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boogiebearlove's Avatar boogiebearlove 07:27 PM 05-12-2012

Hi! I have had hyperemesis for all 3 of my previous pregnancies, and it got significantly worse each time. The only thing that stopped the vomiting last time was a concoction of zofran, reglan, benadryl, pepcid, and zantac, after a week-long hospital stay. The medications did not work individually, only together. And they only stopped the vomiting, but the nausea was still so debilitating for about 5 months that I could hardly get out of bed because my body was so weak and I would pass out. I am unexpectedly pregnant again, and I'm searching for anything dietary or supplemental that I might be able to do now, before the sickness begins, that might prevent it or lessen it. I'm also interested in any alternative treatments if I do get bad again so that I don't have to be on so many prescriptions. I am also currently nursing my 18 months old. Thank you for any advice you might have!

drjkf's Avatar drjkf 05:39 AM 05-28-2012

As you have experienced, hyperemesis gravidarum is a condition of severe nausea, vomiting, weight loss, and electrolyte disturbances.  Sometimes women are hospitalized due to this condition.  The traditional herb used in cultures around the world to control nausea in pregnancy is ginger, though some women find that it does not seem touch their hyperemesis.  I have successfully used certain homeopathics with women who deal with this condition, but the choice is very individual to each woman, since proper homeopathic prescription depends upon very specific individual symptoms.  I have also seen 5-element acupuncture help to prevent and treat hyperemesis.


I would recommend that you see a licensed naturopathic physician and a license acupuncturist who specializes in 5 Element Acupuncture.  To find a naturopathic physician, the finder at is very helpful.  I have not found a good finder tool for 5 Element Acupuncturists, and recommend calling a few and telling them what you are looking for.  Graduates of the Worsley Institute will generally specialize in 5 Element, but other practitioners may specialize in this type of acupuncture as well.



Dr. Jennifer