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I was up a lot last night and thought of all sorts of threads to post today, LOL!


I am going to post my list here and delete items as I get them done. ;) It will be fun to add to this and then watch it shrink!

With our last babe, I "finished" my list and I went into labor that night at 38 weeks, 2 days. I felt SO ready, loved it!


I am hoping nesting will start soon. My house is a mess! So much to do over the next 6 months. :)


1. Wean toddler, hoping to do this shortly after his 2nd birthday in August. I still have milk at this point, but dried up at 16 weeks last pregnancy. 

2. Lap train toddler. I need him to sit still while I read with my older children. He needs to be able to sit without nursing. We have done some of this, but need more practice!!

3. Clean out ALL closets. Get rid of unused toys. Rotate clothing. Dig out all maternity clothes now that I am getting fat. Etc.

4. Clean out pantries and freezers

5. Emergency Prep Box

6. Consistently drill math tables with older DDs

7. Buy bucket carseat

8. Buy Sweetpeace swing, had this with ds and LOVED it!

9. SO much more! Will add more soon. ;)


Have any of you started a list?


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I started one this morning on the bus! 


Mine is a lot longer though... lol. It's our first, so a lot of it is just getting the house in general ready, and I've combined some general house cleaning tasks in with my baby list (ie almost all the furniture in our will-be nursery needs to be sold or given away. 

Doula mama. Tenley Harper born naturally 11/29/11 + Eli Lucas born unassisted ! 06/02/2014 
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1. Purchase a better car... mine is just not great. We are ready to do it, just can't find what we want.

2. Redo the electric in what will be the office/guestroom

3. Finish painting our shutters (half of them are off the house, and they are half painted.. lol)

4. Purchase cloth diapers, hotsling, ergo/moby/becco/boba/some other kind of carrier, new mattress for crib, mattress for downstairs craddle, batteries for swing, clothes for baby

5. Figure out our carseat situation, but that will be based on number 1

6. Paint our upstairs doors.. they are this ugly old 70s looking wood.. painting them crisp white

7. Premade freezer/crock pot meals

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Most of this will happen after the construction on our house is done (we're adding a room to the back of the house which will open to our kitchen, which is also being re-done. Yipes. I can not wait for it to all be finished!)


  1. Empty and clean nursery
  2. Paint nursery
  3. Buy crib, mattress and bedding, rug and curtains, changing pad for top of dresser. Etc.
  4. Post construction - bring home all the goodies the family my sister nannys for is loaning us - car seat, bassinet, breast pump, swing, stroller... SO nice of them! They had the Sweetpeace swing - so glad to hear that you loved it Amanda!
  5. Complete diaper stash - borrowed newborn size, a few more small covers/fitteds/prefolds, maybe some mediums but might wait to see what would suit our needs best by then.
  6. Carriers - Ergo, sling (ring and/or fleece?)
  7. Get an exercise/birthing ball
  8. Figure out family visiting schedule... Mom, Dad & StepMom, Inlaws....
  9. Find gifts for the three midwives
  10. Mother Blessing/Baby Shower
  11. Figure out clothes for wee one love.gif And figure out clothes for me rolleyes.gif I think I'm ok for this summer, but my jeans didn't fit any more this spring, so I'll definitely have to get some maternity pants and probably some tops come fall. And a slightly dressier outfit for Thanksgiving/Christmas.
  12. Knit wool sleeping pouch
  13. Take some belly pics!
  14. I'm SURE there will be more...
  15. See? There already is. Stock the freezer. Get the birth pool from my friend. Get/collect the items on my midwife's list. Take the natural birth class.



I'm Heather, newly married (12/5/10) to James! partners.gif
We are currently "mama" and "papa" to Maisy cat.gif and soon... parents to BABY NEW YEAR 2012!! babyf.gifWe're happily planning a h20homebirth.gif and intend to femalesling.GIFbfinfant.gifdiaper.gif

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Mine is too long to imagine, it makes me sick.... We are building a room addition, and need to redo the nursery, plus plan for a homebirth at CHRISTMAS time. Yay.

