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CVSilva's Avatar CVSilva 08:29 AM 12-12-2011

Anyone else just want to delivery their baby already? I'm so ready to have my body all to myself again. I can't wait to see our new baby. I'm trying to sell baby on the idea of seeing the faces attached to his parents voices. I'm eager to see baby. Isn't baby eager to see me? So far, trying to coach him out to see all the wonders of the world isn't working. Every time he stretches, I tell  him there is a lot more room out here. But, baby is very comfortable where he is, and thinks he'll stay a bit longer. Our due date is on 12/24/2011.


rustydaisies's Avatar rustydaisies 12:02 AM 12-13-2011

haha im feeling similarly!  everytime the stretching starts i say the same thing! you know there  is alot more room out here!!!!!!  im due the 23rd.  im just super exhausted all the time now excpet for at 2 in the morning and cant wait to have some kind of energy back after the baby is out and about

CVSilva's Avatar CVSilva 07:03 AM 12-13-2011

Yes! I also wake up at 2 in the morning every night. I wonder why 2 am exactly, every night? And yes, I think- more like really, really, hope- I'll have more energy once the baby is born. Best wishes for a smooth Home Birth. I wanted one, but DH liked the "security" of a traditional setting. Our compromise- a Birthing Center. He's come around to since the beginning. I've told him #2 will be a Home Birth, no compromise.

LadyScientist's Avatar LadyScientist 09:04 AM 12-13-2011

LOL I am up at 2 am every morning too! What's that about?! I am really hoping little man decides to come early I don't know if I can make it until the 30th!

mamadonna's Avatar mamadonna 12:22 PM 12-14-2011
I'm due the 27th and really ready as well. I'm so over being so big that every movement is a chore.
EuroMama's Avatar EuroMama 12:36 PM 12-14-2011

I am due the 31st and whereas I am so anxious to meet him, for our DS(9) to meet his little brother he's been wanting for a very long time and for us all to be a family of 4. I also know its better if he stays in until then too. I am ready for my hormones to hopefully go back to normal. But stay in there for a little while longer sweet baby boy!! :)


I have entered the uncomfertable part of my pregnancy, I can't sleep comfertably anymore.

Azadehhast's Avatar Azadehhast 02:08 PM 12-14-2011
39+5 here. Grrrrrrr. Has there ever been a woman this pregnant who wasn't a grump? I dont think so.

I think, irrational as it is, I'm mostly anxious for the birth to finally happen already so I can see specifically how I've broken my baby. I mean, something in me doubts my ability to make a whole, unbroken person, and I'm waiting to discover that not-perfect thing so I know how everyone will blame me for the rest of my life. Isn't this ridiculous?? Yes! Of course, I'm totally, miserably uncomfortable and so damn tired of not being to do anything, or move without pain, and I want to vomit every time I look at my very swollen hands, legs and feet. I'm just so over this stupid pregnancy thing. I don't even care about having a baby anymore (though I know I'll be over the moon in love once it's finally here). I'm just so tired of the waiting and of feeling this way.

One of my cousins is pregnant, and posted a photo of herself at 35 weeks, saying she feels ready to pop and doesn't think it'll be much longer......I was like, ha! Just you wait! Ha ha ha. Scoff scoff. You don't know anything.
rustydaisies's Avatar rustydaisies 09:47 PM 12-14-2011

haha azadehast i feel you!  with the broken comment to, there a weird subconcious part that is like okay................ whats wrong with this baby ive had too easy of a pregnancy.  ime xcited for the little one because its the dutch boy with its finger in the wall, after the baby is born there will be a big move and lotsa change and movement in my life, which is what i thrive on.  its been a crazy three years, i spent 2 years helping take care of my MIL while living with her my 2 SIL and BIL and a bunch of animals, and then she passed in may, and the pregnancy was already in full swing at that point ha!  im sick of adjusting i cant wait to stop waiting and just level out instead of being in a siutation ive kind of just fallen into (living situation)  *sigh*

BennyPai's Avatar BennyPai 04:33 AM 12-15-2011

I'm torn.  I'm ready for this pregnancy to end, but the time isn't right. 

