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scbusf's Avatar scbusf 09:31 AM 03-01-2012



My son is 5.5 and has had many strep infections.  Since Sept 2011, he has had 5.  There were several before that as well (Dec. 2010 - 2, Sept. 2011 - 2, 2012 - 3).  With the next one, we will see an ENT.  I would prefer he not have a Tonsillectomy, but he can't keep getting strep, either.  My concerns:


  • His symptoms are frequently mild - fever no higher than 100, mild sore throat, but he generally feels OK.
  • He already has a VSD (that has required no treatment), so I am concerned he could have untreated strep and then end up with damage to his heart.
  • All these antibiotics are not good.  Right now, he's taking Keflex.  Amox. doesn't usually work for his strep infections.
  • He has had a negative strep test in the past, so I'm pretty sure he isn't a carrier.


I do change his toothbrush, wash all his dishes in the dishwasher, etc.  No one else in our family gets strep when he has it (mom, dad, 4 year old and 1 year old daughters).  Any advice?  What else can I do?


Thank you!



DrBobSears's Avatar DrBobSears 10:00 AM 03-01-2012

You should do a throat culture on the whole family to see if someone else is a carrier, then treat that person.

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