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emilyray 10-07-2011 02:57 PM

Dr Bob


My only son is 4 yrs , 4 months old. He has had 4 DTaPs, the last one being at 20 months old. I am trying to decide how important it is for him to get the 5th booster. I am concerned about tetanus and want to make sure he is up to date on that but not sure how long that lasts when given in the DTaP shot. Also, there is a possibility we may have a baby next summer, so not sure if the pertussis component would be important for him to have should there be a baby in the house next summer (or if i am pregnant this winter). What are your thoughts? Do you hear of many rxns with this shot? It has been so long since my child has had a vaccine now and I think I get more cautious the older he AND I get, however, I do want to provide him the protection he needs if it is safe.


also, how long theoretically should his last DTaP shot last that he got at 20 months? is it still good now and when will it "expire". (ie when would we need to seriously think about getting the DTaP booster if we decided to do so)


if we consider the shot for him do my husband and i both need to consider the adult version? i have had a tetanus in recent years but no pertussis. (is it ok to double up on has been 2 yrs since my tetanus).


Finally, do you know if sanofi pasteur is planning to continue making daptacel or is there a possibility they might stop as they did with tripedia? i don't want to wait and then find out the better of the 2 shots is no longer available (although i know this is always a risk but curious if you knew anything definite).


thanks so much for your help, dr bob.

DrBobSears 10-11-2011 12:52 PM

As far as I know, SP will continue Daptacel - it's fairly new, so I couldn't see them stopping it. It is ok for adults to get a Tdap a couple years after a tetanus.  BUT, in my opinion, the Tdap is mainly important for a parent who is working outside the home and will be away from the baby.  As for tetanus, the doses he's had will give him at least 10 years of protection.  We don't give the 5 year old booster for tetanus purposes, but rather for pertussis.  And yes, I'd say if you are going to have another baby, that booster would be pretty important for your child, especially if he's in school. The pertussis protection from the 4 doses will usually decline somewhat by now, and may wear off completely by 7 or 8.  We don't know exact timing or numbers on that though.

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