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mightymama1976's Avatar mightymama1976 08:37 AM 03-23-2014

Hi everyone,


Does anybody have good (short & to the point) links explaining that naturally small hole is normal and that there is no "extra foreskin" ever. And that the urine does not get trapped in "extra foreskin" leading to UTIs and kidney disease. And that this "small hole" does not need to be retracted/stretched in order to get the urine out. If the link has any mentioning of meatal stenosis being a common side-effect of circ, this would be especially good.


Thanks in advance!

mama24-7's Avatar mama24-7 08:25 PM 03-31-2014

I don't have any links but you might find something on either or  I'm sorry if you've already looked there.  I know the dr one has videos on the functions & purpose of the foreskin.  Oh, and there's "The Elephant in the Hospital," by a PhD but it is about 30 minutes.  Are you discussing this w/ someone who is claiming these things?


Best wishes,


mightymama1976's Avatar mightymama1976 01:28 PM 04-03-2014



Unfortunately, the mother who I wanted to get the info for, has opted to cut her 10yo after all :(


She saw my anti-circ posts on facebook and used "my language" to back up her point "it is his body, his choice. he wants it done and he talked to the doctor and asked lots of good questions".

I did email her saying that when you are a hammer everything looks like a nail (same with doctor who can make money by cutting something off) and that in reality her son is still not at the age of making an informed decision because due to his age he does not yet know what penis really is for and how it will be used once the boys is adult. She never replied back and posted on facebook that his surgery is coming up :(. Oh least I tried...

mama24-7's Avatar mama24-7 08:45 PM 04-03-2014

I don't know if it's happened yet, but looking on the bright side, he's not an infant & his foreskin may be separated from the glans, saving him that trauma, he will likely get pain meds which we know infants do not, one of his first experiences isn't that of being strapped to a board not knowing what is/will happen to him, he won't have a wound in a diaper w/ feces & urine, etc.  I'm sorry this will or did happen.  I'm glad though that there are differences & he won't likely suffer as he would have as an infant.


I think it kind of sucks that she was using your words inappropriately.  It makes me wonder if she'd say, "it's his body," if he wanted a tattoo or something?  :(


On his behalf, thank you for trying. :Hug


Best wishes,


mightymama1976's Avatar mightymama1976 09:00 AM 04-04-2014

This boy is my son's friend.

Before his mom learned where I stand regarding circ, she told me that her son will have to have a surgery because of her stupid ex. She then went on to explain that she was adamant about cutting the boy at birth, yet her (so-called "stupid") ex, who was circ'd himself somehow went behind her back and left the boy whole. And now she said her son had all those problems because he was born with too much foreskin, that does not retract and traps urine inside for long periods of times.


I of course explained to her that there is never too much foreskin, that everyone has different length of it and that it is all normal. That even is his difficulty to retract abnormal (since he is only 10yo), it was most likely caused by the doctors recommendation to retract and clean underneath (since he was a young child). I also explained her functions of foreskin and told her about steroid cream and stretching exercises. Yet, all for nothing :(


The boy will be (or was...not sure if it happened yet) under general, so at least no pain or horror.


And of course, big kiddos to her wise and brave (it takes lot of bravery to go behind this sharky woman's back!!) ex, who is the father of the boy.