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waiting2bemommy 11-09-2011 09:21 PM

It's only been a year and a half since I did this, but my memory is failing me. Also, we don't have a washing machine and I currently do one big wash every Friday, sorting all the family clothes by color and doing like 8 loads at the same time. Obviously I'll have to run down to do a load of diapers a few nights a week, but I've always washed baby clothes with everyone else's and it wouldn't be cost effective to do it any other way, doing multiple tiny loads of anything besides diapers during the week. Does this list look like enough to last a week? My big kids seem to go through a TON of clothes in a week, but idk, maybe this is overkill:



onesies--nb and 0-3 mos, 20 of each

pants--nb and 0-3 mos, 10 of each

sleepers--10 of each size (my kids only wear sleepers to sleep in, I dress them during the day from the beginning)

long sleeve shirts/sweaters--5 of each size

tights or leggings or baby legs--6 pairs

socks--15 pairs


3 pairs of mittens

2 snowsuits (just because we don't have a car so if it's cold and the baby has an unexpected poop explosion, we're stuck in the house until it gets washed and dried.)



30 diapers

6 covers

5 snappis

6 receiving blankets

14 washcloths

30 cloth wipes (which I will make myself)


does that sound like enough clothes to last a baby a week? Too much? I washed all the time with ds, my winter baby, and dd was a spring baby so she was frequently half naked which really cut down on the amount of washing!

onetwoten 11-10-2011 06:02 AM

I've never done this before, but people are telling me that I'll need more receiving blankets than that, and more washcloths. Depending on your house heat, I might grab a few more long sleeve tops, but other than that, it looks good to me!


***ETA: Oh sorry yes, I didn't realize the separate categories for washcloths and wipes. Enough washcloths, but iffy on the wipes then would be what I was told. 

Amanda Williams 11-10-2011 08:54 PM

30 wipes would never last me much longer than a day. Depending on poopy diapers, which will happen OFTEN, I can easily go through 20 wipes a day with a newborn....I think everything else looks good. 

ZoeJane'sMommy 11-11-2011 08:13 AM

I also only do laundry once a week, and for my daughter (I do wash her seperately) I only do laundry every two weeks (she is 5). This is my second and it is a boy this time so no leggins and stuff and I use disposable diapers so I can't help there, but this is about what I have.


10 short sleeve onsies (mainly to wear under sweaters and stuff)

22 long sleeve onsies

5 regular long sleeve shirts (just not onsie)

20 pairs of pants (some jeans, some sweats, ect. Only because my daughter had blow outs like crazy so this way I am always ready)

10-15 pairs of socks

2 pairs of house shoe/slipper types

13 recieving blankets (i don't know why but I always seem to get these dirty one way or another)

25 burp clothes

15 sleepers (I to only use these to sleep and sometimes spit ups require a change)

5 jackets

1 full body snow suit type thing (live in Oklahoma and we wont this very often)

5 warm blankets (keep one in each car and 3 inside)



So I think you have a good amount and you may need to adjust a little, but my modo is always have more than enough than too little. And thanks for posting this because I completely forgot mittens!! Luckily we have days in the 60's in the first part of december so I have a couple of weeks to get these.

mommy2two babes 11-11-2011 08:14 AM

Depends on the baby. My first 2 almost never spit up
Number 3 could easily got through 3-4 outfits in just a morning.
I was completely unprepared and ended up sending my mom to get more sleepers and undershirts.

ashleeS 11-12-2011 08:26 AM

Totally depends on baby!  Less spit ups and blow outs obviously means less laundry.  I'm the type that will keep baby in the same sleeper until it's dirty (a good full day or two if I can) unless I need them to be in something "cute".  Staying clean for a long stretch is rare, but I like to avoid unnecessary changes when it's cold, and why go through more laundry than I have to?  My babies are usually really fat too, so "outfits" just don't seem to be very comfortable.  Footed cotton sleepers are my favorite ;)  I do laundry frequently, all family members clothing mixed, so I never seem to "run out" of options.

ashleeS 11-12-2011 08:30 AM

Oh, my 2nd spit up so much I finally just resorted to having STACKS of burp cloths and bibs around.  I got SO TIRED of changing her outfit and mine literally 10x a day that I got really good at using bibs and unfortunately the wood floor to catch the huge volume.  We're talking  30+ huge spits a day!  I felt like I spent all day cleaning up after her!  Exhausting!!!  

waiting2bemommy 11-14-2011 12:27 PM

Thanks for the input!!! I am making the cloth wipes from other scrap fabric and old receiving blankets I find at the thrift store, so maybe if I buy 12 receiving bankets for that purpose (I usually get 4 wipes out of each one) and then buy a few more blankets than I had originally planned. It seems like we have sooo many blankets already.....not baby blankets per se, though, so I probably still need to get more.

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