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s27dolphin 05-25-2011 09:01 PM

  Our son is almost three.  We began your Alternative Vaccine Schedule for him from the beginning.  (Minis Heb A. Hep B, Chickenpox, & Flu shots).  When he was 1 year we were informed that all the vaccines he'd received had possibly been stored at an improper temperature, and they could only guarantee protection by offering to re-vaccinate.  I decided to stop getting him vaccines until I had a proper answer as to whether we really needed to redo all of them.  (Really didn't want to.)  After almost two years I finally have a solid answer from our physician who reviewed our situation and got 2nd and 3rd opions - we're not revaccinating!


 So now the schedule is completely thrown off. The last shots he received were Mumps & Polio at 12 months. Does he:


1) really need the 4th doses of Pc & HIB now? Can I just skip it?


2) Can I adjust the remainder of the schedule slightly?  For example, I really want him to get the Measles & Rubella shots, but if I continue with the scheduled time intervals, it would be over a year before he'd receive the Measles shot.  Can I do the DTaP after the Measles & Rubella shots? 


3) Should he still get the MMR  booster at 5 years? Or should I wait another year or so?


 Our doctor said I could proceed as I liked with the schedule, but I have not had a chance to ask him these specific questions yet. 


 Thank you so incredibly much. I am very grateful for your time!



DrBobSears 05-26-2011 01:52 AM

The 4th PC dose is pretty important.  The 4th HIB isn't so much, since it's so rare.  You can't get separate Measles, Mumps, or Rubella anymore. You'd have to just go with the full MMR.  I'd wait until 4 years old for that, since in some states you only need one dose if you wait until 4 years.  Also, if you wait until 4 years to get that 4th DTaP dose, you don't need a 5th dose (usually done at 5 years).  Those are the only issues I see that are affected by this delay.  Also, with Polio, if you wait until 4 years to do the THIRD dose (if not done already), you don't need a 4th.  I agree with your decision to not re-vaccinate.

s27dolphin 05-26-2011 07:32 AM

Dr. Sears, thank you so very much!

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