Melissa-Mama to Allyson carrot.gif 1-22-07 and Katelyn homebirth.jpg 5-14-09 and Paul 1-2-12 my 10 lb 6oz. homebirthed baby boy.

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It's a good idea to list some of these things.  Unfortunately, I know my list will grow instead of shrinking no matter how much we get done.  Oh, well.  Here goes:


  • make arrangements to visit family for 2-3 weeks in between prenatal appointments while DP replaces two floors, remodels downstairs bath, replaces kitchen cabinets, and restores upstairs mini-office to its original half-bath status... (our rental has major issues with rotting and mold in the downstairs floors and we've been waiting for the girls' school year to end before dealing with it)
  • Finally unpack and minimize ridiculous amount of belongings in the attic.  Think donations!!! 
  • Hopefully unearth maternity, baby, and homebirth supplies during the process of clearing out attic
  • Walk as often as possible!  Kegle!  Use birth ball!  Squats! Look into prenatal yoga class  *I didn't start this pregnancy in great shape, so I have my work cut out for me to prepare for the inevitable birth at the conclusion of this pregnancy...
  • Connect with the wonderful local Mamas I've met as often as possible.  I'll need all the support I can get once #4 arrives!
  • Re-Install child gate. at both ends of stairs.
  • Gather scattered diaper stash and add to it.
  • Find gifts for the two midwives
  • FIND a doula willing to be on call over Christmas/New Year's Eve. 
  • Look into options for post-partum help!
  • Find photographer
  • Prepare children, especially the two-year-old:  Read Dr. Sears books Baby On the Way & What Baby Needs regularly, choose homebirth videos to share
  • Britax booster for oldest dd (will be 8)  (the others will shift to the next size up).
  • New carseat covers for the hand-me-down carseats
  • Plan birthday parties for October & December
  • Stay on top of assignments throughout fall semester + focused during finals week
  • Mother Blessing, I hope!!!
  • Home blessing with sage burning
  • Purchase birth kit
  • Arrange family visiting schedule...
  • Belly cast!
  • Get paper and extra rubber gloves for placenta prints
  • Bury two frozen placentas from previous births... somewhere...
  • Get a copy of previous birth video and repair dd2's birth tape.  Watch.  Share with DP & the girls.

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Well, I've got a boatload of things to complete between now and then, but few are actually related to the baby. Building up my store inventory is a biggie. Um, and figuring out who I'm going to have here to support the kids while I'm in labor. It has to be someone I don't mind seeing my... everything, who the kids like, and who I trust will actually show up. (my sister no-showed on us last birth.)
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I'm using Workflowy for my to-do lists and i really like it, btw.

Repaint bathroom & new cabinets X 

Clean out storage room X 


Get an exercise/birthing ballX 

Get maternity clothes from my sweet friendsX 

Rearrange stuff in living room, make "baby space" in corner of living room/move my workspace

Declutter bedroom closets, replace my vanity with baby dresser/changing table

Find a doula who will come to the house and help me labor at home until the last minute and support my delivering in hospital without drugs


Find a nanny who can work occasional overnights


Breast pump

Layette set/blankets




Birthing classes

Plan a blessingway--no gifts, just intentions

Make something for the baby--I'm not too crafty but maybe I can make a stuffed animal

Go for a weekend away with my husband in September/October to celebrate my 31st birthday and our 5th wedding anniversary

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I am moving to Denver around 30 weeks, so I still need to line up a date with the birth center there or find an OB.  Hoping my husband can find a job so we can have some health insurance and I don't have to go on medicaid.  I also need to line up an apartment in Denver.  So, I'm not going to buy anything until we get there.  I have a huge list of stuff for the baby we need to buy.  Trying not to stress too much is definitely on the list.  I guess if all else fails we'll move to St Louis and live with his parents until he gets a job.  Yikes!

