficiantly. i grabbed him from between my legs and than sat down to hold and enjoy him. how is breastfeeding two going? i'd love to meet the new bundle of joy.

here is a pic of of me with little nathaniel after i grabbed him.

Lisa wife to Ronne and mom to 4 kids ,Thomas 4/92, Amanda 9/99, Christopher 8/06 & Nathaniel 5/08.
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i cant accsess your link

Lisa wife to Ronne and mom to 4 kids ,Thomas 4/92, Amanda 9/99, Christopher 8/06 & Nathaniel 5/08.
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