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my daughter is 12months and 2wks old and has been fighting one of her naps and usually only naps just for 40 minutes i have to add she has never been a great sleeper she was colic and has been taking zantac for acid reflux.So my question is should i start transitioning her to one nap since shes fighting me and only giving me a catnap or is there a certain way to gentley have her transition .I have to say i have tried one nap and she goes down pretty quick but still only gives me the 40 minutes or so .Also doing this she was awaking a few times during the night my guess maybe she was over tired .Some advice or suggestions would be highly appreciated .Thx

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bumping for you Lockegirl!

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Being overtired can certainly cause greater difficulty falling asleep, as cortisol is released to help the body stay awake, and then sleep is difficult until this hormone level drops. I don't really think that being overtired is going to contribute to multiple wakings once a baby is asleep though. The combined symptoms of colic, reflux, difficulty sleeping, and frequent wakings suggest that your baby is reacting to some food in her diet (or in breastfeeding mother's diet). Have you ever tried some dietary eliminations? Does she have any rashes, diarrhea, green stools, or excess gassiness? Occasionally food reactions cause constipation as well. 


You will want to know that Zantac can keep a person awake. It's best to give the greater parts of her Zantac doses in the morning and just after her nap. I know that nighttime is a big time for reflux, but try giving less or none before bed just to see if the Zantac is keeping her awake.


If some food reactions are causing discomfort that keeps your daughter from sleeping, motion and vibration are great at overriding some of this discomfort. See if she'll sleep better in an electric swing or in a vibrating chair. These both keep her more vertical to reduce reflux as well.

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