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philomom's Avatar philomom 04:04 PM 06-09-2014

This was wrong on so many levels. The author blames the foreskin for spreading HIV. And hints there's no difference in sexual feeling for men or women. Unreal!

I'm searching for someone to send feedback to. No wonder our "leave baby boys alone" message gets lost.

hakunangovi 07:16 AM 06-11-2014
What an irresponsibly written article. The author, obviously did no research and quite who Harry Fisch is I'm not sure, although the name does have a vaguely familiar ring.

I note that the name of the author looks Indian, and most Indians do not practise circumcision which adds a further bit of curiosity.

I hope someone writes to the editor with a rebuttal.
mama24-7's Avatar mama24-7 08:26 PM 06-11-2014
At least the beginning of the comments talk about what a piece of rubbish the article is. If you can't reach the author, you can at least debunk in the comments!