I got up to go to the bathroom 20 minutes ago.  I'm 39+2.


The worst pregnancy symptom, for me, is the pain and awkwardness of getting out of bed to pee at night.  It would help if my 8yo and 6yo "obstacles" wouldn't appear in my bed at 3AM.  I have a pretty good pregnancy symptom memory, and this has been an issue each time.  I was so excited when DP turned the little room upstairs into a half-bath last summer, thinking ahead to this trimester and knowing how awful it would be to have to walk downstairs after getting out of bed.  I'm not sure I would've made it all the way down some nights ...


Still, I'm begging this babe to hold off as long as his/her older siblings have because our home just.  Isn't.  Ready.  And, for some reason, my usually sweet and empathetic husband gets stressed out and turns into an inconsiderate hopmad.gif near the end of pregnancy (- at least, these last three -- he was awesome the whole time with #1).  Even his presence becomes irritating.  Somehow, just near the end, we reconnect and everything is fine again.  I'm waiting, impatiently, for this reconnection to take place, because right now I'd like to send him to a friend's house and invite some of my woman friends over for support.banghead.gif



jesusfollower's Avatar jesusfollower 12:29 PM 12-16-2011

I'm also not due until the 30th, but I feel like if I don't have this baby sooner than that, I'll die. eyesroll.gif Not really, of course, but I am so done. It's really been an easy pregnancy, but at my Dr. appt yesterday I found I'd gained 3 lb. in a week. Seriously?!?! I'm going to end up gaining 50 lbs with this baby. I am NOT stuffing my face with ice cream every day. I'm eating very healthy food and getting exercise (admittedly less than I was a few weeks ago, since I can hardly walk without pain now). I just feel like I'm ballooning! (I know a lot of it is water retention.)


I'm still at 3 cm and 60-70% effaced. I can feel the baby's head between my legs. I don't know how I can do this for another two weeks.

junebugmidwife's Avatar junebugmidwife 06:37 PM 12-16-2011

Oh, good, I was looking to come here and moan.  I'm 40w2d and no inkilings of labor, cervix is long and closed.  I forgot how going past my due date makes me a little crazy.  I went to 41wks even with DS, so I'm thinking it will probably be the same this time around.  I do not want to talk to anyone about the state of the pregnancy, when the baby is coming, etc, etc.  I feel ginormous, and few of my maternity clothes fit anymore.  I have gained around 45#, eating healthy food.  Soon, I'll *have* to stay home, wrapped in a sheet.


Also, I have a cold.


Baby, please come out.

reillys_mom's Avatar reillys_mom 12:19 PM 12-18-2011

Today is my due date (and my birthday). I'm actually feeling better than I did a week ago, but I'm also tired of everyone asking when it is coming. If I could predict that I'd be a very rich woman. No, I'm not carrying twins, nor am I "huge" as the baby is measuring exactly along with it's age, yes I can still get around a bit. I'm sure I'm missing some of the other silly comments.


Now, I'm trying to just enjoy my last few days of being pregnant (this is #3 and our last). I'm hoping that it waits until Wed so we'll have a Solstice baby.

zuleicamoon's Avatar zuleicamoon 02:18 PM 12-18-2011

Totally done here, too, at 39+2.  I sat in bed last night and just cried.  I had every intention of finishing this out gracefully since it will be our last and I wanted to enjoy every last second, but I don't even care anymore.  I just want to be able to sleep and breathe and move without pain.  Baby, come out!!!!

reillys_mom's Avatar reillys_mom 12:10 AM 12-19-2011

Well, my water just broke. No contractions though. I'm now trying to relax and get a good night's rest before I call the midwife and family. Part of me wants to tell EVERYONE! and yet I know it can still be a long haul.