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Petite Mama's Avatar Petite Mama 11:32 AM 01-04-2012

Hi Jennifer, I will try to keep this as brief as possible. Thank you for reading this. I have a 5 1/2 month old daughter. After experiencing two miscarriages & no live births my doctor put me on 200mg prometrium suppositories to hold onto my 3rd pregnancy when my levels went from 21 to 14.9 during week 4 of the pregnancy.


Prior to this pregnancy, my progesterone levels had never been checked so I cannot say for sure if that is why I lost the first two pregnancies... though I suspect my progesterone levels may have had something to do with the losses. I was on the suppositories from week 5-week 10 and had a planned homebirth at week 41 & 1 day. Aside from needing the progesterone, I had an uncomplicated healthy pregnancy. I did experience a retained placenta but one of my CNM's was able to remove it at home.


Breastfeeding has been very challenging. I never felt my milk "come in", never got engorged, don't feel a letdown. I was diagnosed by two IBCLC's as having IGT. My breasts don't fit the physical characteristics of IGT so I don't think that an LC could have diagnosed me pre-pregnancy. It wasn't until I had milk supply issues that a problem would have been suspected. I make maybe 1-2 ounces total per day. I still breastfeed by way of an SNS. I take Goats Rue, Alfalfa & domperidone in the hopes of not losing my already paltry milk supply.


So... my question to you is: Have you encountered women who took progesterone early in pregnancy (due to levels being low) who then went on to have low milk supply? I am hoping that if I take progesterone during the duration of my next pregnancy I will be able to significantly increase my milk supply.

drjkf's Avatar drjkf 08:33 PM 01-09-2012

I'm so sorry to hear of your challenges with breastfeeding, but am so happy that your dedication to bonding with your baby has led you to use a SNS.  I have seen women have low milk supply when they were on the "mini-pill," progestin-only birth control, while breastfeeding.  In my experience, I have not seen low supply occur with a history of progesterone suppositories in pregnancy, though I have had only a few patients who have used progesterone in the way that you did. 


Best wishes to you and your family!



Dr. Jennifer