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kimmyka's Avatar kimmyka 12:05 PM 07-13-2011
Dr sears,

I have a partially faxed 4 yr old who has not had any preener shots. Do you recommend this shot for her at this point? At what age do you think children really don't need this and why?

Also, I have an unvaccinated baby that I am considering some shots starting at six months. How many of the following shots would she need: dtap, hib, preener. And how would you space them out for a cautious approach?

Thank you so much for offering your time and knowledge to us!


kimmyka's Avatar kimmyka 12:06 PM 07-13-2011
Sorry, that should be Prevnar!
kimmyka's Avatar kimmyka 12:09 PM 07-13-2011
Sorry that should be Prevnar!
DrBobSears's Avatar DrBobSears 07:13 PM 07-13-2011

I usually don't bother with prevnar at this later age.  As for the baby, you'd follow the spacing laid out in my selective vaccine schedule in Ch 18 of the book. You'd do them on that same schedule, just starting at 6 or 7 months intead of 2 months.  And you'd need 1 less dose of Hib and Prevnar - two doses of each in the first couple months, then the 15 month booster.