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HippieIncognito's Avatar HippieIncognito 10:07 AM 08-08-2011

I am 18 weeks tomorrow and Saturday night and Sunday afternoon I experienced what's got to be Braxton Hicks contractions. Anyone else have any yet? I think it's pretty early which should be fine, but they still caught me off guard. I think it might be because I didn't drink enough water. They just feel like a tightening of the stomach. It was like rock hard above my belly button and then relaxed. Not painful.

Milly_P's Avatar Milly_P 10:16 AM 08-08-2011

With all my subsequent pregnancies (besides this one) I had bh starting around 13-14 weeks and continuing on til the baby was born.

coldandsleepy's Avatar coldandsleepy 11:25 AM 08-08-2011

I'm 17 weeks and have been having them for the past 2 days.  I actually have a little concern over mine-- the ones I'm having today are mildly painful and overall I feel a little off.  But my care provider thinks it's nothing to worry about and says that without other symptoms (bleeding, leaking fluid), contractions this early are almost always BHs and nothing to fret over.


Last time I had BH contractions for a few hours every day from week 32-41... I am going to be a little crabby if I have them from week 17-whenever this time.

biophdmom's Avatar biophdmom 12:50 PM 08-08-2011

i'm about 17 weeks and been having BH for probably 2-3 weeks already! Some I feel more than others (like some are a little "crampy" although that's not quite the right word rather than just the tightening sensation). I felt like it was a little early but from what i read its not abnormal. i never had BH with my daughter, or at least not that i felt.

maptome's Avatar maptome 04:51 PM 08-08-2011

I've been having BH contractions since 7 weeks pregnant.  Mine are just tightening, but with big rushes of hormones, no cramping.  My midwife said it's normal.  She also said that we always have uterine contractions, but they are more noticeable during pregnancy.  I had them as frequent as every 10 minutes some days during 2nd and 3rd trimesters last pregnancy.