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Kristen1976 05-12-2012 04:46 PM

Hi Dr. Sears

I just want to say I love The Baby Book and rely on it quite a bit - thanks!

My 7 month old has had a sensitive stomach from the start. I have been off dairy from about 1 month and then off soy and then a handful of other foods that she reacted to. Her reactions have mostly been gas related. When she is having a reation, she will strain and struggle, arch her back, kick -  (esp difficult at night, when it wakes her up). When I pick her up to nurse her at night when she is struggling, just the change and positon and pressure on her stomach from the nursing position allows her to pass gas, which she does several times, and falls back to sleep. She has never been constipated though.

Now that we are starting (slowly) on solids, I have tried to be cautious with her stomach. I mix her rice cereal with prune juice (since I have heard it can block them up since it has no fiber).

My questions are: Do you think it is OK to giver her prune juice daily (maybe 2 tablespoons total)? If she is having a little bit of poop in her diaper several times a day (in addition to her one main bowel movement) do you think it is too much prune juice (like almost giving her loose stool)?

What are your thoughts on infant acidopholus? I read that it shouldnt be mixed into food, but could a daily dose help with stomach/digestion issues?

We have tried many solid purees and havent encountered any allergies; just more gas!

DrBobSears 06-03-2012 09:49 PM

i like daily probiotics for this type of situation - they may help. And daily prune juice is ok too - i had to give my first child daily prunes, peaches, or prune juice to keep him going - we alternated randomly between these three things.

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