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LuxPerpetua 09:31 AM 09-06-2011

The Wise Enchanter:  A Journey Through the Alphabet ($10 ppd)

         Used paperback but very good condition (only very minor shelf wear on corners)


A Little Garden Flower's A Journey Through Waldorf Homeschooling: Grade One, second edition--this is the one that she currently sells ($35 ppd)

         Bound copy purchased new in 2010.  Never used other than thumbing-though.  Included DVD.


Barbara Dewey, Form Drawing ($8 ppd)


Eric Fairman's A Path of Discovery, Volume One (copyright 1996) see:http://www.waldorfbooks.com/item_1280.htm ($12 ppd)


Please pm me if you are interested.

LuxPerpetua 04:23 PM 09-07-2011

ALGF 1st grade and Form Drawing Book SOLD.  Thank you!


The Wise Enchanter and Path of Discovery are still available.