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demoonunit's Avatar demoonunit 08:58 AM 06-27-2011

I was 11 weeks yesterday, and I'd felt some mild cramping on and off throughout the pregnancy so far. It started right after we conceived until I was about 7 weeks. Then it subsided for a few weeks, but yesterday and today I've felt some very specific cramping/pain on my left side. Have any of you experienced this? I know they say that cramping is normal so long as it's not accompanied with bleeding, but the one side stuff creeps me out. I had an ultrasound at almost 9 weeks and everything looked great and it was not ectopic or anything, so that is good to know, but I'm worried that there could be something wrong with my left ovary. Could it be a cyst?

kismetbaby's Avatar kismetbaby 09:33 AM 06-27-2011

I'm no expert, but definitely sounds like it could be a cyst to me. They seem to be pretty common and most resolve themselves . .again I'm no expert, but I think most cysts are nothing to worry about.  But I would ask your OB/MW about it. They might want to do a u/s just to check it out.


Is it also possible that it is some sort of ligament pain?  I know I get my ligament pain mostly on one side (just b/c I use one side more I think) and it started pretty early this time.



anneplustwo's Avatar anneplustwo 10:02 AM 06-27-2011

I'm twelve weeks & 1 day pregnant, and I had some cramping/pain in a specific place on my right side throughout my first trimester.  It always freaked me out, but everything (including my ovaries) looked good at both my 8 week ultrasound and my 12 week ultrasound, which was on Friday.  

BeanSprout Mama's Avatar BeanSprout Mama 02:18 PM 06-27-2011

I've been having the same thing on my left side, and I know from my ultrasound a few weeks ago that this baby came from an egg on the left side, because we saw the corpus luteum cyst that was still there.  I am wondering if that is the cause of the pain. Maybe mention it at your next visit? That's my plan.

Karuna1030's Avatar Karuna1030 09:02 AM 07-03-2011

Hello, I am new to the forum, I will be ten weeks tomorrow.


I do have a cyst, a rather large one on my left ovary, and the DR. said specifcally  if i feel pain and it would be a very clear type of pain and feel nothing like a regular cramping, reg cramping is normal due to our growing uterus, so I would still get it checked out, but wouldnt be too concerned. 


I am praying praying praying that mine disappers by the 12 week mark. good luck and stay positive....:)