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TASHA1279's Avatar TASHA1279 12:39 PM 05-25-2011

hi there-


i have a one year old baby boy who has not had any shots just yet.  he is exclusively breastfed along with his solids.  he's been perfeclty healthy and happy and has only been sit once with an ear infection.


i've been hearing a lot about a measles and whooping cough outbreak and I'm wondering what your reccomendations are for an alternative vaccine schedule.  I live in a state where vaccines are required to enter school, so he will eventually need to get them, but wondering if you have any advice for how to proceed with caution.  I've read that shots with aluminum need to be spaced out. 


lfpalmer's Avatar lfpalmer 05:34 PM 05-27-2011

So you are in Mississippi or West Virginia? All other states have at least a religious exemption, as far as I know. (Can you say that you religiously "believe" in not giving vaccines that concern you? Sounds applicable to me.) Your baby's breastmilk is a great vaccine, but you may want to choose some vaccinations as he gets older. If you are concerned about the pertussis "outbreaks," then you'd want the vaccination as you hear about them, as that vaccine doesn't last very long. An old vaccine might not protect.


It's best to provide good nutrition, maybe a multi-vitamin, and add some good anti-oxidants (like vitamin C and grapeseed extract) before and just after a child is vaccinated, and then have them rest well. Treat them as if they are a little bit ill, because they are. That aluminum adjuvant is a concern to me. Yes, I guess spacing those out would be better. Some parents are choosing to give separate vaccines rather than the mulitple cocktails, but if this means multiple exposures to aluminum adjuvant, I wouldn't go for that.


When looking for an alternate vaccination schedule, I will defer to Dr. Sears' schedule. They know what they're doing there.


Just to clear up a common misconception, hoping others see this, "exclusively breastfed" (the term you used) means nothing else is given at all but breastmilk. Outside of a little water, anything else given, be it formula or baby food, changes the physical health picture. For this reason, the distinction is made between a child who is exclusively breastfed, meaning nothing at all but breastmilk, and one who is receiving solid foods or other milks or formula along with breastmilk. Just clearing up the definition of the term.

cpope's Avatar cpope 04:18 PM 06-16-2011

Shots with Aluminum need to be avoided all together. There is a wonderful book called "The Sanctity of Human Blood, Vaccination is not Immunization" Eight Edition By Tim O'Shea. It explains with legal resources what each vaccine is made of, when it first came onto the market, and results of testing done or not done on people who have recieved such vaccines. It also tells you that "Mandated" does not mean "Manditory" It tells you how to get exemptions on vaccines if you so choose. Good Luck!

lfpalmer's Avatar lfpalmer 09:53 PM 06-24-2011

That's an interesting book recommendation. I had no idea that book has gone through 8 editions. Wow. Yes, the aluminum adjuvants are a source of concern. Many choose the tiny exposure over their concern about disease risks.


The H1N1 influenza vaccine that caused hundreds of cases of narcolepsy over several European countries contained this adjuvant while the vaccine used in the U.S., where no such occurrences were observed, did not have aluminum. This begs for more research as to the safety of aluminum adjuvant when injected into children, and children of varying genetic backgrounds, as there are also nations using the adjuvant version of H1N1 vax that did not have this finding.