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i thought it would be neat, as some of us climb into the second trimester, and others of us are nearing our final weeks in the first, if we took a few moments to remember things from this time in our pregnancies/life.  could be fun to share!



here's a few things that i will remember as i look back on these first months, and things that as i encounter down the road, i'm sure will remind me of the first trimester



1. knowing before i had even POAS

2. listening to They Might Be Giants, "Here Come the ABCs" ad nauseam with the kids

3. rice cakes and seltzer water

4. getting to tell both sets of grandparents in person, for the first time ever

5. parakeets, which my oldest son jokes he would rather have than another sibling.

6. "Rush Hour" and checkers, which i played with my kids, passing fatigued hours on the sofa



anyone else want to join in?



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I like this idea.  Thanks for reminding me to slow down and appreciate this time in my life!


*Going through the journey of pregnancy with my 2 1/2yo daughter, or at least she *thinks* there's a baby in her tummy, too.

*The way she sweetly said so many nights, "Mommy, I'm sorry your baby died, but I'm happy you have a new baby," after the last pregnancy ended early in miscarriage.  It's amazing how adults so often say the "wrong" things but a 2 year old can bring happy tears to my eyes every time, even during the hard parts.

*Hippopotamus, which is what she guessed the baby is, after a lot of thought, when asked if it's a boy or a girl.

*Major food aversions and months of nausea, resulting in the consumption of

*TONS of processed food, which I don't normally even touch!  (Hamburger Helper, Top Ramen, Kraft Mac & Cheese, fish sticks and tater tots, etc.)

*And I also knew before POAS.  I did that just to prove it to DH. ;)


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Great idea! The first trimester has been difficult, so I only remember bad things lol.


1. Extreme nausea and vomiting... So new to me and DH.

2. Extreme fatigue and having to call out of work :/  ... Also new to me.

3. Thinking that I felt the baby's heartbeat and realizing that I'll be a mommy. :]

4. Choosing names with DH.

5. Seeing my mom's face when I told her. (I didn't realize she'd be so happy).

6. Discovering my new relationship with meat (ugh, hate it now) and fish (never knew I liked sardines so much lol).



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1. Telling our daughter and having her say "I'm going to need help."  "With what, sweets?"  "I can't handle two kids while Mommy is busy on the phone!"


2. Feeling my milk dry and hearing my son cry as he was still so hungry.  He's a happy boy now that he's getting whole milk!


3. Asking my daughter if she thinks it's a boy or a girl and hear "You don't get to pick, Mom" (with all the sass a five year old can muster)


4. Watching my belly start to grow


5. Actually getting the *real* questions about how the egg and the sperm meet (that was enough of an answer last time, but this time she gets that internal pieces are involved!


6. Trying not to puke as I Zumba

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1. The dream I had that prompted me to POAS.

2. DS knowing without me saying a word.

3. DH's elation and patience!

5. Ralphing on a wealthy person's lawn on the way to the zoo.

6. Ritz crackers and ginger tea.

7. Hearing the heartbeat!!!

8. Making it this far.

9. Feeling like a three-toed sloth.

10. Tasting my way though cravings and adversions.

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 Love this!  Here goes...


1. POAS at 4am because I couldn't wait any longer and then calling DH to tell him he was going to be a daddy.

2. Calling my mom on Mother's day to tell her she will be a grandmother... finally, after so many years of waiting!

3. Sassily thinking I wasn't going to get m/s, and then waking up one day feeling like I had consumed 5 liters of beer and spoiled seafood the night before.

4. Having my first full-blown hormonal attack in front of DH, and being able to laugh about it two days later.

5. The first time DH put his hand on my growing tummy.

6. The first time a total stranger mentioned to someone else (in Italian) that I was expecting a child (I'm showing, I'm showing!!!!)

7. Eating potato chips and salsa for breakfast, because it was the only thing I could stomach.


Thank you for thinking this up, it's been so nice to take a walk down memory lane, even if it was only 2 months ago... :)

Me (38), DH (47) and big Z (2 1/2)
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1. Drinking smoothies, smoothies, smoothies.

2. Reliving what it was like to be an adolescent when my hormones were surging

3. Feeling quiet and internal

4. Travelling to France and walking around with my hand on my growing tummy

5. Seeing the heartbeat for the first time

6. Telling both sets of parents on Father's Day

7. Going to sleep at 8:30 p.m.

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  1. Knowing before I POAS.  Actually, I knew 3 days after we DTD, but thought I could never have conceived so quickly.
  2. Puking in front of my DS (about 21 months at the time), and him asking if I wanted medicine when I told him I don't feel well.
  3. Puking (again) in front of DS...  This time I only made it to the kitchen wastebasket, and he started making spitting noises into it after I had "finished".
  4. Religiously keeping the toilet clean.
  5. Getting to tell my mom that she was going to be a grandma again (I'm an only child), and getting to tell my best friend in person, since she was visiting from Japan
  6. Finding out it's TWINS!!  And then trying to tell our family and having nobody believe us!
  7. Trying to navigate through all my excited/overwhelmed/terrified feelings
  8. Eating.  Lots.  And often.

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