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SierraBella's Avatar SierraBella 09:12 AM 10-14-2011

Originally Posted by Caitlin0919 View Post

I finally have mine! I'll let you know when they ship. I got rose quartz, mainly because it's the South Dakota state mineral but when I looked up more info on it, I found all kinds of cool stuff about rose quartz. I thought it made it that much more appropriate for a birth bead necklace or bracelet:



The beads that I sent are smooth round moonstone, and I'm sending 2 for each. I thought moonstone was cool because it's suppose to be good for pregnancy and birth, as well as fertility :)

Mayachel's Avatar Mayachel 12:33 PM 10-14-2011

Ooh thanks for sharing why you chose your beads! I thought about including a note about why the ones I'm sending are special, but really it was complicated enough for me to just get them to the post office, so I'll share here. Mine are antique ceramic beads from a necklace that belonged to my mother. When I was very little it was my favorite to play dress up with, and day I broke it. For years and years they've been in a zip lock baggy waiting to be restrung. I remember my mom was disappointed, as she liked the necklace and it had been a gift from one of her students. (So it's history is at least 30-40 years in my family) but she never got angry with me over it. I thought this would be a nice way to share the love with the rest of you.

Czarena's Avatar Czarena 01:12 PM 10-14-2011

I sent a poem and wrote what my beads are on the back but in case the writing on the back gets overlooked..


Mine are round smooth wooden beads. Round like our sweet babies heads and made from trees to ground us to Mother Earth.

BennyPai's Avatar BennyPai 06:43 AM 10-15-2011

luxlove.gif  Thanks for sharing, Ladies!  I'm looking forward to sending the beads back to everyone.  I made a birth necklace during my last pregnancy, and it broke when we moved. The glass centerpiece bead itself broke.  I plan to gather beads from that necklace to include with the beads I receive during this exchange.  They are so special to me.  They were a great reminder of the support from my friends/family during labor!

futuremamaheather's Avatar futuremamaheather 07:20 PM 10-15-2011

I sent 2 crystal beads for each person, representative of the beautiful snow and ice that we often get during December here in New England.

BennyPai's Avatar BennyPai 03:12 PM 10-17-2011

Bead Exchange progress:

Four more packages arrived today.  joy.gif






Mamaecho (confirmed shipping)


We're almost there!  thumb.gif


I'm waiting on an update from:



rustydaisies's Avatar rustydaisies 03:22 PM 10-18-2011

sorry im running so behind! 

they will be in the mail tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!  i swear! 

BennyPai's Avatar BennyPai 06:35 AM 10-19-2011

Yay, rustydaisies!  thumb.gif  I'm so glad you posted.  All of the beads are on the way, then. 


Next it's my turn to take a trip to the post office.  Sheepish.gif  I've been known to have a hiccup or two in that department, but not this time... (SO glad everyone has addressed their own envelopes ... the last thing I shipped was returned because I sent it to my own street name in my sister's town duh.gif...) 


I will update when the last couple of packages arrive here, and announce when I ship the beads back in your directions. 

rustydaisies's Avatar rustydaisies 05:27 PM 10-19-2011

life has been crazy stressful and money has been so tight that i have kept putting it off but i do have some really pretty beads!

BennyPai's Avatar BennyPai 05:01 AM 10-20-2011

I completely understand, rustydaisies!  With three kiddos and life transitions, etc. I have some experience with stressful times.  hug2.gifI'm glad you're able to participate. Let's spread some positive energy!grouphug.gifgoodvibes.gif

BennyPai's Avatar BennyPai 04:59 AM 10-21-2011

Mamaecho:  Your beads arrived yesterday.  smile.gif

BennyPai's Avatar BennyPai 06:04 PM 10-24-2011

Another package has arrived:  Rustydaisies.  :)

rustydaisies's Avatar rustydaisies 09:22 AM 10-25-2011

oh thank goodness!!! im excited! i hope i put enough postage on the return envelope hahaha

Caitlin0919's Avatar Caitlin0919 06:23 PM 10-25-2011

Sorry I'm so slow! Mine took longer to get to me than I expected and now we're literally down to our last dollar so I have to wait until Friday to get mine in the mail. Sorry everyone!

BennyPai's Avatar BennyPai 07:14 AM 10-27-2011

I'll start looking for your package next week, Caitlyn0919.  :)  I can probably use this delay, LOL.  I'm scrambling around to get us ready for Halloween ...nut.gif

BennyPai's Avatar BennyPai 09:19 AM 11-08-2011

I haven't forgotten about our bead exchange.  I'm waiting on one last shipment, and I'm set up to ship the beads out by the day after I receive it.  

I've said before that I don't want to leave anyone out, and I don't want anyone to take my next statement that way.  I just want to be fair to everyone.

Mamas with a 12/1 due date could possibly meet their full-term babes as early as next Thursday 11/17!yikes.gif

If you have an early December due date (there are several with these), I am willing to ship your beads by this Friday to give you a better chance to have time to incorporate them into jewelry/string them, etc. before your babies start arriving.  This would leave out the bead/s from the last Mama.  *I am willing to send the extra bead along in a regular envelope as soon as it arrives.