Married to my love.  Expecting #1, EDD:12/23!  Hoping for a waterbirth.jpg at a birth center.

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Well, we are getting there - I have purchased a few items that we need..this is baby #3 for us, though we did pass a lot long, our youngest is not quite 2, so we still have some things...thankfully!


Here goes:


*Buy Sit and Stand Stroller (doing this next week, if everything works out!)

*Buy bassinet sheets (maybe crib sheets too if it is a girl)

*Make/buy wrap carrier (like a Moby, I will probably make 2, actually - I think a fleece one might be nice in December!)

*Check and order needed parts for breast pump, SNS, bottles, etc (I go back to work very soon after birth, and tend to have supply issues, so I want to be prepared..please don't judge!)

*Buy a few more NB or teeny tiny CD's (or just covers) - waiting to find out gender, so I can spoil myself with cute ones lol

*Buy NB clothes (girl or boy..I have neither)

*Buy dresser or other item to store baby's clothes in (or more likely I will purchase one for my 2yo, and give his to the baby sense his is a changing table too)

*Rearrange house to so we all 5 fit (unless we move of course)

*Get maternity/family pics done

*Buy nursing bras (may do this soon..I think my preggo boobs should be about right for the first couple  months of nursing anyway...and who knows maybe I will have tons of milk this time and they will stay big!)

*Continue to prepare kids (DS1 is pretty ready, but, DS2 is a mess...I think he understands just enough not to like it - he is being super clingy!)

*Buy Christmas gifts (hey, I don't want to be doing this hugely pregnant or with a newborn!) we keep it pretty simple anyway though, and under $150 for everyone we buy for...crazy, I know, but, it always works out!

*Build up a "maternity leave" fund - I will have some paid time, but, want to set some money aside so I can take some unpaid as well, if needed (all depends when baby is born).

*Oh, yes, and wash and put together everything!


That's all I can think of right now...I am sure there is more though!

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a list? I have a book lol I'm a Virgo and it shows. I have it divided into do asap, buy, to do a few months before, a few weeks before, when labor starts, reminders for helpers during, list of things to have near by right after, things to have by my "recovery" bed, etc ,etc.  I'll try to get it on the computer soon in case anyone else would find it helpful


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Phew. We all have busy months to come! I'm realizing that if I want to have most things done by the last month, so I can relax and sleep then, I'd better start thinking about everything that needs to get done!

1. Sew baby's clothes for first 6 months, some for older sizes too.
2. Plan the knitting projects and start spinning/dying the wool. Then, of course, the knitting.
3. Finish hemming diapers, and maybe get some more fabric.
4. Get s ome sort of larger lighter dresser to put baby's and my clothes in, and eventually get rid of the really heavy one I have now before we move (in spring)
5. Gather baskets for organizing baby things
6. Make more maternity clothes, especially skirts/pants.
7. Confer with my auntie about a blessing party.
8. Find a good Westie van and buy it and take it on some test weekends.
9. Suck up my hatred of box stores and go to walmart and buy the stupid carseat (if we find the van)
10. Make lots of food to freeze, so we can eat something other than dh's pasta sauce after baby comes.
11. Have lots of sex! Who knows how having a baby and moving across the country will change things, and the 3 times so far this pregnancy is not a rate I'd like to continue!

What's all of this working out the family visiting schedule? Do you tell which family in what order to visit after the birth, so they're not all there at once? If so, good idea, but what do you do about the ones who will be offended they're not first?

Maker-mama, joyously loving my boy, Winter Rhys, born 12/2011, and our twins, Wren and Forest, born 4/2014.
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I don't want to think about my list.  


Move internationally with 3 kids

Sell our house back home

Find new rental

Move again

Enroll kids in school 


Can I cry?


And then of course there is the baby stuff:  clothes, car seat, diapers.  That is the easy part.  Really, if we could just get our house to sell, everything else will seem simple.  

Frugal, food growing mama to my four loves

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