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13pumpkins's Avatar 13pumpkins 09:02 AM 12-08-2012

Note, I put $15 as the price as I was forced to.  There is a lot of different items here and prices are listed with each!


Orange edged, newborn Cloth-eez prefolds from Green Mountain Diapers

$12/dozen or $6/half dozen

5 dozen available

Regularly $24/dozen new


Uncertain brand of slightly bigger prefolds.  These were a gift and they have been workhorses.

$12/dozen or $6/half dozen

2 dozen available


Good mama OBV newborn fitteds (solid OBV, not prints)

$45/3 diapers (larger lots I MAY negotiate--it is not a money issue but more of I have little time to email haggle as my notes below will indicate)

Regularly $31-37 each from goodmama


XS thirsties covers

3 green, 3 blue, 3 pink

$5.75 each or 2 for $10

Regularly $11.50 each


GroVia Newborn AIO

one in vanilla and one in surf

$7.50 each

Regularly $14.95 each


I can only accept PayPal and can only ship through PayPal to use Click n Ship and their tracking services.  Therefore, I have said I will only ship to USA locations.  I WILL ship out of the USA ONLY if the buyer agrees to a shipping format that can be accomplished through PP--sadly, these tend to be more pricey.  With 5 kids 5 and under and December, a trip to the post office is fairly impossible and certainly improbable  LOL.


Also, the amount of babies I do not have time to painstakingly sun each item nor haggle over each.  I'm taking a huge hit (listed everything at 50% off) because of this.


For mamas that are interested, I do have newborn wool longies (excellent yarn) from previous pregnancies that was never used this time around, yarn, wool, other diapering supplies we may not use, and Anais and Aden swaddling cloths.  For girl mamas, our girls are about to grow out of this round of fleecy pajamas and I am tempted to sell those online vs. going to our local consignment shop.  Please message me if interested but understand it takes a few days for me to contact back.

I can send you an iPhone photograph of your purchase prior to shipping to prove I have these items.  I know this post sounds all sorts of shady but I just am swamped with time!  I really do have some great items and here is a great chance to get em cheap!

knittindigo's Avatar knittindigo 11:20 AM 12-14-2012

how big are your prefolds? I have a 5 mo old girl that is just barely big enough for her thirsties cover in size medium but has outgrown her prefolds.. actually they shrank a little more than expected. :-(