If you have an early December due date and would like me to ship yours sooner, send a PM to my MDC user:

Rainbow.gifPeace, heartbeat.gifLove, & baby.gifHealthy Baby Vibes goodvibes.gif

Caitlin0919's Avatar Caitlin0919 12:12 PM 11-08-2011

I'm so sorry ladies! I'm the one holding everything up. They will be out in the next day or two I promise! I don't want those with earlier due dates to miss out!

sowega's Avatar sowega 03:25 PM 11-08-2011

I'm almost 37 weeks now and usually deliver around 38-39 weeks. Been having prodromal labor for  I would be seriously surprised if I made it to my Dec 3rd due date. No pressure, but I was hoping to be able to have my beads before the birth. I do appreciate all that you are doing!

BennyPai's Avatar BennyPai 02:26 PM 11-09-2011

Looks like I'll receive the last shipment on Saturday and I can have all of the beads in the mail by Monday.

Send me a PM if you'd like your beads in two shipments -- one tomorrow/Friday and the other on Monday.  I don't mind at all -- probably won't be more than the cost of a postage stamp to mail the last bead on Monday.

BennyPai's Avatar BennyPai 10:03 AM 11-14-2011

UPDATE:  All beads are being shipped  TODAY!  I haven't received Caitlin0919's yet, but hopefully they will arrive in today's mail so I can add them to everyone's package.

I've decided to place the beads in ziplock bags without stringing them.  I took a photo of each contribution, and I'll post them here so we'll all know who each bead is from.  Please let me know if I've mixed anyone up!  Also, I think it would be nice if each of us takes this opportunity to share a little about our beads here.  love.gif


Averylamb:  Averylamb.jpg avp.rsmith:  avp.rsmith.jpg  Azadehhast:  Azadehhast.jpg   BennyPaiBennyPai.jpg:


Czarena:  Czarena.jpg  FutureMamaHeather:  futuremamaheather.jpg  Hillary77:  Hillary77.jpg  MamaEcho:  MamaEcho.jpg


Mayachel:  Mayachel.jpg RustyDaisies:  rustydaisies.jpg  SierraBella:  SierraBella.jpg  Sowega:  sowega.jpg






Caitlin0919's Avatar Caitlin0919 10:12 AM 11-14-2011

They didn't come on Saturday? confused.gif  Stupid guy at the post office, probably forgot to factor in that Friday was a holiday or something. I hope they come today!

AveryLamb's Avatar AveryLamb 10:15 AM 11-14-2011

Oooh can't wait to get them!!!



BennyPai's Avatar BennyPai 10:16 AM 11-14-2011

I bet that's it, Caitlin.  I forgot Friday was a holiday, too.  redface.gif

I'll be sure to wait for my mail to run before I ship the beads.

SierraBella's Avatar SierraBella 10:33 AM 11-14-2011

Originally Posted by BennyPai View Post
  SierraBella:  SierraBella.jpg 

These beads are polished rainbow moonstones.. I picked them because moonstones are suppose to help with pregnancy and birth, as well as representing the feminine and fertility.


SierraBella's Avatar SierraBella 10:35 AM 11-14-2011

I hope they make it here by Friday!!! I really want to include these in my mama-blessing ceremony!

BennyPai's Avatar BennyPai 10:58 AM 11-14-2011


Originally Posted by BennyPai View PostAlso, I think it would be nice if each of us takes this opportunity to share a little about our beads here.  love.gif






These are tourmaline, Maine's state gemstone. 

Remedy Benefits of Tourmaline:

  • Black tourmaline repels negativity
  • Brown tourmaline cleanses the aura and auric field
  • Pink tourmaline promote joy and love
  • Green tourmaline opens the heart chakra
  • Colorless tourmaline activates the crown chakra
  • Watermelon tourmaline promotes unconditional love           *More here: 

AveryLamb's Avatar AveryLamb 11:00 AM 11-14-2011

I posted this to the email group but I'll repost it here:


Now that you can see a pic of the ones I got, I can say why I got them :) (I didn't have time to print anything, not to mention I don't have a printer hooked up to my computer!)

I know the ones I got are probably dyed something or other, but the base is still a fairly natural type of stone...I wanted natural, because birth is natural! I wanted blue for the calming/soothing color it is, and round for any round thing you want to associate with it...a baby's head, the circle of life, etc. Besides that, round is another soothing shape (at least for me!).

futuremamaheather's Avatar futuremamaheather 01:53 PM 11-14-2011

I sent 2 crystal beads for each person, representative of the beautiful snow and ice that we often get during December here in New England.


FutureMamaHeather:  futuremamaheather.jpg




BennyPai's Avatar BennyPai 03:38 PM 11-14-2011

I'm sad to say Caitlin0919's beads didn't make it today.  greensad.gif  I will be happy to distribute them when they arrive to anyone who PMs me with an address, though.  *I didn't write down addresses before I sent the SASEs...  I will use a regular envelope and I'm sure the small packages won't cost much in shipping .


  I hated to mail these without her beads, but I also didn't want the beads to miss any births!

Caitlin0919's Avatar Caitlin0919 04:34 PM 11-14-2011

Bummer :( Well, no one to blame but myself for the late delivery. If I'd sent them way back when I first got the beads, it wouldn't be a problem. Oh well. I'm glad most of the beads will go out so everyone can start their necklaces. Sorry everyone.

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