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Vaginal yeast infections & hemorrhoids since giving birth

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Hi Dr. Karon-Flores,




I hope you can help me. Since I had my son in July, I have been struggling with both vaginal yeast infections and hemorrhoids. For the yeast, I have used yogurt, OTC miconazole treatments, Yeast Arrest suppositories, probiotic tablets and grapefruit seed extract. The hemorrhoids seem to flare up less often than the yeast, and when they do I just use Preparation-H. I'd like to know what I can do for either of these issues. Anything else you can recommend?


Thanks very much!


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Have you had a wet prep of your vaginal discharge?  Often the symptoms of yeast, bacterial vaginosis, and other vaginal infections can be similar, but the treatment is very different.  You may be using treatments that are not specific for the imbalanced flora in your vaginal tract.  A wet prep can be collected and run by your OB or nurse midwife.  IF it is yeast, I generally use boric acid capsules twice daily in the vagina for seven days (the yeast arrest does have some boric acid in it, but often is not enough) , followed by a probiotic suppository specifically made for the vagina.  However, this treatment will not work if you have another type of infection.  A diet with no sugars or simple carbs is also very important.  Your first step is to have the infection properly diagnosed if you have not done so yet.  Diflucan can be prescribed by your physician for yeast, and is safe to use while nursing.  Sometimes, this is the best solution if nothing else has worked.


Hemorrhoids can definitely be an issue during pregnancy and after birth, due to the blood stasis in the pelvis.  This may be contributing to the vaginal symptoms as well.  There are some good herbal salves available for hemorrhoids, which you may be able to find at a local health food store.  An appropriate homeopathic remedy may also be useful, but selection must be done by a qualified practitioner. 


If you have a massage therapist in the area who specialized in Mayan Abdominal Therapy, you can explore have a few sessions.  This is amazing abdominal work which can help reduce blood stasis and help with both of the issues you are experiencing.



Dr. Jennifer


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