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poorlittlefish's Avatar poorlittlefish 02:23 PM 08-08-2011



I am hoping that you can help me with an issue that I am having in my right breast. 


For a couple of weeks now, I have noticed a burning in my nipple but my daughter has been pulling on it a lot and I chalked it up to that (I stopped pumping at work once she turned 1 and I assume the flow has slowed considerably).  Starting a week ago, I began getting these deep, shooting pains in my breast.  Also, I have actually had to breathe through the pain while she latches on, it is so painful.  Finally, mid last week I noticed a redness extending from my nipple out about 2-3 inches.  I have no fever, no body aches, no lump. 


So, I was thinking Thrush and began applying an antifungal cream and have been for about 3 days now.


I have noticed no relief and to be honest. I don't have many of the symptoms of thrush except the pain.  My daughter also doesn't have any symtoms.  I also don't have any of the "risk factors" for thrush so now I am wondering if that is what it is after all.


Do you have any idea what this could be?  Do you recommend I see my OB?


Thanks in advance for your help,



drjkf's Avatar drjkf 09:09 PM 08-09-2011

I would recommend an appointment with your OB, midwife, or family practice doc.  Without doing a physical exam, I can't give my opinion - just too difficult without seeing it.  It could be thrush, mastitis, or a plugged milk duct.  Make sure to get it checked out, though, as it sounds painful and seems to be getting worse.  Sometimes, when milk production slows, a duct can become plugged or mastitis can show up.  With the right diagnosis and treatment, it should resolve.